Finally, we can say something nice about Fidel Castro: He's dead. I hear they cremated him because they don't want to give the cemetery maggots food poisoning.

The best part about this: Watching dumb ass leftists search for value-free language to describe this murderous scum bucket. Oh sure, he slaughtered tons of people, but there's always a but -- he was larger than life. Sorry, jackasses, your pathetic observations about his stature offend those who died fleeing this misery mountain that he carved out of an island paradise. Cuba is so bad their citizens would gladly take Gitmo over Havana.

And a pox on those celebrities who went to Cuba for a thrill. While Cubans starved, you enjoyed the cigar and the prostitute knowing that both shared similar life spans. But Castro has taught us that as long as you claim to destroy the system, you're allowed leeway by pop stars, the media and academia to kill at will. Colin Kaepernick wears this racist, homophobic murderer on his chest. For him it's the key to the radical kingdom paid for by a mountain of skeletons. The shirt cost more than a Cuban makes in a month. I'd call him trash, but at least you can recycle litter.

But look, you can't judge a country by its horrible leader. Take Justin Trudeau who praised Castro's tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people. What a turd. Justin symbolizes the left's vacuous moral bankruptcy. Sure, Castro killed thousands but it was for the greater good. Trudeau is so stupid he could probably quarterback the 49ers.