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GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: Take your wind if you had any. Clap you idiots. Clap like you've never clapped before. Happy Monday. Oh, it's a glorious Monday. What a joy. If you haven't been murdered yet, by a nutbag. It's true. We have an epidemic of crazy people, What we used to call the criminally deranged or The View's audience. But they're everywhere. On the streets, on the subway, one is sitting to my right.

But they're also in our city halls, our governments, in our district attorney's offices, from New York to Chicago to L.A. to Baltimore. And they're spreading faster than Omircon. It's not funny anymore. On Saturday morning, a maniac waited as a train entered the Time Square subway station before he happily pushed an Asian woman to her death. Michelle Alyssa Go aged 40 was murdered that morning.

The killer stuck his tongue out at the police, like a third grader out the window of a school bus. The perfect metaphor for bail reform or any other garbage that passes the social justice reform. But if you dare ask, why was he out on the street? You probably racist or worse a Republican.

Meanwhile, this pump just murdered a teenager allegedly in a Bronx Burger King. It's his idea of having it his way under the new attorney general. Here he is shouting about reparations and slavery.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Where's our reparations for four hundred years of (BLEEP) slavery. (BLEEP) you all, America is going to be burn.


GUTFELD: Hell, he sounds like every Democrat member of Congress when they're on Twitter. And if you disagree with him, well, you're probably racist too. Meanwhile, on the opposite coast, the UCLA grad student was fatally stabbed by -- you guessed it, a deranged creep. Brianna Kupfer, aged 24 was alone working when a man believed to be homeless, knifed to death. Why was he out on the streets with a knife?

That's probably your fault because you just don't care enough. There's also Sandra Shells, a hardworking nurse who died after being attacked by a homeless man near the L.A. Union Station. He's probably just down on his luck. Then there's George Gascon. The city's woke D.A. who says he doesn't want to send another deranged maniac. A 26-year-old transgender woman to jail for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl over fears that the deviant will be attacked.

Oh yes, God forbid a guard uses the wrong pronoun. Gascon recommends home confinement for the perv because D.A. is trans. Cool, George. How does the guest bedroom in your house sound you (BLEEP) clown. But if you agree with me, I bet that makes you transphobic. I got to hand it to the deviant. They're grifting the grift. Meaning they see how to exploit the woke and sanity with the help of progressive lawyers.

They are woke to the woke if you will. By the way, can we stop calling these people woke? They're as woke as the statues they love to tear down. Meanwhile, those woke prosecutors may not be criminally deranged, but they're racking up impressive numbers that would make any Batman villain envious. The only thing that separates them from the psychos they're setting free is a trip to the men's warehouse and at that (INAUDIBLE)

With a Joker has nothing on Larry Krasner. Under that fool, Philly has gone from a low of 248 murders in 2014 to 562 killings in 2020. A new all-time record. If only the Eagles offense could put up those kind of numbers yesterday. Like I have watched the game. The victims of this violence are almost entirely non-whites living in the poorest parts of the city. But if you plead for solutions, you'd probably be called a racist.

Because lots of those killers are also black. How the KKK couldn't ask for a better solution, do nothing. Meanwhile, Chicago under Kim Fox is seen more than 800 homicides in 2021. Levels not seen since the 80s crack at 90s, crack at epidemic. The Good News, Fox has saved the city a few billion dollars by not prosecuting homicides. So you go girl. And if you don't like what she's doing, well, then you're probably racist and misogynist.

But of course there's the hostage crisis at the synagogue in Texas where an anti-semitic theme took a rabbi among others hostage in order to free a terrorist. Initially the FBI said this attack wasn't related to the Jewish community. Probably they were waiting to pin it on a white supremacist.


DANA NESSEL, MICHIGAN ATTORNEY GENERAL: We have seen an incredible rise in rhetoric that is anti-semitic being trafficked all around the country because we were seeing an exponential rise in hate crimes and an exponential rise in the formation and the membership of these extremist organizations, many of which are white supremacy organizations.


GUTFELD: Way to jump the gun, you jackass. Of course, even mentioning the maniac's religion makes you Islamophobic. And we don't want to make the squad cry again. I just hope the hostage situation will keep the Biden administration from going after those domestic terrorists attending school board meetings or voting rights acts.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Dial defend the right to vote. Our democracy against all enemies. Foreign and yes, domestic.


GUTFELD: Yes, domestic. What a great time to be alive. If you're criminally deranged, because you got us. You paralyzed our weak leaders with the fear of being smeared as racist, or worse a Republican if they try to fix anything. So they now accept the idea that random crazies can murder innocent people, especially on the streets where homelessness is the go-to choice by unhinged people.

