Gutfeld: Hillary blames FNC for her husband being in power

A stunning admission, even Hillary Clinton confesses that the media kept her husband's presidency afloat when he and his unbuttoned trousers should have been sent packing.

At a Clinton Foundation event marking the 25th anniversary of the '92 election -- I wasn't invited -- she said Bill wouldn't have survived if Fox News was around.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Our body politics immune system has been impaired because there has been a concerted effort starting with the creation of the Fox network. It wasn't there when Bill first ran. It was one of the reasons he probably survived.


Boy, he looks thrilled. He's saying, "Please shoot me."

Now she makes this claim while many in the media now admit that Bill should have resigned after the Lewinsky scandal. So isn't Hillary agreeing with these new critics by saying FNC wouldn't have let Bill slide but the media monopoly did? So without knowing it, Hillary exposed the media's lack of guts while saluting Fox's. It's hilarious.

She also claims that Bill wouldn't have tweeted about his achievements as president. Someone should tell her Twitter wasn't around back then. Hillary, Twitter wasn't around back then. But what a blind spot she has to think that not tweeting makes Bill a man of sound character. He violated an intern in the Oval Office.

Sorry, I'll take the tweeting instead.

Which raises a question: What if FNC and twitter have been around back then when Bill was president? How would that have change things?

Twitter would have kept Bill busy and Fox would have kept him in line, and perhaps Hillary would have ended up president. How hilarious is that? If Fox News was around, Hillary would have been president.

Instead, Bill got away with all sorts of crap as the media covered for him. And now they call him on it years later only because there's no consequence. You can't throw a bum out that's been out for 17 years.

So Hillary, I'm glad you enjoyed the party at the Clinton Foundation. I hope Russia picked up the tab and someone besides Bill brought the cigars.