Greta: Bahamas thinks US is dangerous as Yemen - and I'm mad

By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go "Off the Record." Really? The Bahamas?

Did you hear what their government did? You know those pretty little islands next door? Well, they are now putting us - that would be you - on the samefooting that our State Department puts Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and a few others. How? Well on Friday, the government of the Bahamas issued a travel advisory to its citizens, warning them about traveling to cities in the United States affected by recent police shootings of black men.

Their travel advisories were directed, in particular, to their young male citizens, urging them to be cautious in their interactions with police in those cities. And it is not just the Bahamas; two other nations this weekend, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates, likewise issued travel warnings to their citizens about traveling here, urging them to stay away from protests and demonstrations.

Now, I find these travel warnings annoying and even insulting to 99.99 percent of our police, who day in and day out put their lives on the line to protect us. And I also find their warnings insulting to Americans. We're proud of our first amendment right to peacefully protest. We're not Syria. We're not Iran, Yemen, or South Sudan, where there is no first amendment.

And if citizens from other nations don't want to come here and visit for whatever reason, well, they are the ones missing out, because in spite of it all, we work to make it better. It's a great nation.

And that is my "Off the Record" comment tonight.