And an unhinged person will likely commit unhinged activity. No one in power makes this connection. The person who chooses to live crazily is more likely to do crazy things. Fish swim in water, bears roam the woods and the criminally deranged wander the streets punching Asian women. And thanks to progressive D.A.s it'll happen again. Another student murdered, another Asian woman killed.

And why is it always Asians? I'm thinking these street thugs aren't doing it in retaliation for the Wuhan lab leak. That when I was a kid, I saw movies like The Warriors, Death Wish, Sudden Impact, gangs roamed and committed inexplicable violence. How quaint does that see now? Because even in those movies, we at least admitted criminal behavior was evil. And it was the good cop against the evil criminals.

The lines were clearly drawn. But in our world today, it's good cop versus criminals and also versus the corrupt justice system, which is scarier than all the Halloween movies combined.


GUTFELD: Let's welcome tonight's guests. He's a monocle away from being the actual monopoly guy. Host of "KUDLOW" on Fox Business and former director of the National Economic Council, that great Larry Kudlow. She's never let a defendant take the fifth of her vodka. "OUTNUMBERED" co-host Emily Compagno. And his beard has antibodies against just for men, writer and comedian, Joe DeVito. And Janice Dean mistakes are for a wintry mix because she's a white mess on the ground. Fox News Contributor Kat Timpf.

All right, Emily. Welcome to the show.


GUTFELD: Maybe on Soul Train later?

COMPAGNO: Oh, I like my outfit.

GUTFELD: I do like it too. I do like it too but it's a, you know, it's a retro jumpsuit kind of thing. I was complimenting you. Don't get me in trouble with H.R., Emily. All right. Here's the thing that I've noticed that there are no more sane criminals. Like anytime something happens where somebody is murdered, they will -- OK, even including the transgendered, the male to female trans, there's -- thing, he's develop mentally disabled.

It's almost like these progressive D.A.s are building a force field around people that are arrested. Oh, they're insane. They're mentally ill. Clearly some of them are. But every one of them?

COMPAGNO: They are creating the most vulnerable victims to be the ones that are the defendants. They are creating -- they're putting them into such a tiny box that then we have to protect them. Let's talk about this crime explosion for a second. So law enforcement last year solved more homicides than they had in five years. But because the homicide rate had skyrocketed, the clearance rate actually declined.

And the issue -- people are dabbling in shoving people off the subway platform into the tracks. It is the same people that are committing the same crime over and over and over again. It is a recidivist rate. So even before COVID, two-thirds of every violent offender that had served time were rearrested for another violent felony within five years. Now, there is no deterrent consequences, whatsoever.

That pool has brought in so much. Let's take your girl Hannah, you know what she did? It says assault in the bathroom. She took the 10-year-old by the throat, she shoved her into the stall, locked her in and then shoved her hand down her pants and groped her. She was also arrested for in other states battery, drug abuses, other offenses violating parole and the like throughout the country.

And this is the kind of person that Gascon wants to protect. You want to protect someone in prison, you put them in the SHU. The Specialty Housing Unit -- the Solitary Housing Unit. There are ways in prison via the Department of Corrections to keep someone safe, right? Unless you're Whitey Bulger but otherwise, guess what, I don't give (BLEEP)

GUTFELD: She's trans. She has to stay home because she's trans. And I wonder -- God, what a great scam. By the way to your point about the -- about the redivifism or recidivism, you know, I don't like saying that word recidivism because it's hard. But you're one of -- one of our staffers actually recognized the subway pusher because he'd been pleasuring himself often on the street. And this is something that is regular.

If somebody is masturbating publicly on the street, chances are he's mentally ill and should probably be behind bars for other things. But I, you know, that was just an interesting fact that now I can't get out of my head. Larry, how are you?

LARRY KUDLOW, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK ANCHOR: You weren't referring to the CNN legal analyst?


GUTFELD: Nicely done.

KUDLOW: Just checked in. Just checked in.

GUTFELD: Yes. Very good. What do we do? Oh, by the way, isn't it weird how we can't deduce that somebody who lives on the street might be inclined to violence? Like we can't even say -- like, the -- if there's a large group of people on the street, chances are they're willing to take other risks. Right?

KUDLOW: Yes. I -- they're probably more rational than anyone wants to believe. I'm not an expert.

GUTFELD: I -- yes.

KUDLOW: Here's what I know. No bail, no jail. This is what you get. OK? People have mail problems. Fine. Deal with them, but they should be done. So while they're under incarceration.


