Greg Gutfeld reveals his theory about Tara Reade allegation

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JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Juan Williams along with Dana Perino, Jesse Watters, Greg Gutfeld and Emily Compagno. It's five o'clock in New York City and this is The Five.

President Trump out for vengeance after new House Russia probe transcripts are released. The Justice Department moves to drop the case against Michael Flynn. Those Russia probe transcripts showing top Obama officials under oath acknowledging there was no, quote, "empirical evidence," end quote, of a Trump-Russia collusion.

And more new developments regarding Michael Flynn. Declassified documents show that former President Obama knew details about Flynn's wiretapped phone call with the Russian ambassador before meeting with DOJ officials. President Trump sounding off earlier.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I think most people knew it, really most people knew it from the beginning and they knew it was just a total hoax. It was a very dangerous situation what they did.

These are dirty politicians, and dirty cops and some horrible people. And hopefully they're going to pay a big price. Someday in the not-too-distant future.

Schiff is a crooked politician, crooked as can be, probably one of the worst I've seen and I've seen some beauties. What you've seen so far is incredible especially as it relates to President Obama because if anyone thinks that he and sleepy Joe Biden didn't know what was going on, they have another thing coming.

They tried to take down the president of the United States, a sitting duly elected president of the United States before I even won.


WILLIAMS: And here is a sampling of the media reaction to the Flynn news.


JEFFREY TOOBIN, CNN CHIEF LEGAL ANALYST: This is a case where the fix was in.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The fix is in. This is an absolute injustice and now we see Bill Barr really just doing Donald Trump's dirty work.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is, I think it's breathtaking dishonesty from the Justice Department.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is the collapse of the Justice Department.

JIM SCIUTTO, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL SECURITY CORRESPONDENT: So many layers as to why the lives matters and here you have that whitewashed in effect.


WILLIAMS: Greg, a really busy news day. So, let me begin with a simple question. A lot of people are asking left and right, given all we know, why did Flynn plead guilty on two occasions?

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Yes, I think it's a question you can post about the Central Park Five, I guess.

But Flynn had to sell his house to offset nearly five million in legal fees, and yet the media still wants his scalp. So I want you to think about that. They tried to destroy his reputation, drained him of his savings, ruin his family, take us home, then their biggest buts, but he pled guilty, Greg. He pled guilty.

Why wouldn't you plead guilty after all of that when you're trying to stop your livelihood from being destroyed from them trying to destroy your family, your kids? Wouldn't you at a certain point just say I give up. I am broke. There is nothing more that I can do.

It wasn't a secret since 2016 that there were a group of people, never- Trumpers, Demos, media, whoever, who decided that America's decision was corrupted and improper and that allowed them to harass, obsessed, and demonize anyone who might've shook Trump's hand.

So, it wasn't just about Flynn. It was someone who post a meme. Someone who wears a hat. People who go to rallies and shout fake news. They're all demonized, the deplorables and it became this theater of persecution for three years.

My favorite take and then I'll shut up, I love Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who says the verdict, this is great, the verdict is proof of white privilege. So, this guy was nearly destroyed but he wasn't because he was white.

And I'm more concerned, I'm more interested, I admire her because of her unique privilege. I mean, I have three sisters, Juan. I never once tried to marry one of them because the other two would feel very rejected. They would be so upset if I marry -- try to marry one of my sisters. So, I admire her.


GUTFELD: I got an op (Ph) from Emily.

WILLIAMS: I'm not sure. OK, all right. Hey, Jesse, based on what the president said today, he thinks a lot of this is about FBI misbehavior. But if that's the case, then why did he fire Flynn and tweet out that Flynn was a liar?

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: It's not about FBI misbehavior. It's about Obama. This is an Obama scandal. This goes all the way to the top, Juan. This guy is going to go down as probably the most corrupt politician ever and you know why? Because winners write history.

And Donald Trump won in 2016. He's probably going to win again and each day he has his guys in there looking around, they are finding more and more evidence that this thing was the most crooked, disgusting thing that's been ever perpetrated on a presidential campaign.

