Gutfeld: Overreaction to President Trump's executive actions

Donald Trump is moving ahead with so many executive orders it is making protesters' heads explode like spoiled melons.

So what's freaking them out? Is it the moratorium which is meant to figure out how to ferret out the fanatics from the friendly? Is it enhanced border security? Is it the removal of criminal aliens? Is it the ending of sanctuary cities? Is it hiring more ICE and border agents or giving more aid to crime victims?

I ask you, how are those impositions on our citizens? They aren't. But, gang crime in sanctuary cities, that's an imposition. Muslim terrorists infiltrating countries among migrants to butcher innocents and end civilization, I call that an imposition. But do those bother the protesters?

They claim to support women and gays, but do they protest when women and gays are killed in Muslim countries? In New York last night, they protested over Muslim rights, but who victimizes Muslims most? Muslim countries. CAIR, the Muslim group, claims Muslims are being targeted here, but doing so, don't they conflate the terrorists with the peaceful Muslims? And now, they target a man, Donald Trump, who identifies the evil by name, rather than targeting the evil itself. The protest mottos are resist and desist. The target is Trump. Not the target: Enforced clothing on women? The death penalty for adultery and homosexuality? Beating women for driving? Female circumcision? Honor killings?

I guess coming out against actual evil takes guts.