KUDLOW: I'm sorry. You don't let them out on the street. You've had this wave of lawlessness. It started I don't know, a couple of years ago, Joe Biden's America seems to be characterized by it. Nobody wants to put anybody in jail. Everybody's got a reason. A liberal left-wing reason. I'm sorry. Folks want to be safe. OK? Even legal analysts at the other network want to be safe.


KUDLOW: And the fact remains, put them in jail. Look, what's going on here in New York City with this guy? Half of his staff just walked out.


KUDLOW: OK? They just left because they're prosecutors. That could be Democrats. They could be Republicans. They could be progressives. I don't know who they are.


KUDLOW: They are beliefs -- they believe in law enforcement. So they hear his stick, and they just up and leave. The guy in Los Angeles as a joke.


KUDLOW: People in -- what is it 15 major cities across the country with record homicide rates. Now, are they crazy? They may be crazy, but they should be crazy and jail. I'm sorry. That's where they belong.

GUTFELD: Exactly. You know, Joe, I -- the one thing that's harming this is the idea of context. You -- when you hear about a crime, well, you're missing the context. This person has been in and out of institutions, this person had to -- no, no, no,. Just need a variable victim? Perp, sure.

JOE DEVITO, COMEDIAN: Sure. Yes. Well, you know, people seem to be forgetting you could be mentally ill and (BLEEP)


DEVITO: But you're not. Mutually exclusive. things


DEVITO: One of the things I think that we're not hearing about enough is that these violent people on the street, most of their victims are other street people who are very vulnerable, because of their addictions and mental illness and all that.

GUTFELD: Good point.

DEVITO: But we're in this weird situation where we have society split into another -- two groups. Well, three groups, actually. You have people at the top who make laws, but don't obey them. You have the elites. At the very bottom, you have a lawless class that's causing all this trouble. They're chaotic, they're dysfunctional, but no one arrests them, no one keeps them in jail. There's no incentive to not commit a crime.

And in between you have everyone else like us who's getting squeezed.


DEVITO: Because you call the cops, you might get arrested.


DEVITO: It's very easy to come up to that family that their kids mask is slid down in a restaurant and sick the cops on them. That's an easy case that appeals to the people on top, but to go and say, where's the guy who's going around harassing people on the subway? They don't want to do that.

GUTFELD: The same day, the same day that the subway push happened, I guess, was an arrested Applebee's for a protest and anti-vax protesters, something like that. That's what we're doing. Kat, this weekend. You spent quite a long time with the mayor.

KAT TIMPF, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I talked to the mayor for like a minute at a comedy show.

GUTFELD: Yes. But he came over, he recognized. Which means he watches this show, which means you could be watching right now. And we asked his -- him to be honest on this show, Kat. And his staff said he was too busy but not busy enough to go (INAUDIBLE) well, you know what? This isn't funny anymore. Am I yelling? You could just turn me down or turn me up. Kat, what say you? How was your relationship with the mayor going to help this?

TIMPF: Well, given my very, very close relationship that I now have with the mayor, I'd say not quite best friends, but almost there.


TIMPF: Very impactful but I'm going to have a huge influence here.

GUTFELD: You should be his Miranda.

TIMPF: Oh, jeez. Look, I just don't see why this is controversial. I think this would be -- if I were mayor, which I'm sure I will be someday.


TIMPF: Especially now that I have my mentor Eric Adams who I spent so much time with and talk to for so long.


TIMPF: This shouldn't be controversial of all the things that, you know, stand on the side of. I feel like violent criminals is an easy one to be like, no.


TIMPF: Let's pick something else. I want to do away with almost every law but I do draw the line like rape, murder. Those sorts of things, those should be illegal. I don't get -- I feel like no matter what you believe in all of us I feel like it's pretty important to us to get, you know. not get murdered.

GUTFELD: Yes. How does Cam feel about your relationship with the mayor? Your husband.

TIMPF: He was getting -- look, I mean, he was getting a little nervous just because we were connecting on such a deep level.

GUTFELD: Yes. Exactly. It was weird like a --- it was at a comedy club. It's super loud and it's packed but there were you two just like our eyes intentions.


TIMPF: A lot can happen in one minute.

GUTFELD: Yes. It was eye lock -- eye lock itself. It was just insane. And I thought maybe you and him together could solve this problem.

TIMPF: Oh, one minute is the first the beginning of very many to come.

GUTFELD: There you go. All right. Up next. Zacky defends a Joe with a laughable claim as Maxine fans the racist flames.


GUTFELD: Americans turned sour on Joe as his numbers hit a new low. A CBS News poll, aren't they all? Shows that half of respondents are frustrated or disappointed with Biden's presidency. 40 percent said he makes them feel nervous, probably because he's standing behind them. And nearly 75 percent felt America was doing somewhat or very badly in a general sense. This as Biden backtracks after a hateful speech last Tuesday.

