Gutfeld: Safe spaces make life more dangerous

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Ann Coulter's Berkeley speech has been canceled because she could not be protected. Interesting. You have to wonder, if it were a radical liberal, would there have been an issue? It's only when you question leftist dogma that the dogs come out. Call it a victory for the Sharia snowflakes on campus because even cancelling as a safety precaution, still blocking free speech. Fear, won. And fear of what, exactly?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE BERKELEY PROTESTER: I am here to protest this administration. All the lies. Things that they're hiding. We feel like if he releases his tax documents, we'll be able to find reasons -- we have reasons to believe there's collusion with foreign states. The chicken mask is because Donald Trump is afraid to show his taxes. He's being a chicken.


It's a good look.

So, let's assess the safety argument. They can't protect the right but have no problem protecting the left. Imagine calling 911 and the operator says "Someone's on their way, unless you voted Trump." But the concern for violence is actually pretty real. The modern progressive movement believes that dissenting language is objectionable which then removes the brakes between anger and violence.

Consider this simple equation: You stub your toe. What do you do? Generally, you swear. But imagine if you couldn't swear? Then, what would you do? You pound the table, you punch the wall. That is what happens when language is cut out from the equation. You have violence.

Language turned apes like us into civil creatures. And the regressive left has us reverting to cavemen by caving in to enforce silence. It's not going to last. The campus left now faces an opposition once stuck on message boards, cable news and talk radio. The new right is coming and not to sing folk songs.

I blame it on safe spaces. By silencing speech, the new left makes life more dangerous by leaving violence as the only option. Maybe that's what they want.