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TOM SHILLUE, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: Hello. I'm Tom Shillue. Greg is dead. Set against hosting tonight. That's OK. No, he's fine. He's just taking a night off. But you love his guest host Tom Shillue. Right, audience?



SHILLUE: I know. It sounds kind of thing. So he took his audience with him too. But we got a good crew here and we're going to have a good time. So, on to the monologue.

So, the Omicron variant sweeps across America and the world. And the data that's being collected about its severity is very encouraging. According to The New York Post, the early real world data, which is expected to be released before Christmas, found that Omicron is likely to bring on a mild illness with less serious symptoms in most people.

It's a Festivus miracle, people. And a South African study, the only kind I read, suggests lower risk of hospitalization with Omicron versus Delta. Omicron is milder than Delta, a leaked U.K. government study finds.

Well, this is welcome news to calm the frayed nerves of the American people. Right, mainstream media?


JIM SCIUTTO, ANCHOR, CNN: Health experts are warning the country could be in for a grim beginning to the new year because COVID cases are on the rise.

JOHN HEILEMANN, NATIONAL AFFAIRS ANALYST, MSNBC: The virus is running rampant throughout the psyches of the American public and on the ground in certain places. Thanks to the incredibly infectious and rapidly proliferating Omicron variant.

WOLF BLITZER, ANCHOR, CNN: We begin this hour with very, very disturbing coronavirus news. It's breaking news. The fast spreading Omicron variant now, now is dominant here in the United States.


SHILLUE: Now. no, its dominant now. OK. I guess -- I guess we're still going to have the fear merchants they continue spewing the only thing they know. Panic porn for their addicted and shrinking audience. But while the bad news junkies get their fix of fear, what do the rest of us do?

And by rest, I don't mean just Republicans or red states or MAGA country. I mean, the growing number of average Americans who are waking up to reality.

They're going out to stores, to restaurants, visiting with friends, or as the fear mongers would say, committing mass murder. So, let me get on my soapbox for a minute and say my fellow Americans, the end is near. End of the world? No.

Hopefully the end of hysteria and fear. Messages of sanity are popping up in the most unlikely of places. Writing in the Atlantic, Yascha Mounk, who I assume is a member of the media elite. I mean, he is a professor who speaks four languages. He says, "Omicron is the beginning of the end."

"Whatever damage Omicron might wreak in the immediate future, we will most likely soon lead lives that look a lot more like they did in the spring of 2019 than in the spring of 2020."

Now, this is in The Atlantic, guys. If they were any further left, they'd be an oncoming traffic. So, why is that encouraging? Because their readers need to hear it.

They need to hear it more than anyone else. They've been basting in their juices of their own hysteria for two years. Also, recently in The Atlantic, Matthew Walther writes, "where I live, nobody cares about COVID," which is fair. Where I live, nobody cares about The Atlantic.

He says, everyone he knows is going on about their lives. Ignoring all of the dire warnings and restrictions coming from public health officials. "Many, if not most Americans are leading their lives as if COVID is over, and they have been for a long time."

And I wholeheartedly agree. The question is, what to do? Just go on living our lives and letting there be two Americas? One sane and one insane? That didn't work for Korea.

Governor Ron DeSantis is fond of calling his state the free state of Florida, while blue states continue crackdown and shut down.

While seeing more coronavirus then a wet market full of pangolins. I should have said a Wuhan lab because that's the kind of guy I am. OK. Take a look at this picture. I snapped this at a movie theater couple of weeks ago.

This was the opening weekend of a big Hollywood blockbuster. They really ruined the world we live in. Didn't they? People are either still terrified, or they're forgotten what living a normal life is like.

And there are real consequences to this. Look, I'm not harmed by having a theater all to myself. But there are jobs, livelihoods, and lives that have been lost because of these interventions. They all did more harm than good.

So, I don't want to just ignore the problem. I want to do something about it. But I don't want to scream and stomp my feet and engage in the kind of hysterical behavior that's happening on the other side.

What to do? Mock them. We have to relentlessly make fun of these people. The ones in power, not the scared woman driving along with a mask on her face. It's the only way out and ridicule works. It's why Jimmy Fallon no longer works for Chippendales.

Greg Gutfeld, the king of late night has shown us the way. The so-called experts have ruined the world. They now must be lampooned.

Anthony Fauci just told us to disinvite unvaccinated family members from Christmas dinner. He's a fool. Don't get mad at him, laugh at him. It takes away his power, which we should have never given him in the first place.

Dr. Kevorkian cured more patients than Fauci ever did. And his cure lasted longer. So, thank you, Greg. Let the force continue and long may you rain. And I'm not just saying that because you let me sit on your diminutive throne for the evening.

ANNOUNCER: Semicolon!