The unifier and chief blasted opponents of voters rights laws, comparing them to real racists like George Wallace, Bullock Connor and Jefferson Davis. If that statement were any more inflammatory, it could light one of Swalwell's farts. But no surprise when Biden offense Psaki weekly defense. In fact, he was not even comparing them as humans.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What happened to the guy who -- when he was elected said, to make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy.

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I think everybody listening to that speech, who's speaking on the level, as my mother would say, would note that he was not comparing them as humans.


GUTFELD: Ah. She even makes her own mother sound like an idiot. Psaki added Biden was simply comparing their actions to white supremacists, so that makes it totally OK, no one should be offended at all. No, you're not Hitler. You just act like him. It's my wife says. And so Jen sounds like a complete moron. No offense, Jen, you're -- you aren't a moron. You You're just acting like one.

But calling people racist can get contagious. The Dems are even doing it now to themselves. Here's Maxine on Sinema and Manchin.


REP. MAXINE WATERS (D-CA): They have sent this signal. They have been very clear about it. They don't care about minorities, they don't care about blacks. They don't care whether or not they undermine the rights of minorities and blacks in this country.


GUTFELD: Wow. Calling Democrats racist too is the most bipartisan things she has ever done. Meanwhile, over at sex offender news, one nutbag says the press is just too hard on Joe.


JOE LOCKHART, FORMER CLINTON WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I think the press is failing. They're treating them unfairly for we've kind of returned to the snarky attitude that we saw with Trump and in some respects to Obama.


GUTFELD: Oh. Now, that's what I call a walking head injury. Mr. President, what do you make of that?


TOM SHILLUE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Look, look, the press is getting snarky. I don't like it. They're snarky. They're snarky. They're full of malarkey. Like I promised, you know, malarkey. I kept my promise. I mean, what are you so disappointed with? Well, there's more COVID under me than the last guy? All right. But there's no malarkey. You don't see hospitals filled up with malarkey patients, do you. No.

And oh, the shelves are empty the shelf. The shelves were mostly malarkey. Before Joe go in there yet did one thing and it was all malarkey. Now, you read it out in 10 minutes. Somebody better thank me and fast.


GUTFELD: That might be the -- that might be the best, Larry. Do you think the press is treating Joe unfairly? Do you know Joe Lockhart? He seems like there's a screw loose.

KUDLOW: Oh, which one? I don't know which because those -- look, none of this is really working for Biden.


KUDLOW: He established that.


KUDLOW: The agenda has gone down the hill. And his presidency looks to be over. And I just wanted to read a little poem for you.


KUDLOW: From my political mentor, Roy Orbison.

GUTFELD: Oh, absolutely.

KUDLOW: OK? Will you buy into this? Your baby doesn't want you anymore. It's over. It breaks your heart and to know she's been untrue. But oh, what will you do when she says to you, there's someone knew, we're through, we're through. It's over. That's the Joe Biden story as far as I'm concerned.

GUTFELD: I'm going to look forward you doing some Slayer later.


KUDLOW: I save the fray all week. Thank you so much.

GUTFELD: You know what's funny, though, Joe? Is that the press isn't that bad on Joe.


GUTFELD: And so it's has it -- this has now just become kind of a cultural thing. Everybody knows. Joe is done, but it's not coming from Fox. It's like -- it's, you know, we know -- we know the audience we get. This is outside that realm.

DEVITO: For sure. His declining numbers there. Just like a CNN producer heading for the teens.


DEVITO: By the way, Larry, you just plus the show $60,000 --


GUTFELD: That's right.

DEVITO: I do that.

KUDLOW: Oh my God. I didn't even think about that.


DEVITO: I have to bleep out the whole thing just in case (INAUDIBLE)

GUTFELD: It's like -- it's like singing Happy Birthday. Somebody owns it.

DEVITO: Oh. That's public domain now, so we'll just dub you singing happy birthday. Yes. The idea that -- the idea that they're somehow being mean to Joe Biden they had T.V. shows dedicated to making fun of Bush and Trump. They had actual television comedy. Well, allegedly comedy programs.

GUTFELD: That's so true.

DEVITO: That made fun of them. So it is interesting to see on the Democratic hierarchy of victimhood that Sinema not too long ago they were celebrating her as the first openly bisexual senator. And I remember seeing someone tweeting that out when she was getting sworn in saying, look at the look on Pence's face, you know, it's killing him. And of course, Pence's face with the same boring, no expression that he always has.

