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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Yesterday will go down in history as one of the most worthless days of the Obama presidency. Now forget the economy, the president was busy with very important matters like welcoming the WNBA champions in the White House. And after that it was off to New York City for an incredibly hitting interview -- no, not here at the Fox News Channel. Instead, "The Anointed One" yacked it up with the biggest liberal of late night none other than David Letterman. It's always nice to see our president sharing some laughs with a guy who once viciously attacked Governor Sarah Palin's teenage daughter.

Now after the late night taping, our class warfare president attended a really nice fundraiser, one of those famous luxury hotels, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Later, he visit a night club that's owned by Jay-Z for and only $40,000 -- for only $40000 you could have rubbed shoulders with the president and a rapper who has admitted to selling crack and shooting his own brother.

And all of that, sadly, is a day in the life of President Barack Obama.

Joining me now in studio with reaction, Democratic strategist, the author of "52 Reasons to Vote For Obama," Bernard Whitman, and from the Washington Times, Kerry Picket.

All right, so he goes on Letterman, let's just remind everybody -- remember, Sandra Fluke, highlighted at the DNC. He calls her, I'm so sorry that horrible things were said about you, but then he yucks it up with this guy.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One awkward moment in the game. Maybe you heard about it, saw it on the highlight reels. One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game, during the seventh inning her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.


HANNITY: Her teenage daughter knocked up by Alex Rodriguez? Now, Sandra Fluke was a big issue. So tell me that's not hypocrisy, Fluke versus Letterman.

BERNARD WHITMAN, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: No, it's not hypocrisy. David Letterman was making a joke. Rush Limbaugh was excoriating a young woman.

Look, the fact is Mitt Romney ought to send Barack Obama a thank you note because Mitt Romney had the worst possible day in the world the day before. The fact that Obama left him alone -- Romney lost the presidency the day before.

HANNITY: Excuse me. Is that hypocrisy?

KERRY PICKET, THE WASHINGTON TIMES: I think it's complete hypocrisy. Look, right now, we are looking at Barack Obama going into his campaign mode -- no, wait, he never went into campaign mode. He always was in campaign mode when he actually should have been governing.

Look, right now, we have the Middle East in complete shambles, thanks in part to Barack Obama's policy, and Paris is burning practically at this point because we are seeing with the bombings. And we are also seeing an economy in complete shambles. Barack Obama doesn't know how to essentially balance both his governing and campaigning.

HANNITY: This is a quiz. I don't need a long dissertation. Do you know what the national debt is now?

WHITMAN: Yes, it's about $15 trillion.

HANNITY: Wrong, 16.

WHITFMAN: I said about 15. Plus or minus from there.

HANNITY: Plus or minus a trillion. What's a trillion to our kids, no big deal. Do you know what it was when Obama took office?

WHITMAN: About 11.

HANNITY: Wrong, 10.

WHITMAN: Again, plus or minus. I'm pretty good at that.

PICKET: But you know what, at least he knows what the deficit was, Obama did not know.

HANNITY: Let's go to Letterman last night. Here's the president that gave us $6 trillion in new Obama debt, see how he answers this tough question that Letterman threw out.


DAVID LETTERMAN: Do you remember what the number was, $10 trillion?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I don't remember what the number was precisely.


HANNITY: Not precisely. Don't you think a president that's accumulating -- he said Bush was unpatriotic and irresponsible for $4 trillion in eight years. He's going to give us $6 --

WHITMAN: Sean, can we deal with some facts?

HANNITY: Can I ask you a question or are you going to just answer a question I didn't finish? He gave $6 trillion in four years. Bush is unpatriotic for $4 trillion in eight years. What's wrong with that?

WHITMAN: Let's deal with the truth. The truth is that spending under Ronald Reagan and George Bush grew at six times the rate that spending did under Barack Obama. You can hurl these assaults --

HANNITY: Hurl these assaults?


HANNITY: Right now has the deficit gone up?

WHITMAN: The deficit has gone up.

HANNITY: Five point five trillion -- can I ask a question?

WHITMAN: And job creation has also gone up.

HANNITY: Are you capable of listening? Is it up $5.5 trillion under Obama, yes or no.

WHITMAN: Approximately yes.

HANNITY: Did he promise -- hang on.

WHITMAN: And he created 4.6 million private sector jobs.

HANNITY: Did he promise he would cut the deficit in half, Mr. Talking Point?

WHITMAN: Yes, that's one of the few promises he actually hasn't delivered on. If you actually look, three of four promises that Barack Obama made

HANNITY: Are more Americans working --

WHITMAN: -- were delivered on in the last three and a half years.

HANNITY: Are there more Americans working or less since he took office?

WHITMAN: There are 4.6 new private sector jobs.

HANNITY: Stop with the talking points.

WHITMAN: It's not talking points, it's a fact! Factually has grown!

HANNITY: It's not the private sector. I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about the whole economy. Are there more or less Americans working since he took office?

PICKET: There are less Americans working at this point, unfortunately.

HANNITY: You notice these guys -- you are like a brain dead, lobotomized, walking, talking point zombie. Stop giving me your garbage!

WHITMAN: You know why you're so upset, Sean? Because Mitt Romney has turned into the American -- every time he opens his mouth --

HANNITY: Think for yourself, you regurgitate!

WHITMAN: -- he either insults the Americans, half the country, insults the Brits or he tells Iran that they should launch a dirty bomb.

I mean, this guy is not serious and he basically now has contributed to you losing the Senate, as well as the presidency. It's sort of shocking. I would be upset if I were you, too.

HANNITY: You have to stop lighting candles at the picture of Obama every night. I have to go.

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