Gutfeld: Another knee-jerk response from the left over guns

So after a terrorist is shot dead by a cop after trying to kill innocent people with his car and a blade, Tim Kaine initially tweets this: "Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State this morning, praying for the injured and the entire Buckeye community."

So let me get this straight: A man tries to kill with a car and a knife, but the villain is a gun -- a gun that was used to shoot and kill the guy who was using the car and the knife to kill people. For Kaine, I would say it's the thought that counts, but what he said was thoughtless. There's nothing senseless about this gun violence. Hell, it may be the most sensible thing ever. What's thoughtless is the knee-jerk response you get from the left over guns.

Kaine since corrected the tweet, but others actually used this attack, which was foiled by a gun, to demand more gun control. FYI: The terrorist actually said quote, "I am willing to use a billion infidels in retribution." This mentality, destroy the Earth to please God, is an argument for more, not less guns.

Set to recap: After ISIS called for attacks using cars and knives, a young Muslim terrorist follows the orders and gets shot for it. And Kaine, among others, just saw the gun. Kaine could have been VP. I guess you could say we dodged a bullet, unlike that terrorist.