Rep. Devin Nunes reacts to Mueller probe developments

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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: All right. Thank you, Mark Steyn. We appreciate it.

Welcome to “Hannity”. This is a massive news night. Stick with us. It will take the whole hour.

The witch hunt, Mueller may soon be over. Today, the president, he submitted written answers to the special counsel's questions, and his attorneys are calling for Robert Mueller to wrap it up. A huge development, big win for the president and a crushing blow to the president's political opponents. We're going to bring you the very latest details all coming up tonight.

Also, a total media freak out over something the president never did. And also is right about regarding Clinton and Comey.

We also have an important message about what is the situation ongoing in Saudi Arabia. The president's comments today. And we are going to give you a “Hannity” history lesson on America, at times having to deal with really evil, bad actors for reasons that make sense.

And tonight, the turmoil at our southern border, dozens of migrants have now been arrested. Hundreds more are believed to be criminals, and gang members, and traffickers, others merely in search of a better life and economic opportunity. But all our now demanding passage into the U.S. and the people in Tijuana, they have just had it tonight. In moments, we are going to break down the risks and costs associated. What it means for you with illegal immigration.

And we will expose tonight the mainstream media's hypocrisy -- it's stunning -- surrounding Ivanka, Comey, email, Hillary, hysteria. All the hypocrisy on that and also Michael Avenatti.

Plus, now that the dust has settled, we are going to put the midterm results in perspective and tell you why the media never wants to talk about it. The big blue wave was a little ripple. We'll tell you why it didn't materialize, and we will show you how one failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate is becoming the world's worst sore loser.

A lot to cover, it will take the full hour. Thanks for being with us. We start with our breaking news opening monologue.


HANNITY: All right. Breaking just moments ago, we learned that President Trump has submitted written answers to the special counsel Robert Mueller and the president's attorney, Jay Sekulow, issued this statement. Quote: The questions presented dealt with issues regarding the Russia related topics of the inquiry. The president responded in writing.

Rudy Giuliani adding, quote: It has been opposition from the outset that much of what has been asked raised serious constitutional issues and was beyond the scope of a legitimate inquiry. This remains our position today.  The president has nonetheless provided unprecedented cooperation. The special counsel has been provided with more than 30 witnesses, 1.4 million pages of material and now, the president's written responses to questions.  It is time to bring this inquiry to a conclusion.

Make no mistake, huge win tonight for the president and his legal team.  His attorneys were pushing for written answers. That means no subpoena fight, no subpoena before the grand jury, no in-person interview, no year- long fight headed towards the Supreme Court, no perjury traps, and keep in mind, these were all questions, none of them were about obstruction of justice. Why? Because there never was any, just like there was never a collision.

Instead, Mueller focused on this Russia collusion and time and time again, the president has already answered these questions, denied any collision, any conspiracy, any coordination with any foreign government, especially Russia. So, now, this has just become a formality.

After spending nearly 600 days, the investigation might soon finally be coming to an end. The media hysteria conspiracy theories -- well, they will just find something new to lie to you about.

Now, if we really care about truth and equal justice in the United States today, well, tonight, the door is wide open. Hillary Clinton's bought and paid for dirty Russian dossier filled with Russian lies, rampant FISA fraud abuse committed using those bought and paid for Hillary Russian lies, literally fraud committed against judges to get subpoenas to get warrants against a Trump campaign associate Carter Page. And then after that, the coordinated leak efforts to literally lie to the American people, propagandize them, misinform them so that would influence the 2016 election. That all now needs to be investigated if we really care about Russia collusion, and equal justice under the law, and equal application of our laws.

And tonight, the Mueller probe, that seems to be winding down, while The New York Times is reporting that Trump wanted to order the Department of Justice to prosecute James Comey and Hillary Clinton. Now, does that sound like breaking news to you? Because, it isn't, it shouldn't, and because we know how the president feels about Hillary and Comey, and we know Hillary committed crimes. It's not even in dispute.

And, of course, the anti-Trump haters over on conspiracy TV MSNBC, and fake news CNN acting like they found it. They've been looking for two years and now they found it.

Maybe they could have listened to his rallies that they wouldn't play when they were yelling "CNN sucks" and "lock her up". They would have learned something there. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is what happens in authoritarian countries, the president or leader orders the prosecution of his political enemies.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it's a prima facie evidence of abuse of power.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is absolutely off the charts. Donald Trump is basically running his office like he's the head of a banana republic.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think this is a scandal at 15 on a 1 to 10 level.  He was essentially trying to use the apparatus of the state to punish his political enemies.


HANNITY: He never did anything! Never, ever! It's a phony story, fake news.

