Gutfeld: Violence is the loser's way of winning

May Day -- which is short for "may I spend the day panhandling and stolen underwear" -- ended with violent rioting in Portland, Oregon. Yeah, Portland. The city that last week canceled a local parade because violent threats were made by lefties. So as speeches in parades disappear because the left promises violence, days later, leftists still violently run rampant.

The lesson: Once the threat of violence can suppress speech then actual violence can replace it.

There were 25 arrests of anarchists starting fires, destroying property, throwing homemade bombs at cops. Anarchists? Is that what we call them? What a fake word, it's just shorthand for want to be terrorist. They are ISIS without the goats.

Before Bob's head implodes, I know this scam doesn't reflect the whole left. But ask yourself this: Has a Republican ever been busted for rioting on May Day? Has a conservative ever been arrested for looting on May Day? Has a libertarian Costco manager with two kids ever been jailed for torching a car?

No, it's only a certain type from a certain side.

Maybe it's time we ditch the notion that there is some purpose behind this. Rioting isn't done to make any point, it's something a coward can brag about the next day to his friends or to pick up the girl with a nose ring at Hot Topic.

Violence is the loser's way of winning and as long as cities like Portland view this as some romantic aberration, they will continue being a sanctuary city for jackasses who need a bath.