SHILLUE: Let's welcome tonight's guests. She's so southern, her pronouns are he and ha. Fox Business Anchor Dagen McDowell.

Named blogger of the Year by CPAC and logger of the year by chainsaw ladies magazine. editor and Fox News Contributor Katie Pavlich.

Every Christmas he gets a Mercedes with only a bow on it. That was more risky than I intended. American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp.


SHILLUE: He is the biggest comedian from sea to shining sea. And by that, I mean the Long Island Sound to a random puddle in Queens. "FOX ACROSS AMERICA" host, Jimmy Failla.




FAILLA: So, what do you think? I think that was a brilliant monologue. And I'm wondering, Katie, I mean, are there two Americas? And the whole question is, do we just ignore and go about our business or do we protest? Do we yell? Do we scream? Or do we laugh?

KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR (on camera): I think you can laugh and protest all at the same time. There are two Americas. The people in Washington, D.C. want there to be two Americas are happy with dividing people.

Anthony Fauci telling you to disinvite your unvaccinated family members, not to mention maybe they have some health problems. Maybe they have natural immunity, maybe they just don't need whatever he's selling.

And he's putting a wedge between you and your family, because he wants you to rely on him more than you rely on your grandparents or your cousin, for example. There are two Americas. The rest of the country moved on a year and a half ago, once they really started to know because it's unlike D.C., the rest of the country can look at data and discern the difference between a one size fits all approach which has destroyed the country and look at that and say, look, am I at risk?

Am I a risk factor? If I am going to take more precautions, if I'm not, I'm going to go live about my life. And this idea that we're now othering people that the president is saying that, you know, the unvaccinated class.

If that language had been used in a different country three years ago, the state department would have condemned it as leading to something more problematic, right?

And so, you know, we have to reject this. And how do you protest? Well, maybe if your city is implementing a vaccine card for a restaurant, maybe you just inconvenience you don't go to a restaurant for a year. You know, that -- that's the kind of thing that people have to do before these people stop. Because if you don't do anything and you just talk about it, then they're never going to stop.

SHILLUE: I was at a restaurant the other day, and I won't say where it is because they might have been breaking some kind of New York rule. But none of the waitresses had masks on. And I said, will you tell your manager that I appreciate that you're not.


SHILLUE: Because I do not like being -- I don't like the whole situation. It's terrible to be sitting there in a restaurant and have to be waited on by servants with masks --

PAVLICH: It's un-American, it's what it is.

SHILLUE: UnAmerican. That is so right, Katie.


SCHLAPP: You should keep going to hooters.

SHILLUE: Oh, he caught me. He can -- Schlapp --


SHILLUE: You look great. You stole my look with a tie there.


SHILLUE: But you look very dapper. You were telling me in the green room that you loved Biden speech yesterday and he's probably the best president in your lifetime. I was surprised with that.

SCHLAPP: He's the best president about three people's lifetimes. I mean, the man has been around for a very long time. I actually, you know, I think it's rather tragic to listen to this guy talk. I mean he can't talk first of all.

He says he shouldn't be answering any questions and I think the saddest thing of all is, is that it takes people I guess, like, I don't have a medical degree. How can we can all sit around talking about therapeutics and all these great new steps they have to make sure people, if they get this virus, they can recover from it.

But the President United States can't talk about that. He can't talk about all these ways in which people are recovering. Isn't it good news that the mortality rate from this most recent Omicron is so low? That's a good thing.

SHILLUE: It's a good thing.

SCHLAPP: But you would think he would want to say that. But instead in the city of D.C., we're going to have a vaccine mandate right after the holidays where more than 50 percent of African-Americans are not vaccinated. What are they -- what's going to happen? I mean, this is not exactly a recipe for.


SHILLUE: It's not going to go well.

SCHLAPP: -- a peace will in harmony.

SHILLUE: Not going to go up for them. Dagen, why are we backsliding? I didn't think this was going to happen.

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK ANCHOR (on camera): Because Joe Biden's in commander-in-chief. I don't feel sorry for him. I might feel sorry for him if he was like sauced at somebody's Christmas party, and nobody wants to talk to him. And he's hiding in -- hiding in the kitchen because he's got like Vienna sausage breath. And people are afraid of him.

SCHLAPP: I've done -- I've done that.

MCDOWELL: Maybe I would feel sorry for him at that point. But again, you're telling people under CDC guidelines, you still have to quarantine for 10 days, if you have Omicron. And so, you're going to cancel people's Christmases and their New Years. Make them lockdown, damage industry across the country. Delta Airlines is begging them to cut the 10-day quarantine in half to five days because they're going to be flight disruptions.

Massive disruptions across travel and other industries. So, people are going to miss the holidays and they're going to come out on the other side. And based on Greg's date of February the 1st, they're going to be ready for this to be over knowing that I had the sniffles and a slight cough and I didn't get to see my family members because I was locked down for 10 days.

