Greta: My challenge to you this Thanksgiving

By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go "Off the Record" for just a minute, and allow me to be a bit sappy one day of the year. I'm usually, of course, not that sappy - in fact, I sort of have a rough exterior. But, if you are a long-time member of our GretaWire community - and of course, you better be - you know that I really love the viewers of ON THE RECORD and I love those who blog with us day in and day out on

GretaWire is a fantastic community. We know each other. We blog about each other sometimes, saying really nice things, sometimes saying not-so-nice things, because we get sort of all revved up about stuff from time to time. We are all human, but we all keep returning to GretaWire because we have a bond.

What is also fun, though, is that with our bond we work together from time to time. Remember Superstorm Sandy? And New York and New Jersey, where there are tornadoes in Oklahoma, Haiti, the typhoon recently in the Philippines, and yes, those pets rescued by Pet Connect Rescue. It's always fun to do something nice and always fun to do something together.

Here is what I want everyone to do - and that means you, and I'll do it, too. I want you to make a phone call to someone who might be alone or sick or misses you or someone that you have been feuding with a long time. Just make that call this Thanksgiving Day and say hello. You probably actually have been meaning to make this call and have put it off.

So, do it now. And then, of course, go to and report in that you did it. I will do it, too.