And when the story broke, by the way, we reached out to Gregg Jarrett for his reaction and he said, how is this even a story? He is right. He'll join us later with much more.

Now, during the 2016 campaign, then-candidate Trump repeatedly said that he wanted Hillary Clinton prosecuted for her email servers scandal, and Clinton and Comey both should have been investigated. We only investigate Trump, I guess, in this political climate.

He gave Hillary Clinton the nickname "crooked Hillary" for a reason. And let's be honest, she should have been prosecuted, the single, easiest obstruction of justice case, slam-dunk that I've ever seen in my life. You know, when you delete subpoenaed emails, acid washed the hard drive, Bleach Bit, hammers devices. And, by the way, Comey's actions legally need to have been looked into and should be.

And when we come back also tonight later on in the program, we'll have Senator Graham joining us. He'll weigh in on all of it.

Now, we turn to the situation with Saudi Arabia's crown prince. Now, pay close attention, this is going to be very hard for the liberals and the media to keep up with. I want them to pay very close attention.

The murder of the Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, was reprehensible.  That is evil. And I have little doubt that this evil act was carried out in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul at the direction of Saudi Arabia's crown prince known as MBS.

On this program, frankly, and all the media, well, there is nobody that's been tougher on Saudi Arabia and nobody more consistent of my criticisms of Saudi Arabia for a whole host of reasons. I have been their loudest critic for good reason. I have called out Saudi Arabia's rampant human rights abuses, their complete lack of common decency.

Saudi Arabia's treatment of women, they can't drive, up until recently, couldn't vote, and literally have to ask their husbands if they may travel abroad. Gay people are killed just for being who they are. Christians and Jews, oh, guess what, they are literally not allowed, you can't build a temple, you can't build a Christian church and they are persecuted in Saudi Arabia.

And up until recently, women in Saudi Arabia couldn't do anything, you know, without being around the male guardian from their family or else they would get in trouble. And, by the way, women need permission for just about anything, even to marry, to work. Being gay is illegal, punishable by death. Christian churches and temples banned.

Now, while the Clintons were more than happy to accept tens of millions of dollars. Now, think about this -- the Clintons took tens of millions of dollars to enrich themselves and their foundation from the Saudi kingdom.  What did they get? They have never been this critical of Saudi Arabia, as critical we have been.

I will call out evil wherever I see it. The murder of Jamal Khashoggi was evil. The world is an ugly, dangerous, complicated place. And today, President Trump, he issued this statement reaffirming America's strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia and had this to say with reporters at the White House that they took such umbrage with. Take a look.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: If you look at Iran, just take a look at Iran, and you look at what they are doing, they are a terrorist nation right now. Although, I must tell you, they are a lot better right now than they were when I took office. When I took office, they were heading in a very, very bad direction. And at some point, things very positive frankly could happen with Iran, but we also need a counterbalance. And Israel needs help also. If we abandon Saudi Arabia, it would be a terrible mistake.


HANNITY: The president is right and I want to explain in all specificity why this isn't about politics. As evil as this kingdom is as I have said over the years, the president is right. Saudi Arabia has now emerged at an important point in history as a partner in the Middle East.

Let me explain this, and it brings us to a quick “Hannity” history lesson.  As a country, we have to make a lot of tough, very, very difficult strategic decisions, not like putting millions in your pocket like oh, the Clintons. And deal with a lot of immoral and in some cases evil international partners.

I will give you one quick example, World War II. We struck alliances with Stalin, a mass murderer in Russia, the former Soviet Union. That evil dictator would go on to murder more people than Adolf Hitler, but the survivor of America and Europe was in jeopardy.

And during the Cold War, we partnered with dozens of brutal dictators to violently squash the spread of the evils of communism.

And now, Saudi Arabia is similarly, horrible regime, but there is a key alliance that is now in place, and that would be the United States and Israel, and Egypt, and Jordan, and also, let's see, the Saudis, and the Emirates. And what is the alliance against? Iranian homogeny.

Iran is currently the world's number one state sponsor of terror. They are funding numerous proxy wars. And if the mullahs that chant "death to America", "death to Israel", and want to wipe Israel off the map, if they ever get nuclear weapons, millions and millions of people can die. So, we have to make a strategic decision. We can't take that risk.

In fact, the current alliance -- again, the U.S., Israel, Jordan, Egypt, the UAE, the Saudis has a crucial -- they have been a crucial force in checking this Iranian hegemony. And this is the alliance we now need to stop these radical mullahs with their radical threats from ever getting their hands on nuclear weapons.

Still, many on the left, they are in meltdown mode over the president's handling of Saudi Arabia. You know what? Where have they been?

