Gutfeld on alleged drone attack in Venezuela

Alleged assassination attempt in Venezuela highlights risk of drone terrorism.

A drone attack broke up Venezuelan President Maduro's speech on Saturday. Here's tape of his soldiers reacting heroically to the attack. Looks like they spotted Air Force One.

So two points to learn from this: First, Venezuela is a socialist paradise that was once rich, meaning if you like Bernie, this could be your future. Someone should page Alexandria and the Democrats. Hyper-inflation, depression, human rights violations, food shortages. There's your happy tomorrow. You, too, could eat your own zoo animals. Your currency could be worth less than toilet paper, except you couldn't buy toilet paper. Play your Bernie card right, and your medicine could vanish, your hospitals close. And for safety, you could do what Venezuelans do: Move to Colombia.

Think it can't happen? Venezuela was once the most prosperous country in South America. But boy, they traded it all in for a dime-store socialist. The point of socialism: to find something good made by somebody else, take it for yourself. It's shoplifting as a political theory. You convince poor people to give up everything they have to beat the crap out of them if they ask for it back. They've been doing this for a century now. Socialism is even older than Bernie. And it doesn't work either.

Second thing: The attack was by drone, equipped with C-4. I've been talking about this forever. Terror married to Amazon technology. It's a new scary reality. You can fret about it. The experts are already there. They don't want to ban socialists; they want to ban drones.

Frankly, you can't ban either. But any smarty-pants knows which one is worse.