They knew what was going on. These counterintelligence investigations are only done for the commander in chief. They are not done for the FBI or the CIA. They are done for Barack Obama or whoever is president at that time.

They had to take Flynn out because Flynn was incoming and he was going to see all of the things they had done, the dossier, the wiretapping, the spies, the leaks, the lies. He was going to have access to all of that intelligence and he was going to blow the whistle on it.

They knew they couldn't get him any other way, so we now have evidence that there was an Oval Office meeting with Comey and Biden was there and Barack Obama and Sally Yates said that Barack Obama knew about the phone call. The phone call between Flynn and the ambassador, perfectly legal.

Flynn said Russia, don't hit us back with hard sanctions. That's not unpatriotic. That's patriotic. And they used it and they had Yates saying what Obama said. Hey, maybe we need to treat Flynn differently and then Comey brings up the Logan Act which was a B.S. excuse to hatch this thing.

They went in there trying to get the guy to lie and he didn't even lie. And you know what they have text that say this from Strzok and Page. The president wants to know what we're doing. He's keeping everybody aware of what we are doing, this goes all the way of the top.

We are going to find out more, and we have documents coming in tomorrow, next week, that show even worse things. So, buckle up, everybody. It's about to get ugly.

WILLIAMS: Really? So, Dana, Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director, he said FBI agents always strategize as they go into interviews. So, based on what we've learned, what do you think it is that the FBI did wrong in this case.

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: So, I talked to a good friend today who work as a prosecutor for a long time and is a prosecutor at the Justice Department. He organized with the FBI for the investigation so you can bring the case.

And he said that when legal scholars look back at the Flynn prosecution, they will not be able to pin the dismissal on a single deficiency of legal principle but if they are fair, they will recognize a small case that was plague with innumerable flaws.

And I -- so you asked me a question. I don't even know where to begin to talk about the misconduct but I will mention one that I learned about because of the transcripts that Jesse just talked about.

And that was that Sally Yates is being cut out. She's the deputy attorney general, she is being cut out of all of the coordination and the discussions because Comey is talking directly to the White House.

And I have long thought that if the White House or the political appointees of the Justice Department or anybody within the White House at the time, if they think that they want to actually have some credibility on this, that they want to come out and start talking.

Instead, what they have done for years is whispered into media's ear that something was big, something was bad. When you see it you won't believe it. And nothing ever materializes.

And now you have Bill Barr turning over all the rocks and what you see underneath is not pretty at all. And I think that because the president keeps signaling that there might be consequences, I think that that could possibly include legal consequences against people who were involved because they keep signaling that, so I think they will be talking with this for many days to come.

WILLIAMS: Emily, the judge in this case still has to sign off on the idea of the Department of Justice dismissing the case. So, what do you think the judge is likely to do given that he's previously said there was no evidence of misconduct by the FBI?

COMPAGNO: It would be a huge shock to me even more if he actually didn't sign off on this. I predict that he'll grant the motion. I have to say what surprises me the most about this entire situation, although frankly it shouldn't surprise me anymore, is the outrage and the horror over mercy.

People like Senator Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren who called this the politicization, who called this corrupt. They say the attorney general is just doing the president's bidding.

Why shouldn't they be the first people to applaud an audit, to in full force and faith back the identification and routing out of a corrupt tumor within one of our agencies that for some nonsensical reason they and those who support them seem to find 100 percent pure and infallible.

It's not the same logic they apply to police officers so why aren't they applying this to the nation's police officer's leadership. And I have to say for those who actually and genuinely believe or articulate that concept of, well, he would only plead guilty if he is guilty, that is a delusional luxury with 94 percent of state convictions are obtained by plea bargains. And 97 percent of federal convictions are obtained by plea bargains.

I have sat across from the FBI at enough tables and I had been at enough jails and I've been to enough prisons to know what the power, what the behavior of power looks like and what the smell of fear and desperation is like. And frankly, any corrective measure by someone in power to give back freedom should be welcomed.