I just wanted to say that like -- we're two years into this, we still don't have a decent testing. Like there are people standing outside --


SHILLUE: They're lined up outside the building.

MCDOWELL: Outside of a -- wait. Even better. Outside of the van. Where I grew up, you know, you don't stand outside of a van, you don't go near a van.


SHILLUE: I made a point. When I have my van, I made appointments.

MCDOWELL: No, you don't get -- In the van, you don't sleep tonight in the van. They haven't watched Silence of the Lambs. They don't know what's in the van. They're going to just hand over their DNA, so, some cook group, like cooks a mute and then comes back to kill us all 10 years from now.

PAVLICH: It's true.


SHILLUE: Jimmy, you have no problem. You have no problem laughing at these people, right?

FAILLA: No, not at all. But never mind that if you spend enough time in a van you wind up getting tested for something else.

I do want to point out really quickly how much I love being here with no fans in the audience. This is the closest I'll ever come to playing for the Mets.

SHILLUE: We have two staffers and they're great audience.


MCDOWELL: (INAUDIBLE) audience -- we have an audience.

FAILLA: Hey, girl. You stop it.

SHILLUE: I think, Jimmy that one airline should come up and take away the mask mandate, they were starting. The guy from Southwest the other day said -- maybe it was at Southwest.


SHILLUE: Somebody said we should --ruining it.

FAILLA: There's no purpose. We have great ventilation.


SHILLUE: Travel is -- I don't want to travel anymore. I don't -- I don't want to get on planes because I don't like any of this.

FAILLA: This is -- this is the shame of the moment we're in right now, OK? We are looking at an epidemic where it's scientifically just about over, but it's bureaucratically just beginning. They don't ever want this to go away.


FAILLA: And one of the main reasons why, obviously, the fear is powerful and it's viable politically, and they're not actually subjecting themselves to the same standards. You know, you watch all these big blowout parties with no masks. No, nothing.

SHILLUE: Except the wait staff.

FAILLA: But it really is evil like they have horrified people. Like when I say if you live here in New York, we are at the point where if you get on the subway, people are angry with the guy without the mask than they are with the guy without the pants. And it's not --

PAVLICH: No, no, it's true.

FAILLA: And it's not supposed -- it's not supposed to work that way. And listen, I like seeing Jeffrey Toobin as much as the next guy, but give me a break, man.

SHILLUE: That's right, they would. If he had no pants and no masks, they would start with the mask.

FAILLA: Absolutely.

SHILLUE: And they would go to the pad.

All right, up next, does Joe Biden's low approval predict a 2024 removal?


SHILLUE: The latest polls confirm. Biden's no charmer and they rank him lower than the peanut farmer. Yes, you know he's in distress, when he's losing CNN and PBS. A new poll by NPR/PBS NewsHour, Marist College and Tonka truck to seeing if you're paying attention shows just 41 percent of Americans approve of Biden. Even worse, his support among independent voters tanked eight points in just one week according to PBS.

And those numbers were confirmed by the count from Sesame Street. And it appears CNN has turned on him too. Case in point, this headline, Biden's economic ratings are worse than Carter's. Although in this case, his numbers are so low. They might improve with a hostage crisis.

A dismal 44 percent of registered voters approve of his economic performance. Uncle Joe, how low can you go?


SHILLUE: Look, look, look, don't get me the numbers, right? The numbers go up. They come down. They go up. They come down. It's like the -- what do the kids -- that machine they sit on a teeter totter tater tots, it's like that. It goes up and down, right? And I've been around. I'm 79. Some time I'll be older, some time I'll be younger. It goes up and down, right?

And, you know, we had a dog that bit people. We sent him way. Get a puppy. And if he's not nice, I'm going to send him away. Let that be a lesson. I'll take those puppies down.


SHILLUE: Dagen, I think we're breaking news on this show. This is a serious news organization. I think we just proved that President Biden wants to murder puppies.

MCDOWELL: Yes, put them in a bag and throw them in the (INAUDIBLE) river.

SHILLUE: Now, you know all about the economy. And you talk about this stuff all the time. Is that what's dragging him down?

MCDOWELL: It's the biggest thing, and then the line over and over again about it. About the welfare monstrosity that they were trying to push through and say that that's going to somehow lower prices. And they keep telling that lie.

SHILLUE: Ironically. But will that -- the fact that he lost this bet, is that going to end up helping him because, you know, sometimes this happens with a president, he's up against it, and then somehow people end up sympathizing with him. I mean, could losing a few battles be good for him?

