Gutfeld on the decimation of ISIS and Monday's terror attack

As ISIS is being routed, I have one question: Are you surprised? We knew when we eased the rules of engagement and let our men fight, the war would be swift and brutal. We knew once the decision was made to win, we would. It's an obvious truth ignored by the smarter, more enlightened class.

Yet, amidst this good news that we've beaten ISIS, a man sets off a bomb in the name of ISIS. Was he working with others? Who knows? Are we lucky it went the way it did? Hell yes.

This is a lucky reminder that winning the war on ISIS isn't enough because the war is bigger than that. As long as there is an ideology, a technology and a loser seeking infamy that combines both, life itself is a target. It's a mistake to see the death of ISIS as a period at the end of a very ugly sentence, because once we killed a zombie, it returns in a different form. Even when we succeed in Iraq and they fail in the subway, ideology -- the zombie fuel -- persists. To ever ease up even a moment is idiotic. We keep being told however not to change our way of life.


GOV. ANDREW CUOMO, D-N.Y.: Let's go back to work. We're not going to allow them to disrupt us. That's exactly what they want. And that is exactly what they're not going to get.


OK, don't change your way of life, we get it. But change your way of thinking. Try this mind exercise: Imagine if today's attack was more sophisticated that it combines something more capable to something more insidious, a drone, a deadly biological substance, imagine that devastation. We often only imagine things until after they happen, but I don't. I'm hopelessly neurotic. I worry so you don't have to. But you should.