Former Obama U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power tweeting, quote, it is a mean and nasty world but Trump siding with the meanest and nastiest out there, whether, you know, al-Sisi, or Putin, or assassin MBS will leave the world even nastier. This statement is a green light for would-be murderers in countries that have things Trump things we need.

How about a history lesson for you, Samantha. Maybe you forgot about your time in the Obama administration because it was Barack Hussein Obama who sent tanks, F-16 fighter jets, over $1 billion to a guy by the name of Mohammed Morsi, remember? He was with the radical Muslim Brotherhood that rose to power in Egypt. Mohammed Morsi, the guy who once referred to people in Israel and Jews as the descendants of apes and pigs and the Muslim Brotherhood also funding terrorism around the world.

And, by the way, that's your boss, former boss, Obama, who partnered with them for no strategic reason. Obama gifted that guy billions of dollars, material support, planes, tanks, and cold hard cash. We can't forget that, yes, Obama also partnered with the radical Islamic mullahs in Iran, the number one state sponsors of terror, and a horribly flawed nuclear deal, the U.S. sent $1.7 billion in cash and other currency directly to the mullahs. Yes, the same people that plot the destruction of Israel and the United States on a daily basis, and thank God is instructing them to do it, and treat women and Christians and Jews and gays and lesbians the way they do.

So, Susan Powers, spare us the faint, phony, selective moral outrage. And remember, as I pointed out earlier, Hillary Clinton totally ignored the Saudi Arabia treatment of women, gays, Christians and Jews for millions of dollars in cash because they bought her silence. She is never criticized the way we have regularly on this program.

Today, with Iran now posing the single biggest threat to the United States, the Middle East, and the world, this strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia is too important, if at all possible, to dismantle. We can keep it together. It's smart. It's incredibly complicated, incredibly dangerous in the Middle East. And on top of that, the Saudis are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on weapons purchases that, by the way, both Russia and China wanted, and we got.

And that means, what? We are going to make, let's see, Putin and the leaders of China rich again? I don't think that's a good idea to take Americans -- their jobs away from them. I'm not willing to do that.

And do we want to help out, put a new alliance together? Let's see, the Iranians, the Syrians, China, and Putin and Russia? It's a dark, evil, ugly world at times. Far more complicated than what liberal networks that hate Donald Trump even, you know, taking a breath could ever possibly understand.

All right. We have to turn to another situation closer to home. For weeks, we've been sounding the alarm about the massive caravan of migrants marching towards our southern border. We have tracked them through Central America as they broke down Guatemala's border fence, stormed into southern Mexico. We have followed this journey north towards the U.S. border and warned about possible gang and criminal infiltration.

We showed you how the Trump administration prepared for the approaching caravan. Thousands of active-duty troops were sent to the border, razor wire was deployed to bolster the fencing, and new barriers were also constructed. And hardworking U.S. border patrol agents stepped their reconnaissance efforts up.

A serious situation, but not according to the Democrats. Remember for a while they were ignoring the migrant caravan and accusing Republicans of fabricating this phony crisis in the lead-up to an election for political gain? Others called it all a conspiracy theory. Obama laughed at the idea, at one event he was speaking at.

No, it's a real situation with real consequences. We now know our own DHS and leaders in Mexico saying that over 500 criminals are now traveling with the migrants, and according to a new report, law enforcement has even paid undercover informants to address security threats. By the way, that is called being smart.

And yesterday, we saw in Tijuana, authorities having to arrest 34 members of that caravan for offenses like public intoxication, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest. But despite all of this, the federal judge yesterday in San Francisco, what a shock, dealt a blow to the president's border security efforts in the rule of law, striking down a temporary asylum ban on those who don't apply at a port of entry.

See why holding the U.S. Senate and the president now campaigning and picking up seats for the first time in 100 years, a sitting president that gets the White House, is able to do this in his first midterm election. As I've been telling you, the majority of people just searching for a better life. I get that, but we have got to bet anybody who wants to come here.

Five hundred criminals infiltrated, walking with the caravan people. It's even why Mexican people now are protesting the caravan and saying that they have even been invaded, and echoing President Trump's tough talk on the board appeared to take look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Donald Trump was right. This is an invasion. What Donald Trump said was right. This is an invasion. This is what it is.  And more caravans are coming.


HANNITY: An invasion, oh. And, by the way, there are now thousands on our southern border.

People on the left said they would never get there. Our national security is about more than just a security unvetted, unchecked, mass migration comes at a massive cost to you, we the people, the taxpayers.

A new report published in Forbes exposing how you, the American people, pay for health care for illegal immigrants to the tune of $18.5 billion a year. And according to the Center for Immigration Studies, illegal border crossings are up, and comes with it, a massive price tag for the American people. We'll have a lot more on this developing situation also throughout the show.

