Gutfeld: Celebrities get spun up over United's leggings ban

United Airlines barred two teen girls from boarding a flight because their leggings violated a dress code. This set off our precious celebrity tweeters who frothed like cups of overheated cappuccino, mocking the airline for its sexism. It must feel so good for Chrissy Teigen, Patricia Arquette and LeVar Burton to unload on a giant faceless company and its poor employees just trying to do their damn jobs, which is what the gate agent was actually doing.

See the teens were boarding as pass travelers, i.e. they were flying for free as dependents of United employees. That means they represent the company and they got to follow their dress code. Being that company, United can enforce such rules. It's why I don't show up for "The Five" in hot pink leather cut-offs as much as I'd like to, and that's good for you.

And since when did air travel turn into a sloppy slumber party? And I'm not talking just about women. Men, boys, girls. Flip-flops? I don't need to see your toenails. Tank tops? Your hairy shoulders turned no one on. And spandex leggings? You are not a mime. Wear them when you do laundry. Without standards, who knows what we'll wear or not wear next? Travel like a pro, not like a hobo. That's my motto.

As for the celeb outrage, you could stuff it -- especially Ms. Chucklenuts, Patricia Arquette. Last week she tweeted that terror attacks are likely faked to distract the world from Trump's Russian ties. Frankly, Patricia, that opinion looks far worse on you than a thong on Bob Beckel.