Greta: Is it time to bulldoze the IRS?

By Greta Van Susteren

OK, viewers, let's go "Off the Record" for just a second. Is it time to bulldoze down the IRS, you know, scrap the code, clean house, and start all over?

Yes, of course, we need to collect revenue to run our government, but have we reached the stupid point, the point where we won't admit the obvious -- it doesn't work? And yet we obsessively try to fix it, just like the money pit car you may have owned. No matter how much you spend to try to fix the car, it doesn't work.

I mean, face it: That's where we are. That's the IRS --unfair, inefficient, incompetent, full of special deals for special people, and in some instances, criminal activity. How many more red flags do the American people and politicians need?

IRS employees illegally target people they don't politically agree with. While other IRS employees look the other way and simply don't speak up when it is done, $4 billion - billion - fraudulent claims are paid in 2011, and that's just 2011. Who knows what it was in 2010, 2009, or even in 2012, 2013? You know, it's all awful.

And adding to it, why in the world would President Obama put the IRS, with its track record of horror, in charge of enforcing ObamaCare? Do you really think that's going to work? If you do, with the IRS' history and track record, you may be insane.

Let me explain. I am not suggesting we have no IRS. We need to collect money to run our government. And I'm not pushing any particular tax theme, progressive, value-added income, et cetera, whatever it is. I'm merely pointing out the obvious, what our politicians won't face. The IRS as is can't be fixed. Time is up. We need to start over from scratch. Get out the bulldozer, full speed ahead.

That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight. If you have an important story, issue, I should take "Off the Record," go to and tell us about it.