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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST:  All right, Tucker. Thank you as always.

Welcome to HANNITY.

And we begin to met with breaking news, a FOX News alert, because breaking,

HANNITY, this show has exclusively now uncovered video of Joe Biden

downplaying the coronavirus one month after the president's travel ban, and

of course, well, over a month after the first identified case of corona in

America. Take a look.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  I want to talk a moment about the

coronavirus, and I just wanted to say a few things to set the record

straight. Barack and I, when we're as president as and vice president, we

took on the virus that was threatening all of Africa and the rest of the

world, and we set up a mechanism that worked. But I want to take a moment

to say it's not a time to panic about coronavirus, but coronavirus is a

serious public health challenge.


HANNITY:  Here's a question tonight. Will the media, the mob spend the next

24 hours freaking out about those comments? I wouldn't hold my breath.

We have a lot more of this coming up tonight.

Also tonight, the President of the United States Donald Trump will join us

for an exclusive one-on-one interview. We'll talk about the nonstop, never

ending hysteria on the left, the lies about his coronavirus response, the

double standard, the hypocrisy that is frankly never ending. It hasn't

ended in four years.

The violence from Biden supporters and in Democratic-run cities, and blue

states, and so much more.

Also, our own Lawrence Jones will be here with the full report, a rare

Biden campaign stop today in the state of Michigan, but get this, more than

-- they have more Trump supporter's showing up than Biden fans. Does anyone

actually like Joe Biden? Does anyone, you know, get excited by Joe Biden?

We'll have a report tonight.

First, we begin with something I call, this is now the insanity season.

Fifty-five days away from a tipping point election, the lying, the smears,

the slander, buckle up, the hysteria is not reaching a fever pitch, and

with just 55 days until you become the ultimate jury, the anti-Trump

insanity is going to be nonstop.

I hate to report it will only get worse in the days and nights to come,

leading to what is, to me, the tipping point election in this country.

There is a well-coordinated, a newly manufactured scandal, pretty much

every hour of every single day. For the past few hours, this crisis of the

day involved a series of interviews between author Bob Woodward and

President Trump. Most of that hysteria surrounds this moment when the

president talked about the seriousness of COVID-19 on February 7th.

Let's listen in.



situation. It goes through air, Bob, so it is tougher than the touch. The

touch, you don't have to touch things, but the air, you just breathe the

air, that's how it's passed.

And so, that's a very tricky one. That's a very delicate one. It's also

more deadly, you know, even your strenuous flus.


HANNITY:  Now, that's 17 days after the first identified case of

coronavirus in America. That's also seven days after the president's travel

ban was implemented.

Trump haters, the media mob are now accusing the president of hiding the

truth about the deadly virus from the American people. Why did he put the

travel ban in effect if he wasn't taking it seriously?

Even have a "Washington Post" accusing him of misleading the public. Well,

it would actually be the media mob lying to you, as they have for four

consecutive years. Remember, they are the one that peddled one conspiracy

theory, one hoax one right after another, they never corrected the record,

they've never admitted they are wrong.

The media lies on a daily basis. They are nothing but state-run Democratic

socialist TV and print. This is just the latest political smear.

Here are the facts. By the time that interview was conducted on February

the 7th, the president had already taken what was in unprecedented steps to

protect the American people.

Again, January 31st of this year, only 10 days after the first confirmed

COVID-19 case in the United States, which was January 21st, President

Donald Trump declared a public health emergency. He also announced an

unprecedented travel ban to and from China. On the same day, the president

ordered the first mandatory quarantine in more than 50 years in this

country. Shortly thereafter, the president formed a task force, he filled

it with top scientific and medical professionals led by the vice president

of the United States.

On March 11th, the president extended the travel ban to most of Europe.

These were serious, severe, quick actions by the president. He took it


According to public health officials, they saved countless American lives

and prevented untold suffering and death.

On February 1st, Joe Biden, the day after the president but the travel ban

in effect, he suggested that travel ban was racist. He called it

hysterical, xenophobia, and fearmongering. On April 3rd, this is 62 days

later, Joe Biden now, as per usual, you know, like on fracking and

nonviolent protests, well, he reversed course.

A campaign surrogate announced the Biden now supported the travel ban that

he had called the day after it was implemented, hysterical, xenophobic, and


And tonight, let's play it again, brand-new bombshell video, Joe Biden,

February 28th, telling a crowd not to panic over the coronavirus. Now,

that's a month after Donald Trump already implemented the travel ban that

he opposed and called xenophobic. Take a look.


BIDEN:  I want to talk a moment about the coronavirus, and I just want to

say a few things to set the record straight. Barack and I, as president and

vice president, we took on the virus that was threatening all of Africa and

the rest of the world, and we set up a mechanism that worked. But I want to

take a moment to say, it's not a time to panic about coronavirus, but

coronavirus is a serious public health challenge.


HANNITY:  Donald Trump acted, Joe Biden dithered, and the media mob, did

you see that? Because the Biden campaign didn't even release an official

response on the pandemic until March 11th. The plan was a few paragraphs

long and included things that the president was already doing. Perhaps he

was taking his daily nap and missing with the president was doing.

All the while, Joe Biden was campaigning without a mask, he was hugging, he

was touching, speaking closely to the view Biden supporters that actually

showed up at those few events. It wasn't until June the 26th, then Biden

called for a national mask mandate.

And then, by the way, September 2nd, after getting a lot of blowback for

his mandate, Biden reversed course yet again, and said he did not actually

support federally mandated mask wearing. OK.

Clearly, there is one candidate playing politics with the pandemic, even

Biden admits the worst in 100 years, and it's not President Trump. If Joe

Biden were in charge, it's not a question of if more Americans would have

contracted the virus and died, but how many hundreds of thousands more

Americans would've contracted this virus? How many more thousands would

have died?

