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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Kristin Davis is perhaps best known for her career as the Manhattan Madam. Now, during that time she supplied New York notables such as Eliot Spitzer with high-priced prostitutes. But now, Davis is launching a career in politics. And she made the big announcement earlier today.


KRISTIN DAVIS, FORMER MANHATTAN MADAM: My name is Kristin Davis, and I am running for governor of New York. I'm the only candidate who's not part of the corrupt and dysfunctional system of New York state politics. Eliot Spitzer is symptomatic of the type of career politician who has brought this state to the brink of disaster.

My economic prescription for New York is simple. "P" squared. Prostitution and pot. Their taxation can bring New York the urgently needed revenues to ease the larger tax burden for New Yorkers.


HANNITY: Joining me now is the one and only Kristin Davis.

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All right. You go from madam to governor?

DAVIS: Sure.

HANNITY: It's a big leap.

DAVIS: World's oldest profession versus the second oldest. They are all doing it for money.

HANNITY: Now, you say about Eliot Spitzer — how long were you providing hookers for him?

DAVIS: Five years as both attorney general and...

HANNITY: How often did he do it? A lot?

DAVIS: Weekly.

HANNITY: Weekly?

And right. So you said — you say he's symptomatic of the problem in politics, right?

DAVIS: Of course, everyone is dirty; no one is looking out for the people.

HANNITY: But you're helping him be corrupt. Helping him be dishonest. You're helping him cheat against his wife.

DAVIS: With no demand there would be no supply, simple economics.

HANNITY: All right. Fair point, and I'll grant you, I blame him more than I blame you. But if you weren't out there offering the girls, he wouldn't — he's stuck.

DAVIS: He would find another way to do it. There's going to be girls in every country that are offering services.

HANNITY: But you're justifying the fact. If he's the problem and you're helping him with his problem. If you are helping him with his problem, you are part of the problem.

DAVIS: I wouldn't agree with that.

HANNITY: O f course, how can you not agree? It's one plus one equals two.

DAVIS: If it's not me someone else will —

HANNITY: Two plus two — five plus four equals nine — client number nine.

All right. So come on. This is a joke. You really don't want to be governor. Are you trying — is this a publicity thing? What are you doing?

DAVIS: No, it is not a joke. It's not a hoax. I'm completely dedicated. I've hired a top political strategist.


DAVIS: Roger Stone.

HANNITY: Ye is, yes.

DAVIS: And you know, we're well on our way to putting together a very comprehensive campaign.

HANNITY: You think you can manage the nearly bankrupt state of New York?

DAVIS: I think the better question is how can I do any worse than the clowns we have in — upstate now?

HANNITY: It's a good — I'm not going to — I can't disagree too much with that.

DAVIS: Budgetary gap... property taxes... obviously the crooked politicians —

HANNITY: You want to cut taxes?

DAVIS: Of course.

HANNITY: I support you there. Across the board everybody?

DAVIS: Across the board.

HANNITY: And rein in government spending.

DAVIS: Sure, most definitely.

HANNITY: I'll support you there.

DAVIS: I have no special interest that I'm held accountable to, so —

HANNITY: You want to legalize gambling, prostitution?

DAVIS: Marijuana. Between prostitution and marijuana —

HANNITY: Why not crack cocaine? You're a libertarian. Why not crack?

DAVIS: Obviously, something that's victimless is a little bit different. Crack cocaine produces a —

HANNITY: How about heroin?

DAVIS: No. Not that either.

HANNITY: So only — only marijuana.

DAVIS: Only marijuana, prostitution. They would bring in about $3 billion in new revenues to the state.

HANNITY: And so you want to turn — this is a moral question for me. Did you ever have any moral compunctions about — about bringing — supplying married men with hookers? Did you ever think that you had a role to play in that?

DAVIS: You know, I think that it is a personal choice.

HANNITY: No, no, no, you're ducking my question. Here it is. You know in the case of Eliot Spitzer he's married. You're supplying him hookers. You know he's cheating on his wife. You know he's being unfaithful. Did you ever think, "I don't want to help somebody do that?"

DAVIS: I didn't know who Eliot Spitzer was until much later. Most of the men who come to us I don't know their marital status.

HANNITY: You know a lot of them were married, though.

DAVIS: There are some that were married, of course.

HANNITY: And what about these young girls like, you know, Ashley Dupre, for example. I mean, look, she's a young girl, good looking girl. She's ruing her life, sleeping...

DAVIS: She comes from a — she's not ruining her life. It was a conscious decision that she made. She came from an affluent family despite what everyone else says.

HANNITY: Would you want your daughter to be a hooker?

DAVIS: If it was her choice.


DAVIS: If it was her choice.

HANNITY: Wait a minute. I want my daughter to be a doctor, lawyer, hooker. OK, come on! You're not being honest.

DAVIS: Kids are going to do what they're going to do, regardless of what their parents think. If you say, "I don't want you to do it," that's what they're probably going to do.

HANNITY: Would you want your daughter to be a hooker? The answer is no! Be honest!

DAVIS: I wouldn't want my daughter to be a hooker.

HANNITY: Thank you, why?

DAVIS: But it is her choice. It is her body and her choice.

HANNITY: Why. Why wouldn't you — I got into choice. Why wouldn't you want that for your daughter?

DAVIS: Because I would want her to be — to save yourself.

HANNITY: A doctor, lawyer.

DAVIS: ... to save herself for someone that she felt was special for. But it would be her choice. I am not in control of her body, much like the government is not in control of women's bodies, and they shouldn't be.

HANNITY: All right, good luck. I hate to tell you, you're not going to win. You know that?

DAVIS: It's a long shot. But you know, a certain number of votes really sends a message to the career politicians. Doesn't it?

HANNITY: That's true.

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