MCDOWELL: If he owned it and could message it, it would be great, but he reminds me of my great Aunt Irene as she was sliding into senility. Like she fell out in the driveway and hurt her hand. And then she went around town. And people go, oh, rang, you hurt your hand. And she would tell everyone in town that my grandmother slammed it in the car door.


MCDOWELL: So, rather than like engendering sympathy, she turned it on her very sister.


MCDOWELL: And people -- and so -- anyway --


SHILLUE: That's his style.

MCDOWELL: Yes. Right. It's like --


SHILLUE: Biden, lashes out, he will blame somebody else.

MCDOWELL: Oh, I fell. And she is like, bitch slammed my hand in the car door. So -- but, listen, if I wanted to spend my life with some jackass who was trying to take all of my hard-earned money and then tell me how to live my life I would have stuck it out shacked up with that hippie Jesus in Colorado 30 some odd years ago.

FAILLA: In a van.

MCDOWELL: So, it's a -- it's a personal choice.


MCDOWELL: I didn't want it then, I don't want it now.

SHILLUE: Matt, you know, he's low. But can he go lower?

SCHLAPP: Oh, he can go lower. And matter of fact, I'm looking at that 44 percent of the economy. I want to talk to some of these people. Because I think the one thing about Joe Biden, he's always graded on the curve.

Trump's numbers were always three points higher than what they showed in the polls. And I think Joe Biden's are probably three or four points lower.

I'll disagree with Dagen a little bit. Usually president's approvals are pushed by what people feel about the economy. With Joe Biden, he played such a big hand that Trump had caused this pandemic. And when he comes in, he's going to get it all solved. And the fact that we're going through this all over again, kids are worried about like, where they have dances and football games, and will they be able to go to school, they're going to be in mask forever.

And the fact that, you know, these working people, they're starting to break. I mean, after a while, you want to go back to normal. And I think that has the biggest impact on his poll numbers.

And here is the thing. Here is where Dagen is 100 percent right. He can't get out of it. Because the man can't talk. And he doesn't have the energy to do the job. And his number two, I don't know where she is. Where do they send her? Mars? She's nowhere to be seen.

FAILLA: She's got a good laugh, though, right?

SHILLUE: Jimmy, you appreciate.

FAILLA: We could use her tonight I think.

SHILLUE: You do -- you like the vice president because she laughs a lot, Jimmy. And you need that.

FAILLA: She's terrible, man. This is really hard to watch. But don't worry about the economy. Biden's actually getting a bunch of gold bars from a Nigerian prince. He just gave a Social Security Number two on the Internet.

He's got a new plan to turn it all around. It's going to be fine, Jill, I'm telling you. The inflation is everything. It's killing a man. And in flow - we're in real bad inflation now.

If you saw the report on General Mills is going to raise prices 20 percent in January, we're not living at a time where you've got to turn tricks to afford a box of tricks. Like it's not supposed to work that way.

And the thing that's killing Biden and the only thing that could actually save Biden, I mean this, is if they let Trump back on Twitter. If the Democrats were smart, they would bribe the Twitter to put Trump back on there.

Because if Trump's on Twitter right now, Biden's probably polling at 53 percent because we're discussing the fact that he called probably an actress on Saturday Night Live a dog and that would get more media priority than the fact that inflation's at a 39-year high.

I mean, the worst thing that ever happened to Democrats was Trump leaving the stage because all the focus is on substance for them and their substance is terrible.

SHILLUE: I think -- I think you're right. And I think Joe would agree with that. The President wants to keep talking about Trump. He talks about him whenever he can, right, Katie?

PAVLICH: Well, it's interesting, because this week, you actually saw the Biden administration give President Trump credit for the first time since his, you know, he was inaugurated saying that we give credit to the previous administration for the vaccines, where it used to be like, we don't talk about that person at all.


PAVLICH: He doesn't exist.


PAVLICH: He's an evil immoral person and we will never ever, you know, do anything that has us leading to them.

But it's just how Biden gets out of it. I don't think he can because he is dedicated to the Faucism. He is dedicated to his economic team. He's stacked his economic council of advisors full of socialists like Bernie Sanders. And as long as he has the left flank of his party running the show, he can't get out of the economic holder in because it's exactly who caused the problem in the first place.

SHILLUE: That's right. Jen is going to have to circle back once and again. Up next. Our media influencers singing the blues because they got their butts kicked by Fox News.


SHILLUE: They made an influential list and some people are pissed. Yes. Fox News crushed another year end-list blowing away the competition in 2021. Mediaite has released their annual list of most influential in news media, and shockingly, I was snubbed yet again. I'm still holding out for hottest under 30.

But there is still a few great picks from 15 to 11, here goes. Don Lemon. OK, not off to a great start.

Peter Doocy. Better. And the number 13, Joy Reid, what?