And, by the way, it wasn't just Joe Biden. Nearly every powerful Democrat

in America was playing down the coronavirus, all while trying to score

cheap political points against President Trump. In other words, typical day

in the swamp. Take a look.


REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE:  What is out there in other

places, going to be careful about how we deal with it, but we do want to

say to people, come to Chinatown, here we are, and again, careful, and come

join us.

MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO (D), NEW YORK CITY:  If you are under 50 and you are

healthy, which is most New Yorkers, there is very little threat here.

GOV. ANDREW CUOMO (D), NEW YORK:  What you are saying what happened in

other countries versus what happened here, we don't even think it's going

to be as bad as it was in other countries.


HANNITY:  And on March 2nd, Comrade de Blasio, he was telling New Yorkers,

get out on the town, here are my recommendations.

While these idiots played politics, the president, he took action,

immediate action. Remember, early February, Democrats were still in the

process of their impeachment trial, including quid pro quo Joe and zero

experience Hunter.

Now, the president and I want to create a panic, what president would want


And on March the 19th, here is exactly what he told Bob Woodward. Take a



TRUMP:  Well, I think, Bob, really, to be honest with you --

BOB WOODWARD, JOURNALIST:  Sure, I want you to be.

TRUMP:  I wanted to -- I wanted to always play it down. I still like

playing it down -- 

WOODWARD:  Yes, sir.

TRUMP:  -- because I don't want to create a panic.


HANNITY:  Now, while Democrats and the media mob spin in circles -- well,

let's look at some perspective with a brief "Hannity" history lesson.

As many of you know, all four of my grandparents, I talked about them a

lot, they all came to this country from Ireland at the turn of the last

century. They didn't have any money.

My own parents, they grew up or during the Great Depression, my dad spent

four years fighting in the Pacific in World War II, but during the time

they were growing up and the Great Depression, unemployment was nearly 25

percent. GDP down 30 percent, 2 million Americans were homeless, the stock

market down 90 percent, people's life savings were wiped out, average

incomes were down by 40 percent.

And in every city, every town, there was soup lines around the block. My

parents, like millions of other Americans, they struggled. Those were tough

times, they were poor.

Did President Roosevelt fan the flames of misery? Did he call for panic and

anxiety? No, he actually rallied a nation in a time of need. He focused on

making Americans stronger by staying positive, and he got to work and he

rolled up his sleeves.

During World War II, with the country on the brink, FDR proclaimed we have

nothing to fear but fear itself. Well, those were brutally tough times. The

media attack him? Of course not.

What about in the aftermath 9/11, 2001, two days, what was President Bush

supposed to say? America is going down in flames, you better go hide in

your basement bunker? Of course not.

The president's job is to maintain order, and by the way, right the ship

during and after a crisis, not spread panic, not spreading fear among the

population. Let's make one thing perfectly clear, President Trump has never

misled or distorted the truth about this deadly disease.

No, he acted faster than anyone else. Don't take my word for it. Let's

listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci, I have a lot of respect for him,

and guess what, he is very well respected, especially by Democrats on the


Well, guess what? Here's what Dr. Fauci had to say about the pandemic on

February 29th. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Dr. Fauci, it's Saturday morning in America. People are

waking up with real concerns about this. They want to go to malls and

movies, maybe to Jim as well. Should we be changing our habits? And if so,


DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NIAID:  No, right now, at this moment, there

is no need to change anything you are doing on a day-by-day basis. Right

now, the risk is still low, but this could change, I've said that many

times, even on this program. You've got to watch out because although the

risk is low now, you don't need to change anything you're doing.

When you start to see community spread, this could change, and force you to

become much more attentive to doing things that would protect you from



HANNITY:  Medical community, all the models were wrong, China lied to the

world. I don't blame Dr. Fauci or anybody else, they were doing the best he

could come he has devoted decades of his life to helping save lives.

Dr. Fauci has also praised President Trump's response right here on

"Hannity." He was on the show, by the way, on the show January 27th, on my

show February 10th, this is what he said on March 10th. Take a look.


HANNITY:  Now, are we doing everything possible that you would do up to

this point?

FAUCI:  You know, I believe so. Always, when you have an outbreak, there is

a little bit of the fog of war associated with that. You are trying to do

the right thing, you are trying to keep up with an evolving situation. But

I think in the context of what we are being challenged with, I think

everybody is doing really well.


HANNITY:  And on March 22nd, Fauci doubled down his phrase for President

Trump in an interview on "Life, Liberty and Levin" with the great one.

Let's take a look.


FAUCI:  The coordinated response has been -- a number of ways to describe

it, impressive, I think, is one of them. I mean, we are talking about all

hands on deck. So I can't imagine that under any circumstances that anybody

could be doing more.


HANNITY:  Can't imagine anybody could be doing more.

Today come on the daily briefing, Fauci once again defended President

Trump. Let's take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  So, did you get a sense he was or wasn't playing this


FAUCI:  No, no, no, I didn't. I didn't get any sense he was distorting

anything. I mean, in my discussions with him, they were always

straightforward about the concerns that we had. We related that to him, and

when he would go out, I would hear him discussing the same sort of things.


HANNITY:  Clearly, the hysteria we see from all the Trump haters across

America is nothing more than the typical election year distraction. Their

candidate, they know he is weak, they know he is frail, they know he is,

well, seems a quite a bit of a decline.

Their candidate, frankly come up to this point, has been a national

embarrassment. Joe Biden inspires no one. He struggles to communicate

clearly, some days he doesn't know what day of the week it is, some days he

doesn't know what office he is even running for.

Constantly at state of confusion, seems to be using the teleprompter, move

that up a little bit, something is obviously wrong, but the media, and, of

course, Democrats, they want us all to ignore the obvious truth. Today, at

a rare campaign event, away from his basement bunker. There were way more

Trump supporter showing up than Biden fans.

Joining us now with the full report, "Hannity" 2020 election correspondent,

investigative reporter Lawrence Jones.

