Gutfeld: Road to Armageddon paved with political correctness

So Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, told Congressman Michael McCaul that ISIS is now using the refugee stream to come here. Which is odd, since the White House dismissed such claims, but what else is new?

The White House is now no different than the neighbor who is suspected terror but didn't report it out of fear of looking racist. Since the DOJ thinks name-calling is worse than terror, can you blame them?

Pair that with our secretary of stone, John Kerry, a man whose stiff face makes the Burger King mascot seem relaxed, tweeting pictures of him and some actor in Paris just days -- days -- after a terror attack. I call him a tool, but that's wrong because tools are useful.

Add a media and celebrity cesspool cheering gun confiscation and you've got a raging case of terror denial. So why the need to shift attention from terror to all of that?

The war on terror becomes an immigration or gun debate, because within those realms we are the ones at fault. It's the escape hatch from casting moral judgment on our enemies, because if it's about them and not us, then all that academic brainwash was a waste.

But we don't have to talk about terrorists any more. We can just kill them. Good PR fuels recruitment, inflating prowess without proof of battle. So it's time to shut up and shoot. One humiliating defeat for ISIS and the bandwagon loses bandwidth.

After all, the road to Armageddon is paved with political correctness, and the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. I think Trump said that.