New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is offering city workers counseling for those feeling distressed or vulnerable following the election of Donald Trump. Yes, it's therapy because Trump won.

Now, I get seeing my taxes go to help the poor, but to soothe the wimps? So while this jackass of a mayor treats mental illness -- fake mental illness -- what about the real stuff? Look out your damn window, Mayor Dumb-ass. The city's homeless population is exploding. Even as the temperatures drop, bodies line the streets like some dystopian postcard from Snake Plissken. Most of these people are mentally ill or drug addicted. A million people in the city have substance abuse problems which
leads to liver disease, hepatitis and HIV.

God forbid you O.D. or suffer cardiac arrest on the street. With Manhattan's traffic, you'll die where you drop.

Well done, Mayor. You're culling the herd the old-fashioned way. Since we've abandoned institutionalization to help those who can't help themselves, self-satisfied progressives champion murderous neglect as some sort of enlightened freedom. We ignore the insane in their private hell until they push tourists in front of trains.

But hey, let's offer workers paid counseling, because Trump's win threatens to undermine their vegan book club. Oh, God, what a jerk. That's a mayor who embraces identity over suffering, who puts politics before people. He's not just a hopeless fool but a harmless one, but a harmful one.