So, they didn't tell anybody, my understanding is, until like an hour

before the event, where the event was, and then when they did tell people,

more Trump people showed up than Biden people?



Earlier today, Joe Biden left his basement and traveled to Warren,

Michigan, to meet with union workers and with only an hour notice,

supporters lined up outside in a crowd, but the only thing, Sean, is the

people that were outside, that were fired up, they weren't Biden

supporters, they were Trump supporter. Take a look at what they had to say.


JONES:  Tell me, why are you also fired up?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Because we love the president. We love the president.

We love what he does for the country.

JONES:  Does it surprise you that we have all of these Trump supporter's

right here, and only two Biden supporters over there?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  My position would be the Biden supporters are so

fractured, and most of them are probably still at sleep at home, just like

sleepy Joe.

JONES:  Why is Joe Biden bad for Michigan?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Because China owns Joe Biden.

JONES:  Why don't y'all think there is more Biden supporters here?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Because Biden doesn't have the support that Trump


JONES:  Why do you think they're keeping it secret --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Because they don't want all this. You think he wants to

show up and see no supporters?


JONES:  And, Sean, many political insiders are questioning if the vice

president is hiding from voters. Is he really focusing on Michigan, or is

he making the same mistake that Hillary Clinton made? I talked with more

supporters and people in Michigan, and this is what they had to say.


JONES:  Did you know the vice president was going to be here in Michigan?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  No, not really. Not until the very last second.

JONES:  Do you believe the vice president kind of snuck in town and got

back out of town? Do you think he worked enough so far to win methods in


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I don't think either one of them have worked hard


JONES:  Do you think he is going to win at this time?


JONES:  But as a Biden voter, he wish he would have spent more time talking

with voters?


JONES:  You are in a swing state. Do you feel like the vice president is

hiding from you as a voter?


JONES:  Do you think he is trying to hide from the people?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Well, yeah. That's exactly what he's doing. He's trying

to hide from the people because he is not actually representing the people.

The people have different views than what he is actually pushing.


JONES:  Sean, as you can see, these weren't just Trump supporter saying

this, this was his own supporters saying he is hiding from them. So it begs

the question, is he really serious about this race, is he really serious

about winning Michigan?

I think he is still making same mistake Hillary Clinton is making. Back to

you, Sean.

HANNITY:  All right, time will tell.

Lawrence, by the way, thank you. And he will be with -- President Trump

will be in Michigan tomorrow.

Here with reaction of all today's news, FOX News contributor, we call him

the architect, Karl Rove.

Karl, you know, it's interesting, because he's been able to hide in a

basement bunker come he comes out, puts out his head, says a few things,

but he really has got this whole other army in front of him, that would be

pretty much 99 percent, 99.9 percent of the media, he is their favorite

candidate, so they are doing the work for him, aren't they?

KARL ROVE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR:  Well, yeah, but he went over the top

today and the fact that the media didn't call him to count or doesn't seem

to see any problem with that.

I've got three points I want to make, and I got a three board tonight.

We've got a record going here.

First of all, I was intrigued by his rhetoric in his speech. He said the

president failed to do his job on purpose. That is to say, the president

wanted people to die, he wanted them to get sick, and he did it on purpose.

He said, this is a life and death betrayal. I mean, that's really over the


He said, experts say if the president acted one week earlier, 36,000 lives

would have been saved. Earlier in the year, he was saying, if the president

had listened to what I was saying in January, he had acted one week

earlier, 36,000 lives would have been saved.

"The Washington Post" said this was completely inaccurate. This was not

accurate. He said the recession was created by Trump's negligence, so it is

not the responsibility of the coronavirus, it's Trump who created the


And how did the president create that? By shutting down the economy as the

science told him to do and have us quarantine at home, would Joe Biden have

said, no, we should -- we should not do that? I mean, is he going to listen

to the science or not?

So, he deliberately attacks the president in an over-the-top way. Here's

the more important point to me: I'm interested, what did Joe Biden know,

and when did he know it, and what was he thinking at the time this

coronavirus came on? Because right now, he is saying, President Trump did

everything wrong, I'm a genius, if you would only listen to me, if I'd only

been in charge.

So, I'm interested in, what did Joe Biden say during -- as this came on,

and what did the people around him advising him say? January 27, he writes

an op-ed, says this is a dangerous disease, and here's my plan. In 2021,

after I'm elected, we are going to set up a public health emergency fund,

we are going to give the president the power to declare a pandemic

disaster, emergency, which he already has, and we're going to set up what

he called the global health services to help countries around the world.

Does any of that sound like this guy was confronting what we were facing at

that point? That was the 27th of January.

On the 31st, Trump puts in the China ban, and you know what he said. He

said this is a xenophobic, this is racist. On the 28th, two days before,

three days before Trump puts in the travel ban, Ron Klain, who's a big

advisor to him on health issues says, if he does, this would be premature.

On the 30th, the day before, Zeke Emanuel, who is a top health care advisor

to him and constantly being heard, says, stop -- stop panicking over the

prospect of what the coronavirus is going to do. Stop panicking, he says.

On the second -- excuse me, on the 6th of February, he had an expert, a guy

named Irwin Redlener said the idea that this is going to be a serious

pandemic is not likely and the odds of it being a lethal form is

negligible. That was the guy advising Joe Biden.

On the 11th and 13th, we hear from Klain. Klain says: This is not serious,

we don't face a health epidemic, we face a, quote, "fear epidemic" --

attacking President Trump for raising concerns about it unnecessarily.

On the 20th, Zeke Emanuel says this is all an overreaction. We then have

Nancy Pelosi go out and say, come to Chinatown, don't worry about this.

That happened on the 23rd.

On the 29th, Zeke Emanuel says, you know what, the masks aren't going to

work, don't use a mask. This is the day the first American dies from

coronavirus and they are on television, don't worry, don't go out and run

and get a mask, it's not going to do any good.