So it shows you that -- I can't get enough of this infighting. Because if everything is white supremacy, everyone's guilty of it. Even women, bisexuals, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, everybody, everybody joined the white supremacy part.

GUTFELD: Yes, it's so easy to get in now.

TIMPF: -- she said he's not comparing them as humans. He's comparing the choice. Like that doesn't make sense.


TIMPF: Doesn't makes sense at all. But it doesn't have to make sense. If you've been looking at like Kyrsten Sinema, she said, hey, filibuster, you know, it's the party that has less power they want to do away with it. It's important to have this check on power (INAUDIBLE) it was like a logical, well-reasoned argument. But how much harder is that than to just say, well, you're a racist and then everyone else says, yes, you sure are.

Like, I kind of, you know, if you can do that and get paid for it, and that's sufficient. I guess I understand the temptation, except for the fact that it's, you know, a horrible thing to do and tearing the country apart.

GUTFELD: Yes, you could be -- you could probably get six figures as a staff writer for Joy Reid though.

TIMPF: Just racist.

GUTFELD: Just racist.

TIMPF: That's it.

GUTFELD: That's all you have to say. You know, Emily, five years ago, I coined a phrase, you could catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Got very popular. Why hasn't the Biden administration figured that out? Instead, they call everybody racist. And instead of like, trying to win them over with ideas and persuasion.

COMPAGNO: They're so mean.


COMPAGNO: To everyone.

GUTFELD: The mean girl administration.

COMPAGNO: Literally, it's like Heather's. Every time Jen Psaki (INAUDIBLE) she's like, did you have brain tumor for breakfast? Like for Peter Doocy, he's like no, I'm actually asking about policy here. And she's like, according to my mom on the level like somebody tell her that's not OK. Literally just trying to get an answer and she's always like, really Peter? Shut up. But then remember we have this week James Carville came out and said the Democrats (INAUDIBLE) just a bunch of whiners.


COMPAGNO: Absolutely. And look at Lockhart, he literally said in that interview, he said, we should have gotten dividends for returning truth and decency to the White House. Meaning that everybody should have given Biden a softball more than the unicorns and kittens already are because he restored truth and decency. Last time I checked it, we have zero transparency.

KUDLOW: It's over.

COMPAGNO: Happy Birthday.

KUDLOW: It's over.

GUTFELD: Happy birthday, Larry.

KUDLOW: All I can say --

GUTFELD: We're going to have to look that up.

DEVITO: Yes, yes. That's what got him fired from Chili's.

COMPAGNO: Wrong tune.

GUTFELD: All right. Up next, China wins the gold medal for the lying, spying and influence they peddle.


GUTFELD: With the Olympic Games weeks away, should we go or should we stay? The Beijing Winter Olympics are in three weeks, that's 21 days, Kat. And China is reporting its highest number of COVID cases ever. I'm sure those numbers are as honest as Brian Stelter's food diary. You're more likely to get accurate information from a fortune cookie than the Chinese government, a racist would say, Emily.

As Omicron sweeps through the country, China's cancelled domestic ticket sales and upheld their ban on international fans attending. They've also banned delivery from the Wuhan wet market for orders under $5.00. China maintains a strict zero COVID case policy, so for the game, some 20 million people are said to be in tightly controlled lockdowns, not including the kids hard at work making Nikes. God bless them.

Several clips have gone viral, claiming to show the vast temporary quarantine camps set up by the government to battle Omicron. Meanwhile, Team USA is wanting its athletes to use burner phones over fears of cyber surveillance from the Chinese government. Or they can use pagers like E.R. doctors or Kat's shrink. Canada has also warned its delegation about protecting their laptops, what's known in America as the Toobin protocol, and capping it all off. On a recent podcast, and the owner of the Golden State Warriors -- I guess that's a basketball team -- had the guts or the idiocy to say out loud with the NBA really thinks when it comes to the Uighur genocide.


CHAMATH PALIHAPITIYA, GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS, CO-OWNER: Nobody cares about what's happening to the Uighurs, OK? You, you bring it up because you really care --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What? What do you mean nobody cares?

PALIHAPITIYA: And I think that's nice that you care -- rest of us don't care. I'm just telling you a very hard. I'm telling you a very hard ugly truth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, wait, you're saying you personally don't care?

PALIHAPITIYA: Of all the things that I care about, yes, it is below my line.


GUTFELD: That guy gets the gold medal for honesty. Look at your face, Emily.


GUTFELD: You should be but I'm not going to go to you yet, because you already went first last time and I like to do it out of order. Kat.


GUTFELD: How are you?

TIMPF: I'm great.

