Hey, It's Just A Cookie

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ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: What do Thin Mints have to do with sex in one Texas town? For the past several weeks an organization called Pro-Life Waco has been airing radio ads urging people to boycott Girl Scout cookies because of what they dual the Scouts cozy relationship with Planned Parenthood.


JOHN PISCIOTTA, PRO-LIFE WACO: Hello. I'm John Pisciotta from Pro- Life Waco with a message about this year's Girl Scout cookie sale.

Waco's Blue Bonnet Girl Scout council has a longstanding relationship with Planned Parenthood of central Texas.

The council has sponsored Planned Parenthood's Nobody's Fool youth conference. The 2003 conference brought the assault on Christian sexual morality to a new level by distributing the graphic book, "It's Perfectly Normal."

The cozy relationship was further revealed last may when the Blue Bonnet council honored Pam Smallwood as a woman of distinction. Pam Smallwood is the chief executive of Planned Parenthood's Waco abortion clinic.

I encourage you to join me in abstaining from Girl Scout cookies. Please explain that your reason is the close connection between the Blue Bonnet council and Planned Parenthood.


COLMES: Last week the board on the Blue Bonnet council of Girl Scouts voted to remove their sponsorship of these events.

The Blue Bonnet council of Girl Scouts and the New York Girl Scouts of the USA declined our request to comment on this matter. But joining us now is John Pisciotta, co-director of pro-life Waco, who's voice you just heard.

John, who are you hurting by boycotting cookies? Who really gets hurt here?

PISCIOTTA: I don't think anyone gets hurt, Alan. Cookie sales are just doing great here in the Waco area. So sales are up, and we've really helped by just educating and spreading the word about the reality of this long time and growing relationship and entanglement of our local Girl Scout council and the controversial Planned Parenthood which operates an abortion clinic.

COLMES: Let me show you what one mother says this. She says, "Here they are caught up in this anti-abortion movement and they don't even know what the word means."

This is what Nancy Goodnight, a Girl Scout mother, says. "And one of them did booth sales, and people kept coming up to her and discussing abortion She said" -- this is one of her daughters -- "'Hey, it's just a cookie.'"

COLMES: So this parent feels, her kids are in the middle of something of your crusade.

PISCIOTTA: Well, we live -- I really question the extent to which this kind of situation occurred. People are really staying away from the public sales.

And we live in a society where we have this holocaust of abortion. And so it's sadly, we have to confront this issue, Alan, and the reality of it.

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: John, what do you -- now that the board of the Blue Bonnet council -- How are you? Thanks for coming on. Now that the board voted to remove their sponsorship at these events, is that enough for you to pull back?

PISCIOTTA: Oh, sure. The boycott is over. The ads are not running, and I applaud the leadership of the Blue Bonnet council for the decision that they made.

HANNITY: So in other words, this really was you had an effective campaign that pressured them and you were successful. So this is all -- I can buy my peanut butter cookies again?

PISCIOTTA: You bet you. Buy a case of them, Sean.

HANNITY: But I think the point is well made here. Is it that they didn't know or that they didn't think about it? I mean, sometimes we've got to give people the benefit of the doubt. Had you tried to negotiate privately before you started this?

PISCIOTTA: Yes, we had. We did visit with folks at the Blue Bonnet council and expressed our concern, and got very -- received very little reaction from that.

And so we wanted to spread the word more widely. The Blue Bonnet council is 14 counties in central Texas.

HANNITY: All right. You went after the Girl Scouts in this case. And I think, obviously, a very effective campaign.

Will you target Planned Parenthood in any other besides just going after the Girl Scouts?

PISCIOTTA: We have in the past tried to persuade businesses and organizations to disassociate with Planned Parenthood. So we've done that in the past, and we'll continue in the future.

But in this case, the word got out and moms and dads throughout this area were just outraged and felt betrayed that that Girl Scout logo.

COLMES: John, you were quoted in the Waco Tribune as saying, "I don't know what Planned Parenthood does." And then he went on to report you acknowledge you don't know what goes on at Nobody's Fool, this conference. Is that accurate?

PISCIOTTA: I have not attended the conference, because no one is allowed to attend the conference. I know the nature of their sex education, Alan, and it's a value-free, anything goes type of sexual education.

And so -- and the book that was distributed, "It's Perfectly Normal," this was something that was very important and when a lot of parent see that, they are very upset.

COLMES: Thank you.

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