Now, tonight, the mainstream media is all but refusing to cover the crisis at the border. But instead, they are busy obsessing over Ivanka Trump.  She briefly used a private email account, this goes back 15 months ago, to send and receive some that were work-related messages, talking about a few hundred emails, 15 months ago, she was new on the job, new to Washington, all of the emails have been handed over to the federal government.

They are saying this is like Hillary, although they never criticized Hillary. Nothing has been deleted, a nonstory. No classified information.

But Hillary Clinton, when she was conducting State Department business with a private email, and stored her email private in a bathroom mom-and-pop shop type company, many of those emails she sent and received were deemed top secret. She lied to us. We can prove the lie.

Thousands of emails were deleted. Nobody had ever heard of Bleach Bit, but now we know what it is. And guess what, none of these were turned over to the federal government, and the media remained silent. They covered for their friends, the Clintons.

And now, they are treating Ivanka like, you know, the nonstory like the biggest scandal of the century. What a bunch of phony hypocrites. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The arrogance, the incredible arrogance with a little measure of stupidity.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's possible she is considered a princess and totally separate from the rest of the rules the American government and the president, cabinet, and advisors go by.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When the new Congress gets sworn in, the House Oversight Committee, they need to seek nothing less of Ivanka Trump and her lawyer than the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They really are a mob family. They basically took what they were doing in the business, the Trump Organization, and brought it to the White House. They didn't care at all what the rules were and what they can and cannot do.


HANNITY: Yes, they didn't cover Hillary Clinton's crimes. We know she committed crimes.

This is hypocrisy in action. This is why so many Americans don't trust the people in the media -- nor should do. It's destroy Trump every second, every minute, every hour, every day. And they are just hypocrites.

Two weeks ago, remember, the media ignoring the story, James Comey was using private email for FBI business. Basically crickets. You didn't hear the same type of criticism.

It's the same reason now members of the media now totally ignoring their former BFF, Michael Avenatti, for so many months he was the poster child on cable news, fake news CNN, conspiracy TV MSNBC, spreading vile claims against Justice Kavanaugh that they were spreading and believing. They believed.

And guess what? He's now the left's -- all of a sudden, they changed their guilt by accusation motto. The new standard they created in America. Yet no one in the mainstream media, all of Avenatti's friends, they are pretty much silent and pretty much not saying anything.

So what does that mean? It means the issue of sexual assault that is so serious, that is not what matters to them, because if it did, they wouldn't be best friends with the Clinton's, would they? They would not have worshiped the media or been worshiped by the media as they have been.

And Keith Ellison would have been vetted and called out. The issue really seems to be important, a sexual assault or charges like this important only if they can bludgeon a Republican. Then there is no due process, there is no presumption of innocence. Where is all the outrage on these channels, their best friends?

Now, if you are on the left, the rules don't apply to you. One set of gestures for them, and the guillotine pretty much for everyone else. And the mainstream media's postelection spin doesn't help either. The delusional liberals, the media, they are now trying to pull a fast ball on the American people saying Trump has been rejected. This has been a massive blue wave. His presidency has been contained by some imaginary blue wave.

In historical terms, it was a trickle, with some Democrats refusing to even call the election legitimate in races that didn't go their way. We saw that in Georgia in the governor's race where Brian Kemp won. He won outright.

But Stacey Abrams said Georgia did not have a free and fair election and Brian Kemp dismantled the democracy. Really classy. It sounds like a sore loserism.

The Democrats did, of course, pull out some victories in the midterms.  According to Fox's account, the Democrats, they won 232 seats in the House compared to 199 for the Republicans. Four races yet to be called. They picked up 37 seats for the Democrats, but they lost all those seats and Claire McCaskill is out, and Heitkamp is out, and Nelson is out, and Donnelly is out. Oh, yes.

So, President Trump, if you actually look at numbers and history did considerably massively better the previous two Democratic presidents.  2010, Obama's first midterm. Dems lost 63 seats in the House, six seats in the Senate. '94, Bill Clinton lost 52 seats in the House and eight in the Senate.

Now, bear in mind, the Republicans actually added to their Senate majority and, by the way, that number is likely to grow next week. An important election. If you are in Mississippi, that special election, November 27th.  President Trump will be stumping for Cindy Hyde-Smith at a rally next Monday. As a matter of fact, two or three in her bid to become the first female senator from the great state of Mississippi. That is an important vote if you live there.

This is a big race. A Republican victory means 53-47 in the Senate and further insure that Trump's agenda of a booming economy, strong national security, together immigration, and, of course, originalist, constitutionalist judges, and the appointments he wants goes forward.

