Gutfeld: Who still admires WikiLeaks?

The latest WikiLeaks dump features CIA Director John Brennan's address, passport number, his wife's Social Security number, address, phone number, the addresses of his family and in-laws, too. This is heroic stuff, Wiki, bravo. Now terrorists know where someone's granny lives.

So who still admires this stuff? The same people who booed the hacking of Sony or their starlets? It's that old hypocrisy: The Hollywood left thinks subversion is cool, unless of course, they're the target.

Meanwhile, the media also loves this. Such treasonous appreciation comes from an idiotic view of national security. That the CIA is the real evil and that America has no right to protect itself from those who wish to destroy it. Because after all, we are evil. With that mentality, the end justifies the means. So why not expose a man's most private information?

But making the CIA vulnerable puts all of us at risk. So perhaps it's time now to redefine what an "enemy combatant" is in the cyber-age. Because WikiLeaks doesn't do this to corrupt countries or jihadists, it's as if they're waging cyber warfare only on us. How odd that those who claim to champion rights to privacy now cheer those who assault it. Perhaps it's time to hack the hackers and the hackers' backers.

How do we do that? Well, our leaders and journalists must admit that cyber- attacks are, indeed, attacks, not expressions of freedom. The attack on Brennan was an attack on us, and it wasn't China who did it but the heroes of modern media. May their Social Security numbers run wild.