Gutfeld on Google caving to its employees over drones

Do a Google search for callow jerkwads and what do you find? Google itself.

We told you how thousands of their employees signed a letter protesting Google's work with Project Maven, an effort to make our drones more precise so civilian lives are spared. It's a good thing. Now Google has pulled out of the project under pressure from those workers. Apparently, doing anything connected to our military, which protects the lives of those same pasty workers at Google, is just bad for their brand.

But Google, you know what's bad for your brand? You. Your motto used to be "Don't be evil." But isn't what you just did kind of the opposite? And yet, while deciding not to help our military with their A.I., you invest fortunes in other countries' A.I. What do you think they're going to do with that? D-Day being yesterday, that's the opposite of good timing.

Now, I'm not going to call you traitorous. You're just scared. You're scared because, in this day and age, among your peers, helping Uncle Sam is helping the oppressor. Oh, you love the wealth but now dismiss those who enable and protect it. How removed you've become from the ideas your parents and their parents and their parents fought for.

The decision Google made is one, of course, that they can make. But it's foolish and harmful. As drones become an inevitable part of the defenses, and our enemies' offenses, Google made a choice. Maybe we should do the same.