Gutfeld: A tragic reminder that actions have consequences

California police officer Keith Boyer was shot and killed in Whittier Monday by recently paroled gang member. The police chief blamed laws which allowed the early release of thugs by classifying felonies as lesser crimes. Here is the anguished Whittier police chief now:


JEFF PIPER, WHITTIER, CALIFORNIA POLICE CHIEF: We need to wake up. Enough is enough. You're passing these proposition, you're creating these laws. It is raising crime. It is not good for our communities and it is not good for officers.


According to the lieutenant in charge of the investigation, the suspect had a long rap sheet but was paroled from jail a week or so ago. My guess it's the likely excuse of overcrowding. It's odd that when faced with too many felons, the instinct is not to build more prisons, but let the felons go. Besides killing Officer Boyer and shooting another officer, the 26-year-old gang member killed his cousin and stole his vehicle which he later crashed. Look at those tattoos.

Officer Boyer was responding to that accident. It's a tragic reminder that actions have consequences: Release a thug into a community and innocent people get hurt and some of our very best die. Actually, the criminals aren't just the freed monsters but those who freed them. If they knowingly slid those metal doors open and freed the fiend and assumed you could bear the risk, then sanctuary state my ass.

Talk about preposterous priorities. Their infrastructure is literally crumbling. They can't house their bad guys. They got this huge gang problem. But they have the money to hire Eric Holder to resist Trump's immigration enforcement? Talk about dreamers. They need to wake up.