SHILLUE: Yes, she influenced people to change the channel. Then, Greg Gutfeld. Now, we're talking. And then, after Greg, Rachel Maddow.

Now, right off the bat, you're probably thinking two things.

Doocy should have been higher on the list just based on his awesome hair.

And also, how is Greg only one spot higher than Joy Reid?

I guess he probably got support from the Russian judges.


SHILLUE: In fact, that's why Greg's not here tonight.

He was so blown away by the fact that he wasn't higher on the list.

He couldn't do the show.

Thoughts and prayers to Greg and to that coffee table he broke with his forehead.

OK, next five.

At number 10, you've got Jonathan Karl from ABC. He probably got some votes that were meant for Karl, Jonathan.

Then Matt Drudge, a man best known for running a website and wearing silly hats.

And at number eight, it's Sean Hannity, can't argue with that.

I can't or he'll put me in a headlock.

George Stephanopoulos, also from ABC, and at six, Oprah Winfrey, never heard of her.

And here's the top five.

CNN Chief International correspondent Clarissa Ward. She was on the ground in Afghanistan for her coverage during the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

Incredibly, Biden didn't leave her behind.

CNN boss Jeff Zucker, whose hand must hurt from all the pink slips he's been signing.

And then, comes the real heavy hitters.

Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott.


SHILLUE: No jokes there, at least until she signs my performance review.

Then podcast King Joe Rogan, all that horse medicine is paying off.

And at number one, Tucker Carlson. How is it Gutfeld's guest more influential than the host?

As you probably realize this influential list is dominated by Fox as it should be because we mopped the floor with all those other places.

This is probably where the huge audience would have been coming in handy. They're clapping, cheering.

FAILLA: Big laugh. Matt just clapped right here.

SHILLUE: OK. Still, I did feel like they may have left a few notable influential personalities off the list, Jimmy Failla, for example, for his outfits alone.

FAILLA: Thank you.

SHILLUE: Here he is, earlier in this year in one notable performance.

Obviously, he purchased the George Hamilton starter kit.

FAILLA: Yes, I actually looked like a blow-up doll.

SHILLUE: It's the -- Jimmy looks like he was trying to deep fry a turkey and fell in the fryer.

FAILLA: I love it.

SHILLUE: You know when you toast more as Jimmy, you know, hold them with your check. I think his skin is darker than Jimmy Kimmel playing Karl Malone.

All right. Jimmy, what about this list? I know you wish you were on it.

FAILLA: Stop it.

SHILLUE: But it's -- I love the fact that -- I mean, the real kicker is you got Rogan, and you've got Tucker.

These are the two guys who they go against the narrative. And that's why they're the most influential.

FAILLA: No question there. Like, you can't argue with that. And they have the numbers to back them up.

Everybody after that, with the exception of Suzanne and Greg. And I get to Greg in a minute too.

Everybody after that really doesn't have much of an audience. That's what I was so fascinated by.


FAILLA: Is that you know, they basically throw all the CNN people on there.

There are more CNN people on the list than there are people watching CNN right now.

Bizarre. I was like, who made it? What, you know, what kind of payola went into this list?

But make no mistake about it for real. Greg should be right next to Tucker and Suzanne. The guy actually saved late-night comedy.


FAILLA: For whatever you -- whatever people think if you're watching this because you hate-watch Fox and this is cheaper than going to the dominatrix because we'll call your side a few names along the way, he's the only one doing a late-night comedy show that anybody laughs at anymore.

Everybody else is doing a partisan lecture disguised as comedy, you know. And Jimmy Fallon is in a perpetual hostage situation as you know, he's funny.

But they're not letting him do comedy more often than not because he's got to cater to that activist side of the left.

You know, Seth Ro -- Seth Rogen, Seth Meyers is just a pandering beta (INAUDIBLE). And Stephen Colbert --

SHILLUE: Jimmy, you don't have to go through these.

FAILLA: No, no. But if what I do?

SHILLUE: Our audience doesn't know who these people are.


FAILLA: But if -- yes, they do.

SHILLUE: They do know anyone.

FAILLA: No, Colbert is to comedy as OJ is to marriage jokes. Like he kills, but not in a good way.

SHILLUE: I know. All right, Katie, the -- it is so true.

They are influential only because they are -- they're basically destroying people's faith in media, right? So maybe Zucker has influence --


SHILLUE: -- just in a weird direction.

PAVLICH: Absolutely. Because people are looking for something that's not like tattle-taling, so I don't think you get to go on the list like all the people on CNN if all you do is talk about Fox News all day.

That doesn't -- that's not an influential position to be in. It's just to kind of whine about what Fox News is doing, what they're covering.

And that's what a lot of people on CNN are on the list for, but I'm upset that you took my lying so I was going to talk about Jimmy's outfit.

