Yesterday, CNN once again became that nosy, detestable neighbor Gladys from "Bewitched," who gins up phony concern only to spread malicious gossip about the first lady's whereabouts.

Check out this tweet from our nation's hall monitor Brian Stelter: "If any first lady disappeared, you'd want to know where she is."

See what he did there? To justify the odious premise, he first had to create the premise, if any first lady disappeared. And so begins a Trojan horse for a ghoulish game all to push a phony CNN segment. See, instead of saying is Melania missing? They pitched their segment as how the media is covering Melania's absence. So, they're covering how they're covering it. I guess we should cover how they're covering how they're covering it:


BRIAN STELTER, CNN: One thing the president -- the White House has been quite quiet about is Melania Trump and her status. We did see her tweet the other day. But the first time we caught a glimpse of her -- the last time we caught a glimpse of her was on May 10th.

DAVID ZURAWIK, BALTIMORE SUN: I wonder if somebody is guiding that kind of tweet from her. That doesn't seem like her, at least the image she's had in her engagement with the press.

LYNN SWEET, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: If the first lady or the person who is standing in for the first lady disappears, you want to know where she is.



They even had a chart. How sophisticated. And so, the speculation fueled endless guessing games on Twitter. The pleasure many found in hoping something was wrong with the first lady and then cloaking it at some kind of concern, dwarfs any of the jokes with the C-word.

CNN, Huffington, Newsweek -- Trump has deranged these ghouls to a point that they barely have any humanity left. Just when you think you hit the bottom of the cesspool, more cesspool. Some even suggested that Trump beat Melania.

Trapped in their own prison of pain since 2016, their misery only seeks company. I swear, Jeff Zucker must be spinning in his grave, if he wasn't alive and well, or is he? Has anyone seen him? See what I did there?