Here Comes the Far Left...

Emboldened by President Bush's falling poll numbers and easy access to the media, some ultra-liberal Americans are calling people out.

Senator Russ Feingold wants the Senate to censure President Bush over the NSA phone tap deal. Actor Susan Sarandon says Hillary Clinton is not liberal enough to get her support. And Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman will be challenged by a far left Democrat next November.

All of this is good news for: Republicans! Because a vast majority of Americans reject the ultra- liberal philosophy. And even though Mr. Bush is hurting right now, if it comes down to Russ Feingold versus President Bush on the terror war, the senator from Wisconsin will lose big.

According to a new poll, just 16 percent of Americans call themselves liberal, 36 percent say they are conservative and 47 percent describe themselves as moderate.

So the Democratic Party would be wise to court the moderate vote, would it not? And distance itself from the far left bomb throwers. But again, the media makes that difficult because the bombers get attention. And many in the media are themselves uber-liberals.

Here's an example: Writing today in the liberal St. Louis Post-Dispatch, fanatical progressive columnist Sylvester Brown says, "[Bill] O'Reilly insulted cities, countries and even an entire continent. 'Madison, Wis., residents commune with Satan,' he said. Iraqis are a 'prehistoric group,' poor Hurricane Katrina victims 'were drug-addicted thugs' and, according to O'Reilly, all of Europe is 'soft and afraid.'"

Now Mr. Brown admits he took that information from a far left smear Web site, which routinely distorts comments from anyone the site doesn't like. Brown knows that, but prints the dishonest garbage anyway. Says a lot about him and The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Anyone watching “The Factor” or listening to the radio program — and that's tens of millions of people every week — would know Brown's distorting the truth, just as they know the far left smear Web sites are in business to injure rather than inform.

Of course, that kind of muck diminishes the far left, but they are now addicted to it. They can't stop. So Republicans are silently rooting the "Kool-Aid left" on. The more hysterical they get, the more chance Americans will turn back to the GOP, despite all the problems the Bush administration is having.

When Hillary Clinton is not left-wing enough, when an honorable man like Joseph Lieberman is unacceptable, and when gutter snipes control policy definition, you know there's a huge problem.

Keep talking Susan Sarandon, George Clooney and Russ Feingold. You are handing your hated opposition an opportunity it never would have had.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

I hope you get a chance to read my latest newspaper column this weekend. It's posted on and runs in hundreds of newspapers across the country. It lists the most dangerous states for American kids. I'll think you'll find it informative.

And one of the newspapers carrying the column is the Antelope Valley Press in Palmdale, California — just outside of L.A. Editor Dennis Anderson and publisher William Markham tell me Valley Press readers had good things to say about my column in the "Love Them or Lose Them" annual survey the paper takes. We don't find that ridiculous at all, but then again we may be prejudiced here.

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