There should be an influential list about a tire --

FAILLA: Thank you.

SHILLUE: He does.

PAVLICH: -- on television.

SHILLUE: And most people like it.

PAVLICH: And you would be the King. The King.

FAILLA: We -- I would be up there. I do look like the leader singer of a boy band called in rehab --


FAILLA: -- But it where I stand by the purchase show.

SHILLUE: It's true.

PAVLICH: So you have a better trousseau.

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX NEWS CHANNEL ANCHOR: You're both killing it. You'll park the car I'll check the air and tires.

SHILLUE: Dagen --

FAILLA: That was --

SHILLUE: Fox is deserving of all the -- of all these accolades and I'm not just saying that because I'm here.

MCDOWELL: Yes, you are.


MCDOWELL: That we are. At -- it's a network.

SHILLUE: Yes, it's true.

MCDOWELL: -- deserving. You know, isn't number four, Jeff Zucker?


MCDOWELL: He runs a network that on any given night doesn't have a show in the top 30 of shows on cable news.

But I generally hate lists because the only list I'd ever make is like most likely to get in a fight on a bus.

SHILLUE: It's very easy to do these days. Schlapp, say something else good about this show or Fox?

SCHLAPP: I think you know, I think you're being a little hard on yourself. I think you're helping bring back the last to a late-night comedy show.

SHILLUE: It's so true.

SCHLAPP: And I don't understand why some of these late-night comics aren't on there as news personalities. That's what they are.


SCHLAPP: They essentially are reporting the news from their own slant. And I also think the other thing about Fox which is this.

CNN, I've done a lot of it, it's so hate filled and so focused on starting race riots and race wars across the country.

One of the things Fox gets a great reprieve for is just allowing people to calm down.


SCHLAPP: And watch the Five or watch up and get some news enjoy themselves and have good can.

SHILLUE: I think that's what we needed and have a laugh. That's what we're about.

Coming up. He had a message on his hoodie. The Wokester said it was no goodie.


SHILLUE: He's wearing a political hoodie but as a pro athlete should he?

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers stopped by the Pat McAfee show yesterday wearing a sweatshirt with the words canceled culture crossed out.

Bud from the controversy, you think it said let's go Vikings? The hoodie was a gift he apparently received from Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy.

Aaron's latest anti-canceled culture message comes after he was fined by the NFL last month for violating their COVID protocols.

And the Woke, Bob, went after him for daring to suggest that getting healthy is an important part of combating the virus.


AARON RODGERS, QUARTERBACK, GREEN BAY PACKERS: I like to speak the truth and I'm not a part of this, you know, woke canceled culture that gets off on trying to silence people all the time.


SHILLUE: He's a monster. For more, we actually caught up with Aaron's younger brother Darren Rodgers.

Darren, what did you think of your brother's hoodie?


DARREN RODGERS, AARON RODGERS' BROTHER: Jeff, as you can see that jerk Aaron Rodgers, my brother, he's mom, and dad's favorite just because he bought them a few houses.

Well, I live there, and oh, he's the big fancy football player.

They just -- they're grown men that just fall down and get back up. Big deal, I mean, I check the parking meter. You ever get a parking space?

You're welcome. Oh, and Aaron dates all the models from Victoria's Secret.

Well, I date models too from Lane Brian. It's the same.


SHILLUE: He is -- he is very progressive because it is the same. They're all beautiful, right Katie?

PAVLICH: The brother or Aaron? Which one?

SHILLUE: Yes. The -- but Aaron is -- I'm glad he's sticking his neck out the athletes who do deserve our respect. Am I right?

PAVLICH: It's just amazing how if you just wear a hoodie that is counter to what the Woke mobsters want. It's like, controversial.


PAVLICH: I think I just wore a hoodie and people are freaking out about it. I love that these guys are kind of fighting back just by being chill.

Like here, Barstool Sports tries -- they kept trying to cancel them, sends them a hoodie. He gets to wear it to try to do this Tom Brady when he had MAGA hat in his locker.

SHILLUE: That's right.

PAVLICH: He goes on to win a couple more Super Bowls. It's like you win a success. The best revenge is living well like just ignore it and move on.

All the people trying to cancel, these people are miserable. And you know, being happy makes them miserable or more miserable.

SHILLUE: It's so true. Now, they're trying to say, Dagen that there is no canceled culture. They say oh, come on. I mean, Chappelle has his own special, there's no canceled culture.

They do try to take all these things away from them, though.

MCDOWELL: They do. It does exist. But for him, he got fun. And that's it like he didn't even miss a game. So, OK.

If he wants to -- if Aaron Rodgers wants to lecture us or excuse me, talk to us about health and wellness, maybe don't look like you slept in a porta john.

SHILLUE: That's the --

MCDOWELL: Maybe don't like you probably smell like fillet of fish.

