Greta: President Obama, make a call and bring our jailed Marine home from Mexico

By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record" for a minute. I saw with my own eyes, even drove it -- the turn Sergeant Tahmooressi made, thinking he was going back to San Diego. It's the one, frankly, I would have taken. It was, after all, the direction towards San Diego.

It was dark, the sign was fully placed, even smudged with graffiti and once into that turn, that's where there was the big surprise. The entrance ramp didn't go north to San Diego but loops down below, south, and right into Mexico. Once on that ramp, there were absolutely no options. One hundred yards later, the Mexican checkpoint. Once at that checkpoint and you hear it on the 911 call, he reported the guns, guns he lawfully possesses in the U.S.

We showed you the receipts, or at least we have the receipts and could show them to you. Yes, in Mexico, gun possession is illegal. It was an accident that he ended up in Mexico. Simply a mistake, a bad turn. Frankly, a real dumb way to build that road. It's counter-intuitive.

So, now, what is Mexico going to do? Drag the troubled PTSD Marine through hell and spend Mexican money to keep him in a lousy prison cell and drag this out for months, maybe years? The judicial process is important, but this is stupid and slow.

This Marine volunteered to fight for our lives and he did -- two tours in Afghanistan. So, now it's our turn to fight for him. President Obama, make a phone call. Use our nation's good will. Get that judicial process accelerated. Don't leave this Marine behind. Bring our Marine home. And when we get him home, time for the V.A. to step up. Help him.

That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.