All right. We have a busy night, busy night as I told you. We have Congressman Devin Nunes, Sara Carter, Gregg Jarrett, John Solomon, he has breaking news. We'll react to Trump submitting the written answers to Robert Mueller. Basically, that plane is landing without any turbulence, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. New developments on the Mueller probe tonight.  President has submitted his written answers to the special counsel, signaling that the probe may be wrapping up.

Here now with reaction from the World AG Expo in California is House Intelligence Committee chairman and that's California Congressman Devin Nunes.

To me, the president has already answered those questions. It seems to me that not having a subpoena fight, he's not going to be testifying in public, seems to be wrapping up. But I would like to see the work that you have started, and Lindsey Graham, and Charles Grassley have started finished.

Where are we with that?


What I would like to see with the Mueller probe is some kind of probe into Christopher Steele and the Clinton campaign and those Russians. That is what really disappointed me about all of all of this.

Also, who leaked General Flynn's name? So, I don't think you really -- I mean, there was never any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Sadly, you have half of the Democrats in this country that believed that somehow the Russians changed votes in the last election.

And the people who have been spreading this poison ought to be ashamed of themselves. So, I'm glad that maybe this is coming to an end, but I will stress, I still don't believe it. I won't believe it until I see it.


HANNITY: Adam Schiff will never give it up.

NUNES: Well, that's true. But to your question, I think there is some reluctance in the White House to actually -- to actually go out and release all the documents -- the four buckets as we call them -- the Carter Page FISA, the third renewal. We have the Bruce Ohr 302s. We have the exculpatory evidence, and now, we also have a fourth bucket of emails that the FBI was sending around that shows that clearly they knew what they were doing before they went to the FISA court.

HANNITY: All right. Let me ask you the importance of this, because especially the fourth FISA, the third renewal signed by Rod Rosenstein, pages 10 to 12, 17 to 34, I've never read it, I would like to read it.

The 302s, that's Christopher Steele, Bruce Ohr. The FISA applications themselves, you talked about the fourth bucket with the FBI. The president said that he would declassify and unredacted this. He still hasn't done it. How important is it and what would it do to mute whatever plans the never ending investigations, that, you know, the lie -- well, shifty Schiff has, you know, wants to go on? How would that mitigate what he is trying to do which is to make this go on till the end of history?

NUNES: Well, what it does for us is it gives closure to the House Republicans and all the information that we have uncovered for the last two years. It would give finality to everyone who wants to know exactly what their government did to a political campaign.

That's why we want this FISA out there. I always talk about this last FISA because people will learn about the insurance policy, they will finally learn the insurance policy that Strzok and Page put together--


HANNITY: What was the insurance policy?

NUNES: -- to learn what it is.

HANNITY: The Russia investigation?

NUNES: So, if you were -- well, I actually don't think so. I think the insurance policy was, a lot of people thought that but what we believe the insurance policy is what is remaining in the last FISA that no one knows yet. So, it's what James Comey called a mosaic, the other facts that they have to go before the FISA court. We think that that should be--


HANNITY: There is another FISA against another individual?

NUNES: No, no, no. This is the same the Carter Page FISA.


NUNES: So, remember when we came out and said the bulk of the FISA was made up of the phony dossier and the fake news, and then you had all of these people scramble around and saying no, no, there was all this other information.

Well, we went in and we began to look at other information and we found out that it too was not only phony but I think also--


NUNES: -- as concerning if not more concerning than the original information that was used in the Christopher Steele dossier.

HANNITY: Well, I hope we will work with you. I am not giving up until all of those people that violated all of these laws and committed all of these lies to courts and misused their intelligence and spread Russian lies, real lies paid for by Hillary, are held accountable.

Thank you, congressman. We also have another major story tonight about the deep state. John Solomon reporting for The Hill. Questions grow about the FBI vetting of Christopher Steele's Russia expertise. Solomon now joins us, along with Fox News contributor, Sara Carter, and author of the bestseller The Russia Hoax, Fox News legal analyst, Gregg Jarrett. Let's start with your story, John Solomon.

JOHN SOLOMON, VICE PRESIDENT, THE HILL: Yes. Listen, the more we learn about Christopher Steele the more the reason to doubt that he had any expertise whatsoever on Russia. We used his document to justify spying on a presidential candidate in the final weeks of an election.

What I learned is that back in the beginning of his relationship with the Justice Department in 2016, he produced an intelligence document predicting that Vladimir Putin was losing his grip on power, he's about, he was on his way out the door. That hasn't turned out to be very good intelligence, has it?

It's two years later and Vladimir Putin is firmly entrenched in power. There is a real question about whether they vetted his expertise and his sources and I think that that is going to become a big issue as to what Congressman Nunes just said.

