Gutfeld: We must embrace the tools to engage our new enemy

Researchers now claim ISIS is using Twitter to recruit Americans. Roughly 250 have taken the bait so far. The catch includes teenage girls, college kids, an Army vet, a dog named Jasper.

But it's no longer the world, you see. It's actually us. Through a combination of ideology and technology, terror has grown a new face. Evil needs no air force to cause mass death. All it needs is a drone, a man and anthrax. It's not a palindrome, but the plan.

Which is why Rubio has it over Cruz on surveillance and Donald Trump agrees, saying that "when the world would like to destroy us as quickly as possible, I err on the side of security." It's true.

But again, it's not just the world. Today killers are often homegrown. They are the new needles. And to spot a needle, you need tools to sift through the haystack. Sadly, that's miscast as infringing on privacy, a mistake born from a zero-sum fallacy regarding freedom and security.

We have freedom because of security: the Second Amendment, our military, rule of law, even the luck of our oceans around us provide us with security that has their own benefits and limits to our freedoms. The oceans make it tough for ISIS to get here, but I also can't drive to England.

The new reality is we aren't dealing with China, North Korea or old-school USSR. Mutually assured destruction mattered to them. But to a suicide cult, they're dying for it. Until we embrace the tools to engage the new enemy, we will die with them.