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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Welcome to this week's edition of "Media Mash." Tonight we are once again tackling the most outrageous examples of mainstream Obamamania media bias. And as usual, we have a lot of material to get through.

So let me bring in the president of the Media Research Center, the one and only Brent Bozell. Brent, welcome back.


HANNITY: All right. Matt Lauer has figured it all out. The oil spill, you know, the problem, blame it all on our appetite for oil.


MATT LAUER, CO-HOST: We're seeing the blame game, a lot of blame going around. We're seeing the villainization of the major corporation. We're seeing the limit of our technology played out in front of our eyes. But on that live camera right there we're seeing something else. We're seeing our appetite for oil.

And do you think at the end of all this, Americans are going to take away the proper message?

TOM BROKAW, FORMER NBC NEWS ANCHOR: I think that the oil blow-out is a metaphor for our times. It's complex. It's everything that we've been told turned out not to be true. And it really is a signal to the rest of us that we've got to do something about energy in the future or we're going to have these kinds of ecological disasters in waves coming year after year, decade after decade.


HANNITY: And I'd argue, Brent, that on that morning show there's an appetite for advancing the liberal environmental agenda. Your reaction?

BOZELL: No kidding.

Look — look, Tom Brokaw has been — has got too much time, free time in his retirement. He needs to get back to work somehow. There is no way he can be making the statement that these disasters will continue coming in waves, decades after decades.

No. 1, as awful as this disaster is, it 's the first in 30 years.

No. 2, we don't even know what caused it, so how can we say it's going to continue coming in waves after wave?

No. They've learned nothing from the climate-gate hysteria and the politics of hysteria from climate-gate, where they play with these facts and they put people in a panic. They don't want Americans drilling offshore, period.

HANNITY: All right. So we have the Elena Kagan confirmation hearings. ABC does a feature on her, and they talk only to her friends. No conservative critics allowed. Watch the piece.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She was intellectual, yes, but also full of personal charm, say colleagues, and a determination to be open-minded.

(voice-over) It's an institution usually resistant to change; some might say an immovable object. Until it was confronted with the irresistible force of Dean Elena Kagan.

Still, Iraq war veteran Kurt White says they were won over by Kagan's persistent outreach. Another example of her political skills.

It's an open nest to all voices that worry some liberals. But colleagues argue Kagan's style is just what the court needs.


HANNITY: The White House couldn't have put together a more appealing piece for Elena Kagan.

BOZELL: Sean — Sean, I don't think I've ever seen a more one-sided profile piece in my life.

First of all, six witness — six people profiled, character references, all six of them positive, in her court. Not one critic could be found by ABC who is critical of her. By the way, you know where they got this person, this Kurt White? You know where they found him?


BOZELL: Do you know where they found him?


BOZELL: He's on — he's on her witness list to give positive testimony for her.

HANNITY: Perfect person.

BOZELL: That's a lot of investigation.

HANNITY: Nothing about banning military recruiters, which she's most noted for, or the book ban that she supported.

BOZELL: Oh, no, the military...

HANNITY: The book ban is out. And the fact that she thinks it's acceptable for the government can tell us what vegetables to eat.

BOZELL: Two — to believe ABC is to believe that the military, who she kicked off campus, love her!

HANNITY: But they did focus on — I've got to give them credit on ABC. They did focus on Elena Kagan. Only the lighter moments at the hearing. Here's what they did.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE ON ABC'S "WORLD NEWS" ON JUNE 29: A confirmation hearing isn't usually a laughing matter. But if we learned one thing about Elena Kagan today, it's that she has a sense of humor.

JUJU CHANG, NEWS ANCHOR, ABC'S "GMA" ON JUNE 30: Kagan proved she has a lively sense of humor.

Excellent ad libs, but the real question, George and Elizabeth, is who's going to play her in the "SNL" skit?

ELIZABETH VARGAS, GUEST CO-HOST : It's ripe for it, isn't it? I don't think they could be as funny as Elena Kagan was.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, CO-HOST: If the Supreme Court thing doesn't work out she's got another career in stand-up.


HANNITY: Ah, she has a sense of humor. Forget about, you know, the substantive issues.

BOZELL: Therefore, we ought to name David Letterman to the Supreme Court. What...

HANNITY: I pick Jay Leno. Go ahead. I got Leno. Go ahead.

BOZELL: What a silly, silly analysis.

You know, but here's the reality. If you're a conservative, the more conservative you are, the more controversial you become. Clarence Thomas, Alito, Roberts, Judge Robert Bork. The more left-wing you are, and there is no question. But she's arguably just about the most left-wing jurist we've seen, about to sit on the Supreme Court. She has a sense of humor. She's a wonderful, you know, she's a knee-slapper.

HANNITY: Listen, four out of five journalists on the Chris Matthews show that think that Obama's leftist, liberal policies are going to be a positive thing, come November.


CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Another big feather in Barack Obama's cap. Wall Street reform, which brings us to our big question: Will the president's legislative success with the stimulus, with health care, with Wall Street reform, and maybe even an energy bill, be a net positive or negative for his party this fall? Dan Rather?





GLORIA BORGER: I'm with Dan, slight positive.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Positive. Takes away the Jimmy Carter ineffectual argument.

MATTHEWS: Wow, slight positive. Maybe just solid positive.


HANNITY: How about negative? How about disastrous poll numbers? How about disaster on the economy, on BP, on international affairs?

BOZELL: Sean, I figured it out. I figured it out.


BOZELL: They are all on Michael Steele's payroll.

Because only someone who's trying — I mean, as a conservative, I hope Obama pays attention to these people. Look at the numbers, 51 percent disapprove of health care, 53 disapprove of everything he's doing.

HANNITY: Brent, I've got to go.

BOZELL: Fifty six disapprove of his policies.

HANNITY: You're giving me a thrill up my leg. I got to run. Thank you for being with us.

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