Gutfeld: What did Obama and Trump really talk about?

This morning, two old rivals met. I heard it went well.

But you have to wonder: What did they really talk about? Did the president say, "Dude, Obamacare: It's the only thing with my name on it. Please don't." And did President-elect Trump respond, "Only if you show me your birth certificate."

Now, yesterday Mr. Obama described the transition as a handoff in a relay race. So what's he really handing off? A country diminished abroad and divided within, plagued with internal tensions and anxiety about the future. He's handing President-elect Trump a 240-year-old fixer-upper.

It's OK, though. The good news: the new guy has help. The House. The Senate. Governors. Legislatures. And he has the American people, who elected him.

Yet last night we saw anti-Trump demonstrators protesting a fair election. Wouldn't it be nice if they protested the dozen countries that kill gays or beat women and not a democratically held election? Every immigrant in America who escaped real conflict laughs at these preening twerps. I'll bet my weight in Doritos that not one of these phonies protest places where people die trying to vote.

You're upset. Do you expect us to cancel the election because you're sad? OK, you win! Call up Hillary!

Sorry, it's too late.

Bottom line: President Obama and President-elect Trump got along. It might not have been easy, but it beats crying like a bunch of spoiled -- and soiled -- brats.