Gutfeld: More protection, less PBS

The media is reacting to Donald Trump's upcoming budget proposal.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I felt outraged, but I didn't scream and I didn't cry. And I need to.



Yes. The Washington Post says that the proposal, quote, "would shake the federal government to its core, culling back numerous programs and expediting an historic contraction of the federal workforce." What language: "shake to its core," "culling," "historic contraction." It's like Trump is a tornado having a baby on the government's head.

The numbers aren't out, but my bet is the proposal targets just the edges of the budget, not the meat. It's like ordering the extra-large meat lovers pizza with four cheeses but holding the olives, because you're on a diet.

Look, the federal government is enormous; it never shrinks. And the interest is killing us. It's funny. You know, when you're running out of anything, like toilet paper, you notice that and you start using less. But you never run out of the budget. It's our giant invisible wallet in the sky. And so our bureaucracy turned into an episode of "Hoarders." The mess just keeps growing, and all we can do is remove one Glad bag full of toenail clippings.

But if we're going to spend, let's at least spend it on the stuff that guarantees the rest. Meaning new technologies that make us safer, the stuff that protects us from cyber, bio, and nuclear terror, as well as the toxic doctrines that drive such threats.

So if we're going to go into debt, let's do it on the stuff that matters: more protection, less PBS.