GUTFELD: Why should we -- what do we get out of going to China? Why should we do this? Just to satisfy a few thousand athletes' dreams? I have dreams to.


GUTFELD: I want to be five-nine. It's not happening.

TIMPF: They have so much to gain, that's the thing. It's going to be like this huge, you know, propaganda victory that athletes do go. And also, yes, a lot of people have athlete dreams. What about my athletes? What about all other athlete dreams?

GUTFELD: You never played a sport.

TIMPF: Never. Well, I tried but not well.

GUTFELD: Yes. I would give money if anybody has that on film.

TIMPF: They do. I mean, when I played soccer, my parents used to pay me every time I kicked the ball. I kept running away from it. So, I didn't make that much money. But, you know, again, I understand it's like this huge thing. You work really hard. You can make to the Olympics, like that's like the thing you want to do. But there is this trade off where you're providing this amazing propaganda opportunity for China to just continue to do this, you know, horrific human, human rights abuse that they've been doing.

GUTFELD: Absolutely -- and that's the point Emily, is like, you know, I get it, you spent your whole life practicing one skill. A lot of us do that and don't get nothing out of it, if you know what I mean. But what I'm saying is why is that more important than what China is? China? China -- fentanyl poisoning, pandemic, bad lawn furniture, why are we rewarding them?


GUTFELD: Yes. Cheap, bad lawn furniture.

COMPAGNO: I mean, yes to all of that. And that's exactly the argument why everyone is saying, why are we having it, right? That's why we have a diplomatic boycott, but that's it. But this unfortunately, I think that this, this is a little too little too late, like people from here have been screaming their objections for quite some time only recently hasn't started to swell. And obviously, it's too late. No Toobin jokes. I just want to say one more thing.


COMPAGNO: To your fentanyl point. So, China just recently had in Beijing, their first case of Omicron, right? They've locked down significant portions of it. And they allege that it came through the mail from Canada, to which I say, you're welcome.


COMPAGNO: You're welcome. Because every year, I've heard the DEA, they send all the fentanyl, they are the primary source of fentanyl in this country, both in general and through using international mail. So, now you know what it's like to get something (BLEEP) in the mail. That's how we feel every day.

GUTFELD: Yes. I hate it when I get something (BLEEP) in the mail, Joe, unless I ordered it.

JOE DEVITO, COMEDIAN: -- to your postman about that.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes. Well, I get it from Germany. So, it's high quality (BLEEP). What are your thoughts? Should we pull out of the Olympics?

DEVITO: Well, I think China made a mistake. I didn't like the slogan they chose which was COVID-19, welcome home. But we've, we've boycotted Olympics before. We boycotted the Moscow Olympics in 1980. And China has nowhere near as sophisticated a doping program as the Soviet.


DEVITO: So, the Winter Olympics. I don't like them. Most of the sports are pretty much, get down the mountain without dying.


COMPAGNO: Figure skating, Joe?

DEVITO: Yes, I know figure skating. The only thing we talk about is a woman getting in the leg with a pipe from 27 years.

GUTFELD: It's true. No one does care.

COMP: So, I think we should consider it because what it does is it legitimizes you know, this regime is pretty awful. Man, do they like anything better than building some camps to put people in?

GUTFELD: I know, that should be an Olympic event, Larry, how to build a camp. Build your fastest camp. Everybody is there. I won't say the other countries because I don't want to get anybody mad. It was a long time ago. But anyway --

KUDLOW: I think, I think we should kick Chinese while we're going there.

COMPAGNO: Yes, Larry.

KUDLOW: Just kicked some Chinese butt, they're not that good at it. What do China know about ice hockey and skating? What do they know about anything? It's a genocidal Olympics. That's what Pompeo called it.


KUDLOW: And that we should keep that going. And we should boost the American athletes. And by the way, one thing it does bother me. If history gives teach us anything, they are liable to bomb and or invade Taiwan.


KUDLOW: Right after the "success" of these Winter Olympics from China. So, let's just root for our kids. And then let's just try to put America first for a change and be tough with China. Which the Biden's don't do, because it's over?

GUTFELD: Don't start singing -- here it goes, he's singing it again. All right. Still no accountability for the pandemic. It's amazing.


GUTFELD: Coming up TikTok stars are making bank and they have your kids to thank.


GUTFELD: They got rich and famous from the app, because it lets them sell other teens' crap, and now they're richer than CEOs and that CE-blows. The Wall Street Journal owned by our parent company, Twinkies, points out that some of TikTok's biggest stars make more money than you and some CEOs. So, now, you can feel like a loser at your high school reunion and their high school graduation.

