Gutfeld: Unpopular and safe trumps admired and dead

A big time drug dealer just commuted by President Obama crashed his car into another driver while fleeing a drug deal involving a kilo of coke. I know. What did you expect? Obama commutes 1,700 thugs so there are bound to be a few bad eggs, right? It's the same logic behind the Gitmo release. Sure, some will return to try to kill you, but at least we're doing the right thing.

It's worth a few bad guys getting through if you could demonstrate your moral superiority over jerks who favor radical notions like enhanced security, longer jail sentences and real borders. The left favors feel-good sentiment over safety where it eases liberal guilt. It's the exact opposite of a border, a travel ban, a new prison. It's a child's view versus an adult's.

If America wasn't so lucky to have a moat of oceans around it, these infants would turn the country into a porous hellhole. It'd be like Somalia: totally open, totally deadly. It's something that adults understand however. Restrictions enhance freedom, security maintains rights.

But for liberals, restrictions are mean and they can't bear being seen as mean. But the right doesn't mind being hated. It means we plugged some holes. We get it: A locked door is exclusionary and how dare your safety take priority over progressive emotions. But adults accept being unpopular and safe. It beats being admired and dead.

And remember how the left always champions safe sex? What's the key to safe sex? Protection. Extreme vetting is terror control for a careful nation -- an IUD for IEDs. It's a catastrophe condom, one that should always be on our nation's back pocket.