Greta: Conflicted over reporters in terrorists' apartment - what was the FBI thinking?

By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go "Off the Record." Now, I have to admit, I am conflicted. As a journalist, of course the reporter should go in the terrorists' home to get all the information they can. That's our job - to get you all the information we can.

But I am also a lawyer. And I cringe at the bad judgment of the FBI to release that crime scene so soon. What were they thinking? Yes, the two terrorists are dead, so there would be no trial for them. But what if others were involved? Maybe others were in that house giving them money to finance that massacre or build bombs. Anyone inside that home left trace evidence like fingerprints, DNA, and new information could arise, making the FBI want to go back and look again in case they missed it.

Now, remember the OJ Simpson case. The murders were on June 12th, but the police went back to the murder scene three weeks later and found OJ's blood for the first time on the back gate. Sometimes items might not seem relevant at first. Another example, within hours of finding Simpson's ex- wife dead, law enforcement saw dark wet clothes in OJ's washer in Rockingham. They never seized those clothes, maybe because at the time those clothes might not have seemed that important.

You get my point. Never release a crime scene too early. So, yes, what's the FBI thinking? Or wasn't it? That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.