Gutfeld on the Flight 93 mindset

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On every September 11th, I'm reminded that Flight 93 was the bravest act I've ever seen. But it's more than that, it's a lesson that teaches you how to deal with all challenges. How does an amazing selfless act 16 years ago help you now? Well, what if you thought about their heroic response to terror in times when you are experiencing hardship?

Look, I'm not saying that foiling a hijacking and saving thousands of lives, maybe even the president's, is like breaking a leg or getting food poisoning. But that's the point. It relegates all challenges to their appropriate place in the universe and then, on top of it, it gives you a model response for all of them: Let's roll. It's the perfect mindset against fear and pain and it works anywhere.

It is a fact: You can't hold more than one thought in your head. Go ahead, try to pay attention to two thoughts right now. You can't do it. When you are faced with a stressful event, we fill our heads with just one thing and that's fear. It's in charge. But it shouldn't be. They should.

So when you are faced with something daunting, what if you simply thought about the passengers of Flight 93? Don't rely on yourself for inspiration, go to them. Thinking like 93, obliterates the prison of your ego. You get over yourself.

So, 9/11 isn't about never forgetting, it's about using it to forget yourself. Turning their powerful act into a powerful tool to grab when times are tough for you. Let the souls of Flight 93 help you. Their assistance is eternal, their gift to you. Lord knows we could use it.