SHILLUE: It's true. It is the look though, isn't it, Jimmy? Those sports shows, it's almost like they have to dress down and you know, look sloppy.

FAILLA: Yes, they do this thing where they try too hard to look like they're not trying.


FAILLA: You know I mean --

SHILLUE: Jimmy, you don't have this problem, no.

FAILLA: Hey, girl thank you.

PAVLICH: It looks like you're putting in an extra effort all to have --

FAILLA: We're getting done.


FAILLA: The Rodgers COVID story to me as a Giants fan, it's -- it is refreshing to hear a story about somebody catching something they care but yes, he's right in identifying and gravitating towards something he was with two years ago.

Let's not forget, he was part of the outraged mob when like, people were mad at the cops and they were burning down cities.

But now he's realized that this is just a beast that wants to get fed, and it'll devour anybody, even if you're a part of it because to Katie's point, these are just people looking to do something with all of the bile and hate inside of them.

They're miserable people.

And now that everybody in society kind of knows that it's become fashionable.

It's almost like uniting the country.

It's a piece of a common culture as we all hate these -- you know.

And that's kind of what it is.

And he did make a point, though, about how the NFL isn't really focusing on the treatment options and the health of COVID with their protocol rules.

And he's right to say that because if you're a professional athlete, your biggest health risk right now is still the Kardashians.

And no one's talking about it.

SHILLUE: That's so true. Schlapp, you were cancelled when you started the Republican group in your local elementary school, right?


SCHLAPP: I don't know quite how to respond to this --

SHILLUE: Huh, no.

SCHLAPP: -- But CPAC was canceled --


SCHLAPP: -- by the governor of Maryland and we decided to go to Florida and then we just decided that we would do it in Florida and Texas this year because we think it's all going to happen again.

Look, we've talked a lot about the election about how bad these economic policies are, and how unpopular they are.

The election will turn next year -- not on a bad economy, although that's not going to help the Democrats.

It's going to turn on all this crap. All the Woke stuff, the American people are done with it.

Not all of them are empowered to be able to say that, but that is why the Democrats will get slapped.

And just we have a chance maybe once again, to respect people we have a disagreement with.

SHILLUE: Love it. Up next, your least favorite Christmas tunes. Instead of Yuletide greetings, they make you want to commit savage beatings.


SHILLUE: Today's Christmas tunes make you want to jam your ears with spoons.

Rolling Stone has come up with a list of the 20 worst Christmas songs of all time.

Now we're only going to share the worst three because we don't have all night.

Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas" is the third-worst Christmas song.

According to Rolling Stone, the song is a smug mess of colonialism and racist stereotypes. And those are its best qualities.

Number two, oh, was Maroon Five's version of "Happy Christmas War Is Over," which I'm assuming is terrible because it's by Maroon Five.

Lastly, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's rendition of the "Little Drummer Boy" is the worst Christmas song.

You know, I never thought it was appropriate to play drums around a baby so I think I'm with them on that one.

But back to Band Aid because the 80s rocked --


SHILLUE: -- Here's a little bit of their big hit.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE (voiceover): Well, we're all rich. And there's plenty of food for us.

But for other people in other parts of the world, it really sucks. The guy have no food and there's lots of sand.

And we don't even have to send them for Christmas this year.


SHILLUE: Wow, that's more politically incorrect than I remembered, Katie.

PAVLICH: That was really bad. Ban it Cancel it. Get rid of it. That's an abomination.

Would you agree that these are the worst? What's the one -- the one that you hate the most, Katie?

PAVLICH: I don't hate any Christmas songs because I love Christmas. And I don't want to engage in the war on Christmas by singling out any one of these songs. But I do love the story about the bar that limited Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" on the jukebox.


PAVLICH: They said they can't play it until December 1st. And you can only play it once a night so. People love that song.

FAILLA: I agree with that.

SHILLUE: The people do love that song.

PAVLICH: Rationing the songs.

SHILLUE: I find it annoying, Dagen. I don't like -- I like the old classics. I like the Frank Sinatra Christmas. I like the -- you know Ella Fitzgerald and you know and I love the sacred music.

But anyway, what do you hate about it?

MCDOWELL: Judy Garland, that's my favorite Christmas song.

SHILLUE: Oh, which one.

MCDOWELL: From "Meet Me In St. Louis" --

SHILLUE: Oh yes.

MCDOWELL: So you -- I'm not going to sing it because that is the worst Christmas song ever. It's any Christmas song --

SHILLUE: Is you saying it?

MCDOWELL: -- that I sing.

SHILLUE: Oh, I don't believe it.

MCDOWELL: Any Christmas song that I sing is the worst Christmas song. I can't even sing in church. Like Onward Christian Soldiers, forget about it.

