Gutfeld on the upcoming North Korea summit

Recently, CNN asked, with all the good news, why aren't people smiling? It's like the local skunk wondering why everything around him stinks. Their cluelessness results from a complete denial of how Donald Trump works, fueled by a confirmation bias that seeks only to prove their negative point.

Take North Korea. Just months ago, it was nuclear war.


WOLF BLITZER, CNN: Trump's fury. The president is warning he'll respond to North Korea talks with a fire and power that the world has never seen. Will the war of words escalate into an actual nuclear war?

JEFFREY TOOBIN, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: What he actually said is if there's going to be more threats, not an attack, but more threats from North Korea, we're going to see in effect a nuclear war.

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, MSNBC: The president of the United States today threatened nuclear war.


That did not age well, nor should it. We can't let the press forget it either, especially as Trump heads historic meeting with an unpredictable man with a strange haircut. But enough about Rodman. Rocket Man, months ago, he was Dr. Evil, and now he's at the table. It reminds me of a sitcom from the '90s.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: So, we'll see what happens.

We'll see what happens.

Let's see what happens.

We'll see what happens.

So, we'll see what happens.

We'll see what happens.


Now, before you say Kim wins by inclusion, isn't that how diplomacy works? You know, meet with the guy, talk to him? It's funny, dialogue used to be the left's safe word. We're always being told we need a national conversation about stuff. So here's an international conversation. Yet, the same dopes who condemn Trump's fire and fury now chide the opposite. Maybe if Trump says he's dialoguing with Kim, CNN can avoid another crying jag.

The good news we've gone from fretting over war to debating the hotel bill. How can the press miss this? Well, they hate the guy, Trump, that is. They're so married to safe, predictable politicians whose main risk involves choosing the red tie for the fundraiser. Trump runs circles around them because in his world, he has to. I've said it before: Kim may be a dictator, but Trump is a developer from Queens. I'm not sure what's scarier.