And then on the 12th, as President Trump is putting into place a travel ban

on Europe, Lisa Monaco, a top advisor to Biden, and Biden himself go out

and double-team on the issue of the European travel ban and say we don't

need to do this, this is premature.

We don't hear the word mask from Biden, we don't hear the word social

distancing from Biden. We don't hear the idea of a lockdown. We don't even

hear the idea of invoking the National Defense Production Act in order to

get control of the PPE problem that the Biden Obama administration created

by not refilling our stockpiles. We don't hear those until after the middle

of March when President Trump is already talking about all of those things.

So I'm sitting here saying, here is a guy lecturing the country, saying

Donald Trump killed people deliberately, and if he'd only listen to me,

would he and his people are not saying we need to shut down the economy, we

need to have everybody wear a mask, we need to quarantine in place, we need

to do this, we need to do that. In fact, they are saying, that's a fear

epidemic and the idea that this is going to be a serious pandemic is very


Final point, final point: this guy is tone-deaf. What value is a promise?

What is the worth of a president's word? Does he do what he says he's going

to do? We have a different philosophy when it comes to giving our word.

Well, I remember Joe Biden being the guy who said we got shovel-ready jobs

when we were talking about the stimulus bill in 2011. I remember him

joining in all of those lies that were told to sell Obamacare. If you like

your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan, you can keep

your plan.

I remember -- I'm old enough to remember when he ran for president in 1987

and got kicked out of the race because he was caught plagiarizing his

speeches from the Labour Party leader of Great Britain. I even remember

when he was running around the countryside saying I had a full scholarship

to Syracuse Law School, I graduated at the top of my class, and it turned

out he got a half scholarship for need, and was near the bottom of his

class. I remember when that got caught up.

So, here is a guy lecturing about President Trump, he said I have a

different philosophy about what your word means when he has lied to the

American people he was vice president, and lied to the American people when

he first ran for president in 1987, and lied about his academic background

I got caught on it a national television before that.

So, please, can we have just a little bit of humility? Can we -- can we

just sort of take a step back from these grandiose, you know, President

Trump the literately killed people? Can we really, you know, President

Trump doesn't know how to tell the truth, we have a different standard --

can we please step back and look at ourselves first?

I mean, this is just over the top.

HANNITY:  Wow. That is, like, worthy of a Levin rant. Karl Rove, great

analysis. You can bring three boards every night between now and election

night. Well done, sir. Thank you.

When we come back, a quick break. On  the other side, we'll check in with

Reince Priebus, Matt Gaetz, and the president of United States in an

exclusive interview straight ahead, tonight on "Hannity".


HANNITY:  All right. A FOX News alert, President Trump joins us, literally,

just about two or three minutes from right now.

Joining us first, former White House chief of staff and Michael Best

Strategies president, Reince Priebus, and Congressman Matt Gaetz of


All right. How would you be responding to Woodward's book, number one,

Reince, and also, you know, the attacks that Karl Rove was just talking



thanks for having me. I do exactly what your monologue just laid out, I

would attack this just like the president attacked "The Atlantic" article,

except I wouldn't play any defense, go all in on offense, just like you

laid out. The travel ban in China at the end of January, a week before the

Woodward interviews, the restrictions on the E.U.

You set up the task force, Birx and Fauci, the CDC, the NIH were out there

every day giving the recommendations, far more restrictive than what Joe

Biden laid out.

And here's what I would be doing, early vote, right now, in Florida, I'm

going to give you an example. The early vote is at 4.8 million ballots have

been requested as of today in Florida. That's 2.5 times where we were in


The campaign should be spending five times the money on TV, telling the

American people, just like you laid out in your monologue, the real story

of coronavirus. Do not get outflanked, do not let anyone rewrite your

history, and go on offense, no defense. That's what I would do.

HANNITY:  I agree with that that wholeheartedly.

I was told by Matt Tower, a mutual friend of ours, he watched in Florida

over the weekend, the Labor Day weekend, saw tons of Biden ads, not Trump

ads, which surprised me.

Matt Gaetz, your advice?

REP. MATT GAETZ (R-FL):  In the state of Florida, we've seen Trump flag on

just about every boat. The president just banned offshore oil drilling in


And when it comes to the coronavirus, I think it really highlights the

extent to which the media is a joke. When the president urges calm, they

say he is a responsible. When he takes aggressive action, they call him a


A great nation cannot respond to a pandemic by panicking or hiding in the

bunker. President Trump had a well-executed, focused plan, initial

estimates said that 2 million people could have died from the coronavirus,

it is going to be far less than that, and we're going to have an economy

capable of rebounding because we have had strong leadership of President


HANNITY:  All right. Reince Priebus and Congressman Matt Gaetz, I would

keep you both longer, but somebody outflanks you. They're up next.

Joining us right now live on the phone, exclusive interview -- he's in the

White House tonight -- President Donald Trump.

Mr. President, thank you for being with us.


They did a very good job, I will say.



HANNITY:  They get good grades.


HANNITY:  Let me go to the Woodward book.

I was first surprised that you spoke to him. I don't think a lot of good

comes from talking to Bob Woodward, my own personal opinion.

But let's go to the things that Karl Rove was pointing out that Biden said

today. Ten days after the first identified case, 10 days, you put the

travel ban in effect. And it was a subsequent ban, the first quarantine in

over 50 years. He said it was hysterical, xenophobia, and fearmongering on

your part.

Two-and-a-half months later, he reversed himself, at least according to a

campaign ad.

Why -- what do you believe that one decision, at 10 days after the first

case in America, what impact did that have, and what were you saying to Bob


TRUMP:  Well, first of all, on the Woodward book, on the book itself, he

called. He -- I didn't participate in his last one.

And he does hit you, obviously, with everybody. He even did it on Obama,

but constant hit jobs.

