Greta: Why did President Obama help Alan Gross and not Sgt. Tahmooressi?

By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record" for a minute. There is something that absolutely mystifies me. But before I tell you, let me say this: I am very happy Alan Gross is home. It's been five years too long. It was wrong that Cuba held him in prison.

So how did he get out? Because President Obama's administration held secret meetings in Canada with Cuban officials and cut a deal. Then today, President Obama sent a government plane to pick him up. The Obama administration packed that plane with members of Congress. And as he landed at Andrews Air Force Base, Secretary of State John Kerry was there to hug and meet Mr. Gross.

But that's not all. President Obama even placed a call to Mr. Gross on that plane as he flew back to the United States. And while I'm absolutely thrilled he got that treatment, I'm thrilled he is home where he belongs, I still don't get it. I would love to know why didn't President Obama help Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi when he was held in a Mexican prison.

I know a president can't help everybody. But a U.S. Marine who got hit with an IED, did two tours for the U.S. in Afghanistan and just made a wrong turn? Not only did President Obama not help, but he never called Sergeant Tahmooressi's mother, or even Sergeant Tahmooressi after he got home.

Maybe there is a reason, but I remain left with a big mystery. Why didn't President Obama help our Marine? And that's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.