Gutfeld: Obama's pipeline problem

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So, the president once again claimed the 1,200-mile Keystone pipeline wouldn't create many jobs. Yes, apparently adorable pixies dig pipelines and pump stations.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: They keep on talking about this, an oil pipeline coming down from Canada that's estimated to create about 50 permanent jobs. That's not a jobs plan. So let's get serious.


GUTFELD: You first.

See, the president conveniently ignores the State Department report that the pipeline would bring 4,000 construction jobs and 43,000 future jobs. He dismisses simple realities of industry.

Where there's work, there are restaurants, bars, hotels, and nightclub acts that cater to lonely gentlemen like me.

I guess when he looks at work, the only kind he sees are the ones you get after majoring in B.S. studies taught by bitter ex-terrorist. Pipelines, fracking, that kind of crap is for losers. Real employment is never getting your hands dirty.

Me, I don't care how many jobs are made, as long as jobs are made. The only jobs Obama creates are for people tabulating joblessness. So, while the British royalty gives birth to babies, we elect them. To Obama, big oil and big business is the daddy you hate. What else can explain this petulant denial of real change, the kind that creates jobs, reduces dependency on foreign oil, and slashes gas prices?

So, he couldn't care less about reducing our burdens. He wants a fundamental transformation, i.e., an end to what makes America work, and replaced by something, anything crafted by incompetent revolutionaries who hate our greatness. This is why Keystone and fracking is terrifying to Obama.

Who would have thought what could save America is America itself, and not him at all.

Kimberly, does he not know how things are made? I mean, you know, like the pipelines come out of the sky, nobody really works on them, and then they're there, and nobody has to take care of them.


GUTFELD: Nobody has to go and check on them. You don't need inspectors.

GUILFOYLE: But he cares about poll numbers, and support of him has been slipping. So, that's a problem for him. This guy is in front of Starbucks blocking it, with "no fracking" sign. He asked me three times to sign a petition against fracking in New York city. Want to do it anonymously?

No. Go away. I'm for jobs. It was crazy.

GUTFELD: (INAUDIBLE) with Shep, too.


GUTFELD: Eric, what is this with the government job program where you would say it is shovel ready.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Remember about two years ago, Tom Vilsack, secretary of agriculture, said, you know, food stamps are actually good for the economy. For every dollar you give away in food stamps, yes, stimulus, there's $1.80 economic activity. So, apparently, they understand by spending money you create economic activity. Part of the problem with that theory, is that dollar came from taxpayers. So, $3 had to be earned to make $1. So, therefore, $100 billion you spend in food stamps, you have to create $300 billion in activity.

My point is, Venezuela, Denmark and Singapore have lower GDPs than what we spent on food stamps.

The point is; President Obama has to know however many people it takes to create the pipeline, there are thousands of ancillary jobs associated with it.

GUTFELD: Exactly, exactly.

Bob, why is the belief more oil is a bad idea, why is that there? Why does he hate oil?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: First of all, before we get to the answer to that question, if you would reread your monologue tonight, some of the things you said about the president of the United States, and I am a great admirer of your monologue, were really over the line.

GUTFELD: Uh-huh.


BECKEL: Revolutionaries, doesn't care about people working. We have to be careful some of the things you say about here.

I know you don't like Obama, but I think you'd be a little careful about the things we say. Now, having said, they should have done the pipeline. I don't think in the end, permanent jobs are on the Alaskan pipeline, about 100, because it's done.

But in meantime, thousands would be created for those that build it, the rest of it. But, look, the stimulus project, look around the city now, people are going to work every day by the thousands.

BOLLING: Can I stop you?


BOLLING: Hundred jobs on the Alaskan pipeline that brings billions of barrels from Alaska to America.


BOLLING: All the people on the ships, all of the refineries they supply. Are you kidding me, 100 jobs?

BECKEL: I said on the pipeline itself.

BOLLING: You create economic activity when you bring a pipeline with Canadian oil to America.

BECKEL: If you build a pipeline, you'll have a lot of jobs, and they go home after the jobs are done.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Can I make a point since I haven't said one word?


PERINO: What did President Obama call for yesterday. He said more taxes and infrastructure bank to build more roads and bridges. What does he thinks happens after the bridge is built? How many people are on the bridge after it is built working on the bridge? That is the point of the pipeline!

His economic argument makes no sense.

BOLLING: And the bridge brings people from here to here to maybe open business.

BECKEL: There are thousands of bridges falling down in America.

BOLLING: But your point is --

PERINO: So, the Keystone pipeline is asking for no taxpayer dollars in order to build something to help America's energy independence, create jobs, and allow the states to have more money to spend on education and things that they care about.

BECKEL: I'm still standing by my position, they will approve the pipeline.

PERINO: No way.

GUTFELD: I like the profitable jobs at Solyndra, these aren't cool jobs. It has to be a green job or there's no job.

PERINO: Wearing cute little glasses.


GUILFOYLE: And can get a bailout.

BECKEL: Do you think these guys go on the streets do a pretty good job,

those are real jobs, right?

PERINO: But they're not going to be there forever.


GUTFELD: And there are six guys holding a sign saying stop.

BECKEL: I see. In other words, that makes it not a job.

GUILFOYLE: We have to go.

PERINO: Welcome back, Bob.

GUILFOYLE: Your block will be eliminated, Bob, because we're so --

PERINO: No politics the next block.

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