We used this dossier and we didn't know that it was really verified. I reported in my story, Jon Moffa, one of the key intelligence analysts inside the FBI told Congress recently, they were just beginning the process of verifying the dossier when it already showed up as being, quote, unquote, "verified and substantiated" in the FISA application. That's a complete abuse.


HANNITY: He's already committed as a fraud. It was presented as a truth.

SOLOMON: That's violation of law there.

SOLOMON: It's a real problem.

HANNITY: Let me go to Gregg. So, New York Times, Trump wanted Clinton and Comey prosecuted. First of all, he never did.


HANNITY: You know, I love the media getting all hyperventilating and in a state of whatever hysteria, as usual over something that never happened, but.

JARRETT: Right. And the New York Times berries that in paragraph six, so you really have to read to get to the point of the fact that he never did it. How is this news to begin with? For three years the president has said Hillary Clinton broke the law, jeopardized national security, should be prosecuted, and he vowed to reopen the case.

And when we learned James Comey lied to a FISA court and also stole government documents to trigger the Trump special counsel investigation, the president also said he should be investigated and prosecuted and warranted.

So, you know, how is this news? And I'm glad you played the clip so people on CNN and MSNBC who said, this is an abuse of power by Trump. No, it is not. They are wrong. They are ignorant.

HANNITY: As usual.

JARRETT: Thomas Jefferson ordered the prosecution of Aaron Burr, John Kennedy encouraged his brother to prosecute the Mafia, and in fact, Barack Obama ordered his Department of Justice not to and defer prosecution of millions of people here illegally. The president has a constitutional duty to enforce the law and prosecute those who break it.

HANNITY: Unbelievable. Sara, we got so much in terms of -- you back to the beginning with Hillary. Two weeks -- two weeks ago, the FBI director James Comey admitted he used private e-mail for FBI business.


HANNITY: We barely heard a peep.


CARTER: We heard nothing.

HANNITY: Hillary used an entire server. So, 15 months ago, nothing classified, new to government, Ivanka Trump had a couple hundred e-mails. You would think--


CARTER: This is all political. Sean, this is all political. This is all playing politics. Ivanka Trump, this is a non-story. Hillary Clinton is the story. She destroyed her devices, she lied, she sent classified information on an unsecured server, which we know now based on intelligence was infiltrated by other state actors, there's other outside forces.

China, Russia, who knows who else got a hold of these e-mails, and 33,000 disappeared, and a few of them are trickling out here and there that Judicial Watch was able to get a hands on.

This is a flat-out joke. They keep perpetrating disinformation on the media to the American people and they don't hold the people accountable who actually broke the laws.

HANNITY: All right, thank you all for being with us. By the way, Gregg Jarrett will be hosting on a 600 plus radio station, my radio show tomorrow. Have fun. Don't mess it up. Just kidding. He's done it before.

When we come back, Lindsey Graham weighs in on the crisis at our southern border. Also, we'll get his reaction on the situation with Saudi Arabia. Stay with us. A lot of breaking news. And Jesse and Jessica were a tie last week, it was no -- it was my world, not theirs. Straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. Big developments today with the migrant caravan amassing on our southern border. The A.P. reporting that Tijuana officials now have arrested 34 migrants on charges like drug possession, public intoxication, resisting the police.

Meanwhile, an activist judge in San Francisco temporarily blocking the administration's policy of denying asylum to migrants who cross the border illegally.

here with reaction, South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham. You know, it was interesting. Now that they were saying that Republicans were only saying this to scare people before the election. It's real.


HANNITY: Ask the people in Tijuana that say that they feel like they have been invaded. But it's now here. And I want to get your reaction. How do we handle this?

GRAHAM: Well, number one, if it weren't for Fox News you wouldn't know that people in Tijuana have had a problem with this. The people there are pushing back hard.

So, under our law, if we come here illegally you can still seek asylum and once you make an asylum application, it takes months for it to get through. We wind up releasing you into the country. This is nuts.

So, I'm going to introduce legislation early in the next Congress to make sure that if you come here illegally you can never apply for asylum. President Trump is right to change his policy and we'll see what happens.

HANNITY: Yes. All right. Let me turn to another. I have your statement on Saudi Arabia. I don't think there has been anyone in the media more critical more regularly for more years--


GRAHAM: That's for sure. That's for sure.

HANNITY: -- than me of Saudi Arabia. How they treat women, gays, lesbians, Christians and Jews are persecuted.


HANNITY: With that said, I think MBS did know, and probably order the killing of this Jamal Khashoggi.


HANNITY: Here's the problem we have. World War II we had to align with a mass murder by the name of Joseph Stalin to defeat Hitler.

GRAHAM: Right.