On Bush, I guess they did three books. They were all terrible. So, I

figured, you know, let's just give it a little shot. I'll speak to him. It

wasn't a big deal. I speak to him, and let's see.

I don't know if the book is good or bad. I have no idea. Probably, almost

definitely won't read it, because I don't have time to read it. But I gave

it a little bit of a shot. Sounds like it's not going to be good.

But if you look at what I said today, I said, don't panic. We don't want to

be jumping up and down and going wild. Don't panic. I'm a cheerleader for

this country. And I don't want to see panic.

And I thought what Matt said was fantastic, because we would have lost two

million, 2.5 million lives, instead of the number we're talking about.

Anything above one is no good. It's no good. We can't have it. It was

China's fault. They sent this to us. And it's no good.

But I thought I'd give the -- Bob Woodward some time. I gave him some time.

But, as usual, with the books he writes, that didn't work out too well,

perhaps. I don't know. Maybe it was -- maybe it's good. Who knows?

But, as far as the timing is concerned, I did something very important, as

you know. At the end of January, I banned -- I banned China, because -- the

people from China, because they were heavily infected.

And I had a lot of people, including Dr. Fauci -- and I don't say that with

disrespect. I -- it's really what he believed. But a lot of people believed

that, that we shouldn't ban them, it was no reason to ban them.

And Biden was going around for many, many weeks after that saying, it's not

even going to be a problem. You covered it incredibly.

Actually, Karl Rove covered that incredibly tonight, and just incredibly,

actually. And they were all going around, no problem, no problem,

everybody, practically everybody. Nobody had any idea it would be as

violent as it turned out to be.

And we studied it. We understand it. Now we're opening up. But we could

have lost two million, 2.5 million, maybe even more than that, if we did it

a different way.

And we have done a really good job. But, if you look at our numbers, our

fatality numbers compared to other countries, we're in -- we're in really -

- I mean, it's amazing, what we have done. We have been able to do

something that a country, especially with the kind of size we're dealing

with -- we have done an incredible job.

HANNITY:  I watched your press conference today. And the general tone of

the questioning was that you misled the country because you told Bob

Woodward on February 7, this looks like it's going to be five times as bad

as a normal flu virus.

I think most Americans may not even know that there are years with the

influenza virus that we lose tens of thousands of Americans. It's not


And -- but your actions just seven days earlier were, you put a travel ban

in effect, and a quarantine in effect. Again, it hasn't been done in 50

years. So, actions mean something. And you taking it seriously was very

clear then.

And then, when you said, well, I don't want people to panic, they say,

well, you must have been downplaying it.

Wouldn't your actions contradict that narrative?

TRUMP:  Yes, absolutely.

And if you look at -- we have had flu years where we lost 70,000, 80,000,

and 90,000 people. People don't realize that.

But if you look that, and multiply that times five, it's actually more than

we lost. Now, we could have lost two million, 2.5 million, as Matt said, if

we did it a different way.

But what I want to show is, I want to show a calmness. I'm the leader of

the country, I can't be jumping up and down and scaring people. I don't

want to scare people. I want people not to panic. And that's exactly what I


And if you look at the representatives of Joe Biden, you see what they were

saying. They were saying, no problem, this won't be a problem. He didn't

think it was going to be a problem until months later. He was way late.

Pelosi was way, way late.

And I was at the end of January, far ahead of everybody, because I did

something nobody wanted me to do. Nobody wanted me to do the ban on China.

And then, as you know, shortly thereafter, I did a ban on Europe. That was,

frankly, even more controversial. And that was good, because I saw what was

going on in Italy and in Spain and in France. And we did a ban there.

And if we didn't do those bans, we would have had numbers that were much,

much more. And if we didn't do the shutdown and now the reopening -- and

they should do the opening faster. If you look at some of the states, like

North Carolina, Pennsylvania, you look at what they're doing, they're

taking so -- they're shut down. They're still shut down.

Michigan is terrible. It's still shut down. And that's a shame. It's a

shame. They don't know what they're doing, frankly.


TRUMP:  But they should all be open.

And our country is doing very well. We have record numbers of jobs. You saw

the numbers just came out. For the four months, it's the largest number

ever, by far, not even close, and retail sales, the same thing. They're --

it's record numbers.

So, we're opening up with a strong V, not just a V. It's a very strong V.

And we're going to have a tremendous year next year. We're going to have a

very good quarter. And that's going to be announced before the election.

HANNITY:  But there's -- there's voting going on now.

You see Joe Biden. He makes very few appearances. The media seems to be

willing to -- I don't think he's answered 100 questions since March. You

know, you have answered a couple of thousand-plus questions in that period

of time.

Do you think the media is giving him a pass? Do you see -- look, everybody

that I meet, that I run into everywhere, and even people in the media,

interestingly, quietly, and Democrats, I know, quietly are saying, Joe

looks like he is weak and he is frail.

How do you interpret Joe Biden, the basement bunker strategy, his

unwillingness to take questions?

TRUMP:  Well, the media, in terms of what they're doing, is actually worse

than what you're saying, because it looks to me like they're asking him a

question, and then he's reading an answer off the teleprompter.

Now, that would mean that, like your friend over there Donna Brazile, he

has -- who FOX brilliantly hired, and she's a...


HANNITY:  She sounds like your favorite host.


TRUMP:  Donna Brazile, that's another real great one.


TRUMP:  But it would look to me like he's been given the questions, and

he's reading the answers.

But that would mean that the media is giving him the questions. They never

gave me the questions. I can tell you that. It's like, we have some pretty

wild times. But they -- they hit me with the worst possible questions


And you have to learn to do it, and you have to be able to do it. And, if

you can't do it, you can't be a politician.

You certainly can't represent our country, because, when you deal with

President Xi and Putin and Kim Jong-un and all of the people you have to

deal with, in all due respect to the media, they're much tougher, they're

much smarter than the people I have to deal with in the -- in the various

rooms and outside by the helicopters and all the places, I'm willing always

to take questions.

