Gutfeld: Tarantino living in a fantasy world of policing

Director Quentin Tarantino graced an anti-police protest in New York just days after our own Randolph Holder was killed by the kind of dirt bag Tarantino usually embraces in his flicks.


QUENTIN TARANTINO, FILM DIRECTOR:  I'm a human being with a conscience, and when I see murder, I cannot stand by, and I have to call the murdered the murdered, and I have to call the murderers the murderers.


What an ass.

Once again, we see marches against cops, but rarely for, and led by pop culture parrots who make millions off violence.  For it's easy to glam up thuggery in the fantasy land when the violence can't touch you and when cops in real life protect you.

Driving through one protest, I must say there's nothing like seeing white leftists shouting at black cops.  There's the racial divide Tarantino must ignore so his false assumptions remain intact.

New York's a minority force, manned by blacks, Latinos, gays. Holder was from Guyana.  But in Quentin's world, they're all just white bigots who torture blacks in basements, just like in "Pulp Fiction."

See, Quentin is just a film nerd who wants the left to love him.  So he cultivates this outsider thing, but he knows absolutely nothing about crime.  His movies are comic books from the Fifties.

Remember "Reservoir Dogs," that long scene where the cop gets mutilated to the sounds of Stealer's Wheel?  To Quentin that's cool.  To a cop, it's torture porn.

The police union urges a film boycott, but in this era of sanctuary cities, why not invite Quentin to set up a police-free community, where people like him can live and work without the benefit of cops. Carve out a small corner of Chicago where we can then place bets.  In that cop-free world, will it be Quentin's film or himself that gets shot first?