Gutfeld: Was the Fresno attack terror or a hate crime?

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So the A.P. reports that the Fresno feind who shot and killed three white men yesterday didn't yell "Allahu Akbar" during the attack. It was "God is great" in Arabic.

Thanks for the clarification.

The Fresno police say it is a hate crime, not terror because he killed over skin color, not religion. Even though the killer repeated what many terrorists have said before. So once again, we find ourselves obsessed not with saying the right thing, but the correct thing. And we've become a prisoner of two choices: either he is a terrorist or a crazed murderer.

Surprise, he can be both.

Kori Ali Muhammad posted racist videos, wrote about "white devils," but his updates included the phrase Allahu Akbar which he shouted after the murders. So maybe he is a racist and a terrorist just like Dylann Roof. As terror breaks apart into tiny little piece, attracting idle men roaming the streets filled with vendettas, any path for vindictive rage works.

Is it surprising there is a nexus between Islamic radicalism and race hate? Both feast on the worst human impulse: and that's envy. The killer was also seriously mentally ill, yet he lived on the streets. That's the third leg to this deadly stool. Modern bureaucrats obsessed with words but refuse to forcefully treat the unstable because, of course, it is a violation of their rights. So our streets become the Serengeti for the deranged.

As the media spent the last decade painting law enforcement or racism as the big problem, we must now investigate terror in all 50 states. Better late than never.