HANNITY: We didn't like that alliance, either. Right now, we have a historic moment where U.S., Israel, Egypt, Jordan, the Emirates, the Saudis are now perfectly aligned against Iranian hegemony and the threats of them getting a nuclear weapon with their radical ideology of wanting to destroy the world and America and Israel.

GRAHAM: Right.

HANNITY: I think there should be -- I agree with you about sanctions, I agree there needs to be a punishment, but I also agree with the president--


HANNITY: -- that we should not end this relationship.

GRAHAM: Yes. And I'm not talking about ending the relationship. Everything you said is true about the strategic nature of the relationship, but here's what I believe. Saudi Arabia needs as more than we need them. It's not too much to ask an ally not to butcher a guy in a consulate. This is not World War II, so I am not going to look away at what MBS did. I think he did it, I think he is--


HANNITY: I do, too.

GRAHAM: -- absolutely crazy about what he's done in the Mideast.


HANNITY: And, you know, also a danger, though--


HANNITY: -- that we push him into the arms he would buy, he would have more strategic alliances, we drove him into the arms of Putin, Iran, Syria, and China?

GRAHAM: Well, I'll be honest with you, Sean. There is no way no way Saudi Arabia is ever going to align with Iran, they are mortal enemies. If they want to, you know, balance from Russia, fine.


HANNITY: I got it.

GRAHAM: The bottom line here is, I care about the strategic relationship. I'm going to support Israel completely but I'm not going to turn my back on this guy. We've got a historic opportunity here to tell the people in the Mideast there is a new sheriff in town. If you disrespect us and you trample over civilized norms, you're going to pay a price.

If you want to keep MBS, that is your decision to make, Saudi Arabia. As long as you make that decision, you have a hard time with me. If you want to replace him with somebody who is not crazy, that would be a good move.

HANNITY: Yes, I agree with you wholly. All right. A it goes with the president--


GRAHAM: It's not complicated for me. I like Saudi Arabia--


HANNITY: No, it's not complicated either for me.

GRAHAM: -- but this guy is crazy and he needs to go.

HANNITY: But there is some -- I actually really believe we have a moment in history that never existed before. This strategic alliance--


GRAHAM: Totally.

HANNITY: -- would actually be--

GRAHAM: Totally, 100 percent.

HANNITY: -- the moment where we find peace in the Middle East.

GRAHAM: Yes, maybe.

HANNITY: And the Iranians are far too dangerous. We cannot allow that moment to come when they have nukes. Let me ask you. So now the--


GRAHAM: Yes. Radical Islam with a nuclear weapon is really dangerous.

HANNITY: Yes. That's a bad scenario. A.G., who would you like to see?

GRAHAM: I don't really -- Mr. Barr is good, I like Mr. Ludick (Ph), there are a lot of good choices. I would like to see somebody in place next year that can guide the Justice Department in a new direction. I think Jeff Sessions had to go. The president was right to replace him. I like Mr. Whitaker, fine, but I don't think he's the permanent solution.

I promise your viewers, if I am the chairman of the judiciary committee, we're going to find about -- find out about the FBI the way they got a FISA warrant against Carter Page. I think the special counsel should been appointed yesterday.


HANNITY: Go ahead. All right. Last question--

GRAHAM: A hundred percent.

HANNITY: How important is Mississippi this last--


GRAHAM: You know, if the shoe were on the other foot, they would be crucifying us right now if this was a warrant issued against a Hillary Clinton sympathizer. I mean, I cannot believe the double standard of our friends in the media if shoe on the other foot. This is somebody that, you know, that hated Trump, and we were going after a Clinton person like this, it would be front-page news all over the place. To your listeners, we're not going to ignore the rule of law.


HANNITY: How important is Mississippi? I got to go.

GRAHAM: We are going to find out where it goes.

HANNITY: All right. How important is Mississippi, and then I got to roll. The Senate race.

GRAHAM: If you care about judges, and you care about tax cuts, you care about a strong military, vote for the Republicans. The Democrats is going to take us backward, the Republicans will keep us on track.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you for being with us, Lindsey Graham. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Coming up, Jesse and Jessica, no winner last week. They will take on the media freak out and double standard and hypocrisy over the Ivanka Trump so- called female controversy nonstory. Straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. The left predictably spinning out of control over Ivanka terms e-mails. Now a lawyer blasting the quote, "misinformation being peddled," and clarified that Ivanka never created a private server, never transmitted classified information, hasn't deleted any e-mails, and by the way, this is when she first started 15 months ago.

Here to talk about this and more, co-host of The Five, and the host of Watters World, two shows, Jesse Watters, and Fox News contributor, Jessica Tarlov.


HANNITY: Everyone is comparing it to something it's not, Jessica. See how intellectually honest you are. And that is, this is a 15 months ago, no classified information, no bleach bit, no acid washing, no deletions, no hammers, no devices. Big difference.

