Gutfeld: Media barely hide disdain for your terror concerns

What's the post-debate lead on Politico? Quote, "Yes, terrorism is important, but suddenly it's crowding out everything else that matters," end quote.

You could have written that yourself a week ago. As we said before, both the media and our president can barely hide their disdain for your terror concerns. To them it's some trumped-up boogeyman that shoves their real concerns off the map. Icebergs, football mascots, mean-spirited Halloween costumes. They all go away.

But the criticism that one topic gets all the attention is bogus. You think the media would have been ticked off if the debate had been all about Ferguson? Of course not. And others will say there are things far deadlier than ISIS and that's true. So maybe last night should have been about accidents, strokes or lower respiratory disease. All kill more than ISIS. But the difference is such risks contain no intent. The bathtub isn't trying to get you to slip and fall.

But behind ISIS is a desire that isn't just homicidal, but suicidal, making it apocalyptic in aim. The end of the world is their lotto ticket and they only need to get it right once. It's a simple point, which is why the
left doesn't get it. Instead they see harm as intent-free, which is why a t-bone is no better than a terrorist.

This distraction hides the changing nature of risk and the likelihood that something wicked is coming our way. So while terror might not be the leading cause of death for now, disregarding it won't keep it that way.