People stare and point. I -- this list is stupid because it puts Stevie Wonder on it.

Stevie Wonder does no wrong. Even singing a bad Christmas song --

SHILLUE: "Last Christmas" --

MCDOWELL: -- It's not that bad Christmas song.

SHILLUE: -- Going to be a very special Christmas. That's a good song.


SHILLUE: That's a good song. You don't -- you don't put --

MCDOWELL: No, no, no this is an old song that he wrote.

SHILLUE: Oh, a different one.

MCDOWELL: But it's still Stevie Wonder.

SHILLUE: Oh, what do you think about Wham? A lot of people hate that "Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart."

FAILLA: George Michael's amazing. George Michael's like pound-for-pound as good as anybody. So I stand by anything George Michael does just to be clear.

The worst Christmas song is the one about the wrapping. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, that's stupid.

SHILLUE: It's just that.

FAILLA: That song sucks. That's a Christmas wrapping song.

PAVLICH: Was your apple reaping out?

FAILLA: What did you say?

PAVLICH: It's great.

FAILLA: I thought it was something.

PAVLICH: No problem.

FAILLA: It was better than theirs, their socks. But here is the worst Christmas song, and we all know this to be true. And no one likes to talk about it.

"The Christmas Shoes" is the worst Christmas song of all time. It's the song about the little boy who wants to buy shoes for his dying mom.

SHILLUE: Oh, god I never see that.

FAILLA: -- because she's on her way to heaven. It's the worst song ever and I'll tell you why.

Obviously, horrifically sad because the mom's dying --


FAILLA: -- But also sad because you know the kid's going to have a really hard life because he's bad with money. OK.

SHILLUE: This person has 30 minutes to live, you're buying them shoes?

FAILLA: I know it doesn't --

SHILLUE: Not fiscally responsible.

FAILLA: I never thought about that.

SHILLUE: This is a kid with a future in Congress is what it is.

FAILLA: And I can't cosign this song.

PAVLICH: I mean, that's true.

FAILLA: OK. Hillsong?


FAILLA: Sorry.

PAVLICH: You're right.

SHILLUE: I used to love all Christmas music like you, Katie, but you know, I -- you know what I love? You know like Bruce Springsteen, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

They would always play that at Christmas season it was -- but now that he's been -- he's turned into such a jerk.

I don't want to have the artist affect my view of their music, but I mean, he's a bit of a blowhard now so I don't like any of -- I can't say that I still love Vaughn Gerard (PH). Go Matt Schlapp, what she --

SCHLAPP: I have to say something about this Band Aid song, right?


SCHLAP: I'm just old enough to remember this song. The real wasn't it nice when the Woke stars of 20 years ago, probably longer, got together to like raise money for the poor. I like that.

What would they be all getting together to raise money for now? It just shows you at least there was no harm in that. Yes, it was kind of insulting to say people in Africa don't even know it's Christmas. That was insulting but --

FAILLA: But here's the thing though. If you don't have food, do you care? You just want the turkey, you know? Yes, it's a little condescending. Give me the turkey I'm hungry though.

MCDOWELL: A better song though is "We Are The World" just simply for the video?


MCDOWELL: Watching Bob Dylan -- I watch this once a week.


MCDOWELL: He's in the video going like what, get the right (INAUDIBLE) and even singing? It's classic.

SHILLUE: It's class -- he got them that would --

MCDOWELL: Watch it, it will -- it will lift your spirits out there.

SHILLUE: Cyndi Lauper is there. You know the whole thing, Huey Lewis that is it -- that's one of the greatest ones.

I always find you know the ones with the Jackson Five, his voice is just too high when he's a kid.

FAILLA: But I still --

SHILLUE: When he sings "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"


SHILLUE: It's just too much --

FAILLA: Which is, by the way, the new version is now called I Saw Mommy Testing Santa Claus. He got to swab his nose before he can come in your limb near. But --

MCDOWELL: That's where what I thought you're going to go --

PAVLICH: Yes, that was it -- yes. (INAUDIBLE)

FAILLA: Listen, I'm some playing some defense here. I just insulted a kid with a dying mom. Can you help me (INAUDIBLE)?

PAVLICH: Yes. I mean, but you're right. The truth is harsh.

FAILLA: Yes, it is harsh.

PAVLICH: Even on Christmas.

SHILLUE: I was bothered by that. It's like she's -- the kid sees Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and the kids like, oh, what a laugh. It would have been if Daddy would have seen -- no that would have been a laugh.

PAVLICH: I actually hate that song.

MCDOWELL: Your mom's a whore.

SHILLUE: Ho, ho, ho. That is uplifting. Don't go away. We'll be right back.


SHILLUE: Before we go, I want to plug the new Fox Nation Christmas episode of "Who Can Forget."

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