But I don't get -- I don't get any help in terms of, here's the question,

and you can read an answer to it. I've never seen anything like it. And

frankly, I think the media is disgracing themselves.

But it's obvious that Joe is reading the answers off a teleprompter in many

cases. That happened yesterday when he said "move it closer."

A woman asked him a question, move it closer.


HANNITY:  Move it down, I think is what he said. Yeah.

TRUMP:  Meaning move teleprompter closer. It's terrible. It's actually


HANNITY:  It got ignored today. You added today 20 additional candidates to

the previously -- 

TRUMP:  Yeah.

HANNITY:  -- used list of potential justices, quote, in the mold of Scalia,

Thomas and Alito.

Among them, Senator Tom Cotton, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Josh Hawley,

people well-known to this audience.

Why did you want to release them? And you're also calling on Joe Biden to

release the names of people he would like to appoint to the U.S. Supreme


TRUMP:  Because outside of war and peace, the most important thing a

president does is select Supreme Court justices, and judges. You know,

we're going to have probably over 300 by the end of my first term, which is

a record, over 300 federal judges, and Court of Appeals judges, too. So,

that's a -- that's a number that nobody thought even possible.

And we will have that number, and it'll be all confirmed and done and

great. And also, Supreme Court judges or justices.

And you -- the whole country, it depends on these decisions, which way you

go, whether you have a Second Amendment or not. I mean, the Second

Amendment would be under siege.

If I wasn't here, you wouldn't have a Second Amendment right now. You

wouldn't have a right to guns. You would -- whether you had it or it was

just almost totally obliterated, but it would be in a very different form

than you have right now.

I've kept it totally as it was, and it's, you know, something I'm very

proud of, and people -- I think it's a real voting issue, Second Amendment.

Life, you look at that.

So these judges are going to be making massive decisions. And the next

president is going to get one, two, three, or four justices of the Supreme


I have two. That's actually considered a lot. You've had many -- you've had

many presidents, frankly, where they didn't have -- I think they had none,

many of them had none.

You know, they stay on there a long time. You don't have many, and they

stay on there for a long time. So, you've had presidents with none that

have been there for a long period of time.

But I've already had two. And you could have, literally, anywhere from one

to four additional. That changes the entire fabric of the nation for many

years. You know, they are on the court for 25, 30, 40 years, depending on

the age, depending on what age you choose. And frankly, most of them are

young, because you want to pick young, you want them on as long as you can

have them on.

So, it's a very, very important thing that's happening. And I felt that I

should announce the list -- and from which I will only pick. So, we had 22

or 23, and now, I added 20. So we have about 43. And it will only be from

that list that I'll pick, whether it's one, two, three, or four, it will

only be from that list.

So everyone can look at that list, and they'll be happy or not happy.

Joe has to put up a list. This is something that I came up with the last

election. I think it might be one of the reasons for my success in the

election, because people weren't sure who would I pick. And I actually put

out a list of 20, and then 25, and I said, only from that list.

Well, only from this list and the previous list will I pick.

Joe has to come up now with a list. He should come up with a list.

Otherwise, people can't vote for him.

But the reason he possibly won't is because he's going to come up with far

radical left judges. I mean, these will be people that are very, very far

to the left, that are, you know, revolutionary in a sense, I think, and

he's got to come up with them.

I don't know that they're going to allow, because they control him totally.

They control Joe Biden. He's not controlled -- he is not in control of

himself. He is controlled by the radical left, it's a very dangerous part

of our society, and he is totally controlled.

And he is not going to be able to name Democrats judges that are in the

middle someplace, or normalized, you know, people that are, like, normal

people. He will be forced to pick extremely radical left judges, and I

don't think you can get elected if you do that.

If you do what he has to do, which is name the judges that he's going to

pick, or the justices, soon to be, that he's going to pick, I don't think

it's -- I don't think he would be electable. So he's got a real problem.

HANNITY:  Let me go to the issue of national defense.

As president, the largest military buildup since the Reagan years, first

pay raise in many, many years for our military. You resolved the V.A.

hospital scandal that existed in the Biden-Obama years. You removed the

rules of engagement, which allowed you to beat the caliphate in Syria,

which Joe and Barack were not able to do.

You got Soleimani, Baghdadi, and associates. You got the al Qaeda leader in


And you're pulling America out of long, protracted wars by the use of

military technology. But the story is claiming that you disparaged fallen


TRUMP:  Yeah, it's a total lie. It's total disinformation. They put it out,

then they do commercials on it.

And to think that -- nobody that I know could have said those things,

looked down at soldiers that have been dead for decades and decades and

decades, real heroes. And they made it up. They made up the story.

We have 21 people -- I think you probably saw, much more than that if we

wanted to, because there were many people there, and the Secret Service

wouldn't let me take the trip because of the dangers of going through very

crowded parts of -- certain part of Europe, as you know, we're in Paris,

and they wouldn't let -- they said, we can't do it, because the helicopter

couldn't fly.

It was raining as hard as I've ever seen it rain. And it was foggy, so

foggy you couldn't see anything. It was serious Paris fog. And like you

couldn't see anything.

So I knew immediately you couldn't take the helicopter. The drive would

have been a very long one which I would have been -- I had nothing else to

do. I went there for that. In fact, the next day, I went to another

cemetery. And, by the way, it was pouring, but not nearly as hard, but it

was pouring and I made a speech in the rain.

No umbrellas, no anything. You know, they said -- it's just disinformation,

I didn't want to get my hair wet. I've had my hair wet plenty of times.

I've made plenty of speeches in the rain.

And if I wasn't -- if I didn't, you wouldn't be president right now, that I

can tell you.

