Happy Days for Al Qaeda

Some believe the Spanish people have given Al Qaeda (search) a great victory by voting in a Socialist government after the terrible bombing in Madrid. Polls show that before that bombing, the more conservative political party was ahead. While it's impossible to say the bombing shifted the voting, it's absolutely accurate to say that Al Qaeda has gained a huge victory.

That organization now has more incentive to attack countries to try to frighten them and distance them from the USA. There's no question that some Spanish citizens believe their country's alliance with America made Al Qaeda angry.

In Europe, there's an attitude of “don't hurt us.” It's a weak position, but many people believe, including some Americans, that you should not anger terrorists, you should placate them.

That, of course, would lead to many more catastrophes, in my opinion. And anytime you show weakness to a terrorist, you're inviting more terror.

This Spanish election is very bad news for the U.S., which continues to be seen as a villain throughout much of the world. The new Spanish government will not be as supportive as the previous one.

Al Qaeda loves that. Its goal is to isolate America. Many people in Europe are Socialists, as you know. They believe that capitalist America is worse than Al Qaeda. And that crazy view has taken deep root.

So the U.S. cannot count on much support from Europe. And that puts President Bush in a difficult position. The Bush Doctrine is to take the fight to the terrorists. Now with the capitulation of Spain, America has one less fighting partner.

The Democrats will make political hay out of this, but not as much as you might think. Senator Kerry understands that the weakness Spain is showing is dangerous. Polls here show that many Americans have become disengaged from the war on terror, which is really World War III. And the economy and social issues seem to have more relevance to some people, but not to Talking Points.

Al Qaeda is the most dangerous threat to you and your family. And the actions in Spain over the weekend have given those thugs a resounding victory.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As you may know, our pal, Andy Rooney, was not pleased that we called him on his personal attacks on Mel Gibson and insensitive comments about the crucifixion.  So, in response, Andy has made it an old-age issue.

Sunday night on "60 Minutes," Rooney said this.


ANDY ROONEY, "60 MINUTES":  Bill O'Reilly said I was too old.

O'REILLY:  I think Rooney's at the end of the road.

ROONEY:  That wasn't nice, Bill.  I didn't get old on purpose. It just happened. If you're lucky, it could happen to you.


Oh, come on, Andy. Taking stuff out of context isn't nice. Here's my entire statement.


O'REILLY: Rooney's audience is middle American, fairly conservative, and I'm going to myself I think Rooney's at the end of the road, he's a committed secularist, we all know that, and he just wants to go out with a big bang.


So there was the entire statement. They snipped it. Ridiculous? Of course. Unfair? All day long. But that's the way some are playing the game these days.