The top earner 17-year-old, Charlie d'Amelio, made $17 million last year from a clothing line and selling products on the app. She has more than 130 million followers and earn more than the median CEO salary of 13 million. Although to be fair, half of the teen's followers were producers at CNN. Her much older spinster sister, 20-year-old, Vixie, is TikTok's second highest earner raking in $10 million in 2021. But earn it while you can, Dixie, you old bag.

Her success like your sister's due to the legions of young fans who will gladly buy whatever they're hawking. To make you feel even worse, seven of the TikTok's top earners -- say that fast -- made $55 million last year. That's almost what I make in a month. So, what's the moral of the story? Get up off your butt, download TikTok, dance around make millions. It's not just for young people anymore.


DEVITO: When do I ask for the money? The money? When does -- I think it's on? Hey, everybody, it's Joe DeVito and I'm here to show you that you can make a lot of money on TikTok even if you're a grown adult like me. So the technologies that -- because you said you're going to be helpful in what you're being is not helpful because these filters are out, it's doing it's doing that thing again. Can -- no, no, it's not it's not funny because it looks like there's something wrong with me and I don't --


GUTFELD: I don't think you're going to make any money, Joe, what do you think?

DEVITO: I'm still waiting for those MySpace checks to come.

GUTFELD: Oh, I have great stories.

DEVITO: It is -- it's really sad but I, it makes me almost look forward to the impending collapse of our financial system if it just shuts down all these people because we're wasting time with this and it's setting the stage for the invasion. Canada has been waiting 200 years, and we're going to see Trudeau is going to come right and right into Washington and he's going to be on an elephant wearing his Arabian nights makeup and we're going to have nothing to say about it.

GUTFELD: Oh, God --

DEVITO: Nobody to blame.

GUTFELD: Larry, you are the businessman here. We should be saluting these millionaire talk, TikTokers right?

KUDLOW: Yes, how much I love rich people. And I hope to make everybody rich, even TikTokers. But I got to tell you, I'm not all that impressed. Because I know that Nancy Pelosi, this is according to important Web sites, Nancy Pelosi, invested $55 million of the year ending in October and had a 69 percent rate of return, which is higher than anything Bernie made off ever made. And she did it without any inside information whatsoever.

GUTFELD: Damn. That is some investment.

KUDLOW: I mean, she put in 50 million, she got 69 percent return, better than made off and she never had any insider information, what so ever.

GUTFELD: No, not even from her son. That's amazing. Emily, are you at TikTok.

COMPAGNO: No, you know why? Oh my God, I hate this so much. Because first of all, it's we're talking about the Chinese government.

GUTFELD: Yes, they own it.

COMP: Yes. Secondly, I'm not 12. I don't want to dance shame. But watching that makes me feel like a pedophile. It's disgusting. And they're horrible; it literally suck and they're making millions over it?

KUDLOW: Even if you got rich, you wouldn't dance a little?

GUTFELD: But no, but she's making --

COMPAGNO: How much are you paying? I didn't mean that. Sorry, go ahead.

GUTFELD: No, you're making a great point.

COMPAGNO: I know. And the CEO that analyze everything, said that the reason that their fans are so rabid is because these people share, share things. They said more than Hollywood celebs, for example, are more private that they draw in these obsessive fans who will then buy whatever they're selling because they share things like breakups and triumph.

GUTFELD: Right. I do that here on the show. It works for me all the time.

COMPAGNO: But they're 12.

GUTFELD: I know. And I'm only 40. Kat, Emily's point that maybe the people that are watching this are perverts, old perverts. Could that be --

COMPAGNO: Or 12 --


TIMPF: Yes, I think that that could be absolutely. I mean, I'm sure a pervert would absolutely watch that.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes.

TIMPF: I mean, I don't know.

GUTFELD: Like a Devito.

TIMPF: Right?


TIMPF: I saw his Instagram discover page all teens. Crazy. But Emily, I just like you said that she sucks which is very bold because she's a child. And I think you're not supposed to say that about kids. But I'll just say, so I will say --

GUTFELD: No, she's not, she's old.

TIMPF: She's 17.

GUTFELD: That's old.

TIMPF: So, I'll say, I am so proud of her success. As a woman --

GUTFELD: Yes, very good, you go girl.

TIMPF: It is very inspiring to see another young woman.


TIMPF: Earn this -- what a girl boss, right? She's a girl boss. I may not make as much money as you, but you know, am I happy? Also, no. But I'm happy for you, Charlie.

KUDLOW: This is female entrepreneurship.

TIMPF: Maybe she'll me some money.

KUDLOW: This is capitalism.

DEVITO: Greg, I think they call that a collab.