So, it's disinformation. They made up a story about two disgusting words

that they say I said, and I didn't. And I have many witnesses -- we have 21

witnesses, they only have sources. Sources say.

There were no sources. They made it up. It's a bad guy. It's a bad, failing

magazine called "The Atlantic," and, of course, the media picks it up.

And then they do television commercials. We put them on notice: don't do

it, take it down.

And I've worked too hard on the military and making it really great again.

That's what we've done. We've rebuilt it.

It was totally depleted when I took over. It was depleted, it was tired, it

was exhausted from all of these endless wars where our soldiers are being

brought back, because I can't stand to see them coming back in shape (ph) -

- when they're not really fighting, they're really serving as police forces

over there. We're not fighting to win, and they haven't fought to win.

But I knocked out ISIS, killed Soleimani, killed al-Baghdadi, did things

that Obama can't even think about doing. When I took over, ISIS was all

over Syria, was all over Iraq. But I want to get out of there.

Now, we've done it. Let them protect themselves. And there's plenty of

countries over there that can do it.

HANNITY:  Let me ask you about the violence that has been going on well

over 100 days in American cities, New York, obviously, Chicago.

We have Portland. We have Seattle. We have Los Angeles. We had Kenosha.

Three cities that did request your help and assistance: D.C., Minnesota,

Kenosha. You were able to send in the Guard. They restored order.

You've been begging the De Blasios and Mayor Lightfoot, and Ted Wheeler,

and the governor of -- I'm sorry, the mayor of Seattle, pretty much begging

them to allow you to help them restore order.

Joe Biden had said at one point, police become the enemy, wants to

reallocate funds. Kamala Harris was for the reallocation, on defunding the

LAPD $150 million. You got a billion dollars now cut from the New York PD.

Why do you think that these mayors and governors steadfastly refuse your

offered assistance to restore order?

TRUMP:  Well, Kenosha is a great example. That was ready to burn down after

three nights. And we went in with the National Guard and just closed it

out. It took, like, so quick.

And Minneapolis is another example. That was burn -- the problem was it was

burning for two weeks before the National Guard came in. And once the

National Guard came in, it was over.

It took -- you saw it, 45 minutes to one hour, and it was all over. This

was going on for weeks.

And we would do the same thing -- we were ready to go into Seattle. They

took over 20 percent of the city, a big chunk in the middle of the city.

And they heard -- we told them we're coming in. And then, they sent their


And their police are fine. They're good, if they let them do what they are

supposed to be doing. But they don't do that.

These -- they are all Democrat-run cities. And they're not a well-run. And

they are very, very -- they become very unsafe, because the level is so

ridiculous. They do want to defund the police.

And I've never seen somebody that could change like Biden. Now, I don't

actually think he is aware of what he is even saying, to be honest with

you. But I've never seen anything like it, where he talks about defunding

the police or not doing much for the police, and then, all of a sudden, he

sees what is happening with his poll numbers, because as you see, we are

going way up.

I think we are leading in Florida. We're leading in Wisconsin. We're

leading in Pennsylvania. We're leading in North Carolina. I think we are

leading in New Hampshire. We are leading by a lot -- and we are really

leading by a lot in Ohio, I just saw a poll a little while ago. I think we

are leading all over the place, frankly.

But, you know, the fake news doesn't like to say that. I must tell you that

FOX is (ph) among the worst pollsters of all. I think they're terrible. I

don't know who at FOX is doing it. But they are terrible pollsters. And

they have been, frankly, even four years ago. That's probably the same

group. But they don't have a clue, your pollsters. You should talk to your

people about that.

HANNITY:  I actually like Matt Towery. He does -- he is separate and apart

for the FOX O&Os (ph). He's -- I've known him since Newt Gingrich's

Contract with America days.

TRUMP:  Yes, he is very good.

HANNITY:  I'm fond of him and John McLaughlin, and Scott Rasmussen.

TRUMP:  Right (ph).

HANNITY:  Let me ask you about some of Joe Biden's positions that have

changed. I mentioned he was against the travel ban, you know, a few months

later, oh, it was a great decision. He said numerous times in some of the

primary debates he was against all fracking.

A lot of denial on the issue of the violence and the rioting and the

anarchy in cities, at one point said, police become the enemy, reallocate

funds, et cetera. Now he is talking even about manufacturing jobs, when --

in his -- when he was vice president and Obama was president, they said

those jobs ain't coming back.

TRUMP:  That's Right.

HANNITY:  Why the flip-flops? Do you think America is going to buy it?


TRUMP:  Well, that's right. I've never seen anything quite like it,


HANNITY:  What's that?

TRUMP:  Sean, I've never seen anything quite like it. The travel ban, all

of a sudden, he denies that, thinks it's fine, thinks it was good. But how

about fracking? And you need that, it is basically your fossil fuels, your

energies. We would have to close many of the plants, a big percentage of

the plants in our country if we didn't do this.

We have these massive plants and they are not going to run by wind. And

they're not going to run by solar at this point, and maybe at no point. But

we have natural gas, which is really very environmentally friendly. We have

all sorts of things. We are the number one in the world now in energy.

We've done a great job with energy.

And you look at what you are paying, a price per gallon at your car, people

are saying it's unbelievable, they're paying less than $2 in many cases,

and going down, even. And they can't believe how well we have done. We

don't need to be in the Middle East other than for the protection of

Israel. There is no reason to be there from the standpoint of oil.

But we have allies, Saudi Arabia and others, that have been really spend a

lot of money here, and treat us well, and, you know, will take care of a

lot of our people. We have some very good allies over there. And Israel, of

course, we help Israel a lot.

We took out Soleimani. We took out -- a lot of problems, they were having

over there, or they would have without us. Without us, I don't think any of

them would survive for very long.

So but we don't need it for energy anymore. We are energy independent. It

is an incredible feeling. I guess it's the first time we have ever been, or

at least for many, many decades, energy independent.