WILLIAMS: Wow. All right. Ahead, arrests finally made in the fatal shooting of an unarmed African-American man who was out for a jog. The details and President Trump's reaction next on The Five.


PERINO: Welcome back. Two white men in a Georgia court today accused of killing an unarmed black man. Authorities arresting those men with more than two months after the deadly shooting.

Ahmaud Arbery's family says he was out for a jog in February before he was killed. The father and son suspects, Gregory and Travis McMichael, say they thought Arbery was connected to recent thefts in their neighborhood and fit the description of the suspect.

Video leaked this week shows Arbery running down with the truck stopped in the middle of the road and the McMichael's waiting with guns. Travis McMichael fired his gun. He and Arbery struggles for it and eventually the younger McMichael shot him.

The president weighing in now.


TRUMP: I saw the tape and it's very, very disturbing. It looks like a really good young guy. And it looks very -- it's a very disturbing situation to me. And I just -- you know, my heart goes out to the parents and the family and the friends.


PERINO: Emily, let me start with you and I want to play something from Phil Holloway, former prosecutor and a police officer there in Georgia who was on the daily briefing earlier talking about the claim of self-defense in Georgia.


PHILIP HOLLOWAY, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: In the State of Georgia, you cannot lawfully claim self-defense if you -- if you're the one who starts a fight or if you start an altercation. And in this case when we saw the video, to me, it looks like the shooter is the one who started the whole altercation.


PERINO: And Emily, there is reports from the first D.A. who then recused himself basically saying that there exists a second video. But apparently - - I ask the attorney general of Georgia today, he doesn't even know if that video actually even exists. I'll have you take it away from here.

COMPAGNO: Exactly. And I think that's part of what is so disturbing about the situation. Is that, the conclusions that were drawn from watching the video that we haven't, that we know of now, so not a second one, just the one that's been circulating, in February by the D.A. at the time who was recusing himself and yet making suggestions and passing along recommendations.

And that included conclusions from watching that video of, as your guest explained, the citizen's arrest statute of Georgia and also self-defense. And at a minimum, I think what you can see in that video is nothing reaching there, at a minimum, itis an incredibly disturbing situation and at a maximum it is humans hunting of human.

And so, to kind of pull those conclusory comments from that of, well, the jogger was the one who started the altercation or he definitely was in furtherance of committing a felony and therefore, justifying regular citizens detaining him, we don't see that at all. Thankfully now obviously corrective measures have been taken. But all of that happened in February. It's too much.

PERINO: Yes, it's been a long time. Juan, Tim Scott, the senator from South Carolina said this today. Every single time the excuses pour in, he looked suspicious. We thought he was committing a crime. The fact remains that Ahmaud Arbery was hunted down from a pickup truck and murdered in cold blood. My heart breaks for his family and justice must be served.

And the attorney general of Georgia, Chris Carr said today that they are absolutely going to stay on it and ensure that justice is done. And now these two men have been arrested and they will be facing the court and have due process of course. But your thoughts on this at the moment.

WILLIAMS: Well, you know, I just have to -- I have to cool my emotions because I think every parent in America can understand and have sympathy for, you know, a mother and father whose son goes out for a jog and then ends up dead for no reason. It's just, it's just an outrage.

But I think it's particularly the case for black parents. I think you can understand why any parent of a black son has to worry every time the child leaves the house that the child is seen as something of a threat to somebody out there.

We wouldn't know, Dana, about this. Remember, this incident takes place and I believe February 23rd, 25th, in that range.


WILLIAMS: We are here now in early May and there's finally a charge in the case. But without that video, there would be nothing. In other words, this was being excused, this was being wiped away. You have to have a video.

But it reminds me and I think this is the reason it's so upsetting. It reminds me of course of everything from Trayvon Martin to Tamir Rice. I can keep going. You can keep going through the thousands of incidents where there is no video. And if there's no video then people say well, you know, he was a suspect, or he looked suspicious.