TIMPF: Yes, I will totally do a collab.

GUTFELD: All right, I'm going to throw up.

TIMPF: Me too.

GUTFELD: Up next, if you have a death wish for eating too much raw fish?


GUTFELD: She ate so much at the buffet, she was at the E.R. the next day. Yes, she ate too much rice and then paid the price. 24-year-old woman, aren't they all? In California wanted to get the most bang for the 50 bucks he spent in an all you can eat sushi buffet, which is disgusting. She forced herself to eat 32 rolls for a guy owes his two jalapeno poppers as well as miso soup. Who gets that all you can eat? What a waste and edamame, of course, because all you can eat, right? That's something you rarely hear of, a young California woman eating.

The next morning, she woke up with such terrible stomach pains that she went to the hospital where doctors diagnosed her with acid reflux. The hospital replied, we'll change your diagnosis to COVID. They discharged her after a few hours but she says it took two -- it took days for her to fully recover. That's also what people say after they see Joe DeVito do stand-up. One reason for that. The woman says she still plans eat sushi in the future and sushi says it still plans on giving her acid reflux. All right, Emily, should she sue the restaurant?

COMPAGNO: No, you guys, this is like the culminating topic of our whole night here's why. Number one this is another example of why 24 is the new 10.


COMPAGNO: What a dumbass. When I was 24, I wasn't like let me eat 30 rolls of sushi for 50 bucks. Just shut up and eat what you're given. Secondly, acid reflux? Like, welcome to be in your 40s. I literally have what's that stuff --


COMPAGNO: Every day.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes, I do a little.

COMPAGNO: But I drink that with a white -- thank you. No, the other one. Whatever.

KUDLOW: Purple pill.

COMPAGNO: In our first aid kits with the blue --

GUTFELD: God, we're all disgusted.

COMPAGNO: Anyway, whatever. And then, also, finally you guys --


COMPAGNO: Her dumbass TikTok video garnered 11.3 million views, so literally, she is the next those two sisters we put up earlier.

GUTFELD: Yes. Kat, all you can eat sushi sounds really stupid. Like it's not, it's like what you -- that's what whales do. Right?

COMPAGNO: (INAUDIBLE) that's what it is.

TIMPF: Yes. I agree. No, look, it's disgusting. It's really gross. She's obviously a gross person. Like, and then like, she's also (BLEEP), she's like, I went over my boyfriend's place and like it just cheap, gross, disgusting, gross person. That's her idea of fun. But again, like you said she could be rich now.


TIMPF: But then, that's even worse. Because like, you know, people like our famous like being party girls doing drugs. She's famous for overeating. She's going to have to do this every day and be miserable, but she'll be rich and miserable.

GUTFELD: Yes. Oh, isn't that awesome? Larry, businessman, does the all you can eat -- what's the secret to the all you can eat buffet? How do they make their money?

KUDLOW: Look, Joe Biden's inflationary America --


KUDLOW: For 50 bucks, and you'll only have one roll? You'll never get 50 rolls. So, I don't know where this comes from. Plus, shelves are going to be empty anyway. So, you'll be all out of it. So, it isn't really that much fun. What were you asking me --

GUTFELD: Oh, I just wanted to know, well, Joe, you eat.


GUTFELD: What's the scam behind all you can eat buffets?

DEVITO: I know you have to be careful because some of the sushi is dangerous especially there's the most dangerous roll of all is the maki roll. Do we have a picture of the maki roll?

KUDLOW: No, I don't.

DEVITO: Yes, the most deadly of all. Here here's my advice to that young lady when you go to an all you eat all you can eat sushi place, don't, don't behave like you're in attraction at SeaWorld.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly.

DEVITO: Have a couple of pieces. And in Kat, you're right, it's discussing, she goes to a boyfriend's place, lucky guy.


DEVITO: He should break up with her or enter in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

GUTFELD: I hope they had separate bathrooms.

KUDLOW: It's over. It's over.

GUTFELD: That's disgusting. It probably stunk up the place.

TIMPF: It's rude. It's rude. What a cruel thing to do.

GUTFELD: Imagine that kind of poop with like (INAUDIBLE) of fish in it. Oh, geez, Louise -- I hope he has one of those, what's called that you put in Febreeze? You need a gallon of Febreeze. Can you get all you can eat Febreeze? Can you get all you can eat --

DEVITO: Greg, you're saying everything wrong.

GUTFELD: Damn it. All right. We'll be right back.


GUTFELD: We're out of time. Thanks to Larry Kudlow, Emily Compagno, Joe DeVito, Kat Timpf. "FOX NEWS @ NIGHT" with evil Shannon Bream is next.

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