Gutfeld: Islamic terror must always be the top concern

ISIS claimed responsibility for bomb attacks on Christian churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday, killing at least 45. The attacks grimly remind us of the top global concern must always be Islamic terror, for it is the only threat aside from non-thinking pandemics that seeks to destroy our existence. It's not global warming or globalism.

So as we work out disputes with Russia or China, there will never be a way to work out anything with these fiends. That's why even the heinous actions of Assad somehow seems less heinous even though hundreds of thousands died under him. ISIS just makes everyone look worse, raising the bar for all evil. Radical Islam cannot be reasoned with, only obliterated.

But it's harder than hitting an airfield. That's the advantage of sending out cultists to blow people up. Retaliation is messy, but at least we are trying and will continue to hunt this garbage down.

But know that such garbage will never truly end as long as there are newer methods of technology and communications, the threat will always mutate. It's up to us to never look away from the carnage lest we forget that it's also meant for us.

And last, someone needs to reclaim the concept of heaven from these primitives. Their view is that life is just a delay, that one can speed up if you kill a lot of people. The pope heads to Egypt later this month. Maybe he can address that instead of climate change.