And you look at the price of energy, if Biden ever got in -- he was talking

about no fracking, very strongly, and his super liberal running mate, who

is the most liberal person, more so than Bernie, rated the most liberal in

all of the Senate, Kamala, if you look at what she said about fracking,

there won't be any fossil fuels, there won't be any fracking.

And they are all disciples of AOC, and AOC plus three. And it is

ridiculous. But they constantly talk about no fracking. Then all of a

sudden, he sees his poll numbers going down, and he sees, you know, Texas

wants oil, I say, they are against guns. They are against oil.

And they are against religion. That doesn't do well in Texas or

Pennsylvania or North Carolina, or just about any other place that I can

think of.

And it's -- you know, it's incredible. But they will change in an instant

and pretend like nothing ever happened. They'll say, oh, no, I'm OK with

fracking. He said it the other day. Biden said it the other day. He said,

no, no, no, fracking is OK.

We are going to grandfather it. We are going to do something with it, but

fracking is OK. And yet he just ran for months and months of where he is

fighting fracking. And she -- I don't think she could possibly say it, she

has been fighting it for years. But the bottom line, they will go back to

where they come from.

Where they come from is no oil, no fracking, no drilling. Religion, look at

what they are doing to religion. They don't let your churches open. They

let a casino open. But they won't let your churches open. They will let

protesters protest in the streets without masks by the thousands. But they

won't let your churches open.

So there -- it's religion, it's oil, and it's guns. And those three items

alone, how can anybody even run? George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, as

a combo, as a combination, couldn't win. But this is what we're up against.

They change their view. But where they are going from, and where they are

going to is where they originally came from. And that is none of this

stuff, you are not going to frack, you are not going to have energy. And

our nation is going to have one of the best years it ever had next year.

Last year was the best year we've ever had. Next year is going to be

better. And this third quarter coming up, and the numbers are going to be

out before the -- before the election, those numbers are going to be

fantastic, you watch.

HANNITY:  Well, the numbers, we're at 8.4 percent unemployment. There were

some predictions early on, I didn't -- I did not think you'd see the jobs

come back as quickly as they did, to be -- be very frank, or the other


TRUMP:  Very rapid, record-setting. Record-setting, Sean.

HANNITY:  So but early voting has started. Before the first debate --

TRUMP:  Yes.

HANNITY:  -- which is scheduled for September 29th, early voting is now

going on in states around the country. You've talked a lot about that. Are

you preparing yet for your upcoming debates? And if so, how so?

TRUMP:  Well, a little bit, but what I'm concerned about are all these

ballots, because they are sending unsolicited ballots. It could be as many

as 80 million throughout the nation. And when you have small races, like a

congressional race in New York, with two people, where the ballots are a

mess and --

HANNITY:  Eighty-four thousand-plus.

TRUMP:  Yes, the ballots are missing, they are gone. There -- there has

been fraud. There has been deceit and deception. And this is just a small

congressional race --Carolyn Maloney, a small congressional race. And then

you look at New Jersey, what happened in Paterson, what happened in

Virginia, what happened in a most every place.

And these are small little races that are easy to -- you would think it

would be very easy, but it's terrible. And now, we are sending out 80

million ballots. And they are unsolicited. So when you send out an -- that

means people are going to get ballots that don't even know they are getting


And that takes the enthusiasm away a little bit, because we have this

massive -- the largest ever, they say, the difference in enthusiasm. But if

people are going to start walking up to your door and saying, do you want

to sign this? They'll say, I don't want to vote. Well, sign this. OK, I'll

sign it. There is no enthusiasm necessary there.

It's really a corrupt system. And you watch, they have a plan, and the plan

is not a good plan. They look to tie it all up, because they can't control

the ballots on a small congressional race and smaller races even than that.

And now you're going to control 80 million ballots? I don't think so.

HANNITY:  Well, Attorney General Barr has warned about it. The Heritage

Foundation has identified almost a thousand convictions on the issue of

voter fraud, almost 1,300 examples of voter fraud. You know, the election

is now -- anecdotally, there has been reports that maybe your campaign is

short on cash. I made some calls today. My sources say that is not the

case, that you haven't --


HANNITY:  -- a little shy of $300 million. But I was told by a friend in

Florida that Joe Biden has three to one ads running against yours. Is this

a strategy? You are waiting? Or is this something that you didn't want --

maybe you are just ramping up after Labor Day?

TRUMP:  So, four years ago, I won it in the last month. And we have about

three times more cash now than we had then. And that's without me putting

up any. If I needed extra, I'll put it up myself. I just -- I said that two

days ago. I said, if there's any necessary extra cash.

But we have a lot of money coming in and small donors. I haven't been heavy

on big donors, because I don't want to call them. You know, when you call

big donors (AUDIO GAP), in a very compromising (ph) position, when somebody

puts up a lot of money, you are in a compromised position. Whether you say

it, whether you don't say it, it doesn't matter. And what I like are the

small donors.

But, no, we have substantially more, two to three times more than we had

four years ago at this time. And four years ago, we won. But if we need it

anymore, if I saw that we were going to need more, I would put it up

myself, absolutely.

HANNITY:  Mr. President, we have an election in -- we have less than 20

seconds for you, an election in just 55 days. Twenty seconds, what this

means to you, this election, and what does it mean to the country?

TRUMP:  If and when we win, we are going to have the greatest economy in

the history of our country. It will be next year. And you will see numbers

like you have never seen, with tax cuts and regulation cuts, further,

already done the biggest tax cut in history. But we're going to do a great

job. And we're going to keep our military and our vets very, very happy.

HANNITY:  Mr. President, from the White House tonight, thank you so much

for joining us.

TRUMP:  Thank you very much.

HANNITY:  All right, that is unfortunately all the time we have left this

evening. Don't forget, "Live Free or Die: America and the World on the

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Let not your heart be troubled. Why? Because the news continues, and Laura

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