Gutfeld: How to harden soft targets in war against terror


VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE: ISIS has taken credit for this barbaric attack. But whoever is responsible should know that the United States over the America together with our allies will find and punish those responsible and drive the evil of radical Islamic terror from the face of the Earth.


Pretty clear.

So, another terror attack involving a car ramming a crowd, why is this so common? Well, it is harder to hit other targets as we've said. And this tactic is pretty simple. You rent a heavy object, you hurl it into a vulnerable crowd. So, even as ISIS dies, these attacks will go on as long as scum sell martyrdom, there will always be martyrs.

Our response? What is needed as always is more intelligence, surveillance and cooperation. Meaning an adult grasp of freedoms fragility. You cannot be free unless you are secure. It is why we must always try to harden every soft target: buildings, trains, everything. When you hear commentators remind you of the low risk of attack, they do it from a secure location. You ever see those absurdly large flower pots in front of media towers like the one I am sitting in right now? It's not because we like plants. Those plants prevent ramming. We saw it in Charlottesville: What prevented many more deaths? A stationary car that was blocking the killer's path. It was for many a life-saving barrier. Of course, create a barrier, the target always moves farther out.

There will always be vulnerability and those who exploit it. That is the essence of terror. Which is why security as an industry should be bigger than technology or media, because without security, you would have no technology or media.

This is what the best and the brightest should be studying. If you can major in physics, you should be able to major in security too, it could be your life's work. And as long as there is a toxic doctrine infecting lost souls, that work will never end.