TARLOV: Big difference but still a big deal, no?


HANNITY: No, I don't think so.

TARLOV: She knew exactly what she was doing, she spent a couple years listening to her father chant lock her up because Hillary Clinton had used an illegal private server--


HANNITY: You're losing already.

TARLOV: -- that mishandle her e-mails, so why isn't Ivanka to blame for this? you got to admit it was a mistake, an unforced error, she shouldn't have done it. Say it right here.


WATTERS: But I don't think Ivanka ever put national security in jeopardy.


TARLOV: You don't know actually. Trey Gowdy is going to find out.

WATTERS: She never said any classified e-mails. Listen, the FBI is not investigating it because it's not a national security threat.


TARLOV: Congress will be.

WATTERS: And she didn't also acid wash the e-mails and delete 30,000 of them after they were under subpoena. So, she didn't have any of her friends plead the fifth, and she didn't smash anything with a hammer. These were incidental e-mails that she sent from a private account.


TARLOV: Why did she do it?

WATTERS: Sending about her child schedule ad about transportation.


TARLOV: You don' know what it's about. You haven't read them. Then all of Hillary's e-mails were all about yoga?


TARLOV: There we go we agreed.

WATTERS: And also, about Chelsea's wedding. Remember, these were about the--


TARLOV: Well, that was a big event in their lives.

WATTERS: You think this is a big deal, it's not.

TARLOV: I don't.

WATTERS: You're trying to land punches. This is about the Washington Post trying to drum some scandal up so they can tip off the House investigations committee in order to investigate the president.

HANNITY: All right.

TARLOV: I don't think so.

HANNITY: Let me move onto another issue. Hang on. I want to bring up this Avenatti issue. Look, he deserves due process and the presumption of innocence, that which he wouldn't give Judge Kavanaugh.

But these allegations, we are talking about a felony, domestic abuse, and the person says, the accuser says, he hit her, dragged her across the floor, called her an f-ing b-word, et cetera, et cetera. Now, I don't know if any of this is true.

TARLOV: Right.

HANNITY: I actually hope and pray it's not.

TARLOV: Of course not.

HANNITY: But the left seems to only care about guilt by accusation when it's a Republican that they can bludgeon, like they did an innocent man, Judge Kavanaugh. Otherwise they wouldn't be such great friends with the Clintons, they would be so outspoken about Keith Ellison, and all of a sudden nobody has a word to say about Mr. P.P. himself, Avenatti.

It's the hypocrisy, Jessica. Do they care about the issue that's so serious about a sexual assault, and the abuse of women--


HANNITY: -- or do they just care about the politics?

TARLOV: No, they absolutely do care about the issue of sexual assault and the abuse of women, that's why Al Franken no longer has Senate seat.


WATTERS: Then why are they so quite--

TARLOV: Jesse, I had two seconds, give me another second.

WATTERS: OK. Go ahead.

TARLOV: I don't think that they have been quiet here, and for you to say that everyone was a fan of his, I know that he got a lot of segments on TV, he was even here on our own network with Tucker calls him the creepy porn lawyer, or whatever.


HANNITY: All right. Last word, Jesse.

TARLOV: It's a (Inaudible) deal but no one is an Avenatti fan certainly on this panel and you are not going to hear any defense of it.


WATTERS: I would say that he has totally disqualified himself, he has blown himself up. I believe innocent until proven guilty but you never touch a woman, and the media is so silent it shows how hypocritical they are. If it was a Republican that was accused of doing this, it would be all over.

HANNITY: I just--


TARLOV: It is all over!

HANNITY: I want everybody to look at this moment, like Duke Lacrosse, like UVA, like Ferguson, like Cambridge, like Baltimore, like, you know, Treyvon Martin. Everyone needs to stop rushing to judgment. I reach a duel. And Avenatti deserves the presumption of innocence and due process.

All right, thank you both. By the way, it's Jesse's world tonight on substance alone. When we come back, Rush weighs in on the hysteria about a Ivanka's e-mails. Straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. We close with Rush Limbaugh's take on the Ivanka e- mail non-scandal.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, TALK SHOW HOST: I'm not going to talk about Ivanka Trump's e-mail until it is proven. It is proven that she created a secret e-mail server and put it in her home, preferably in the bathroom to hide a pay for play scheme. And then trying to destroy it when subpoenaed.

I'm not going to talk about Ivanka Trump and her e-mails until somebody shows me that what she did got anywhere even close to what Hillary Clinton did.


HANNITY: All right, checkmate, Rush. All right, that's all the time we have. We'll always be fair and balanced. Let not your heart be troubled.

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