High Gas Prices: Who's to Blame?

Oil prices are high and they're going higher — I think, a lot higher — which for a lot of folks will be a lot more of a hardship.

We're quick to want to blame someone, anyone, for this hardship and oil companies are a good target. After all, they're making a ton of money and we're spending a ton of money.

Unfortunately, a lot of us aren't spending time looking at the true culprits. Like a strong economy — we're just sucking the stuff up.

And like China and India. Those two countries alone account for as much oil now as the whole world slopped up barely 10 years ago.

And like OPEC — what they collectively produce barely covers what we use in just "this" country, let alone other countries.

Sometimes simple facts like those get lost in emotional times like these.

Simple facts like conserving fuel: most of us don't.

Or tapping energy sources here: most of our elected officials won't.

Add it all up and the bill keeps going up for a commodity that's limited in supply and demand that is not.

Politicians love to look at scapegoats. It's harder for them and us to look at something else: a mirror.

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