No, he was black. That's the problem here. And it's just an outrage.


PERINO: Let me take --

WILLIAMS: I just -- I think every parent --


PERINO: Let me ask Jesse about --

WILLIAMS: -- you know, especially black parents, are upset about this.

PERINO: Let me ask Jesse about the delay. One of the things that the attorney general address today was that they are going to investigate the investigators in that county because they are wondering what happened down there. The video existed from the jump.

WATTERS: Yes, and there was maybe a relationship professionally with someone who may be even had investigated this jogger while members of law enforcement -- there's a lot that needs to still be investigated because we've seen cases like this before where new information comes out, or new video comes out.

So, I'm just going to wait for the investigation to finish before I really weigh in on it. But just to Juan's point on the surface of this, if this is really the way a man dies in America, that is no way for a man of any race to die in this country.

And if you are in a neighborhood and you are suspicious or you hear about a break-in or anything, I just don't think it's a good idea to load up the truck with some guys and some guns and parked in the middle of the street and play officer.

You call 911. You give a description or you know, you say this guy was there and you know, let the police handle it. You know, you are really asking for it if you park in the middle of the street with loaded shotguns and confront anybody that's jogging or anybody in a way that's confrontational.

So, what if the jogger went for the guy's gun. I mean, many people might go for the gun if someone's holding a gun with a car right in front of you like this. I mean, it is a very, very combustible situation that, you know, if they hadn't gone out and done that, this man would have been alive.

PERINO: All right. Greg, I'll give you a final thought. Of course, you probably heard the train.

GUTFELD: I did. It always comes when I'm about to talk. That everybody is leaving town.

First look analysis of this, because I think it's the beginning of the story, they are arrested, it should go through all the proper channels. I think that's important to get everything out there.

In my -- you know, I am looking at a video and I'm just going, I don't think there's -- there's no evidence he committed a crime that justified shooting him. And maybe he did, you know. And you could argue, why didn't he grab the gun? I don't know -- people might grab the gun if somebody is putting a gun -- pointing a gun at them.

I see the story, therefore, a story about potential corruption and cover-up over an obviously idiotic confrontation.


GUTFELD: I understand that we live in a time where the prism -- the prism to which we see these stories will always be through race. I think it's an important point to put up what Jesse said is, of any race. Somebody being treated like this is awful.

The story is about potential corruption and cover-up of an idiotic confrontation. The video. I don't know anybody who's looked at that video and not been unnerved by it, disturbed, sickened by it. So, what does that say about America? We don't like it. Pretty obvious.

PERINO: We don't. Sickening and very hard to watch it but important too, as well.


PERINO: Thanks, everybody. Straight ahead, new devastating economic numbers shows why people like the Dallas salon owner are so desperate to get back to work.


COMPAGNO: Welcome back. Catastrophic new economic numbers showing why lockdown protesters like the Dallas salon owner are desperate to get back to work.

Over 20 million jobs were lost in the month of April alone. That is the worst monthly loss ever recorded. President Trump reacting earlier today as 40 states have plans to reopen their economies in some form.


TRUMP: We are going into transition and I call it transition to greatness. It's going to be transition to greatness. Because we're going to do something very fast and we're going to have a phenomenal year next year.


COMPAGNO: Jesse, I wanted to start with you. So, a transition to greatness. There's not a switch to reopening the economy and especially in businesses where capacity is reduced and staff has been diminished. But how and why should we maintain a favorable, positive outlook on the future?

WATTERS: Because we're Americans and that's what Americans do. They are hopeful, they are optimistic, and we always win. It's funny because, you know, the president historically, he's always, I guess in his personal and professional life, you see these big ups and then these big downs. You know, the rise and in the fall, the rise in the fall.

You know, he had the greatest economy ever and now it's the worst economy ever. But is Donald Trump going to come back? Yes. Because he always does. And America always comes back. And we're going to come back together. What you're seeing now are numbers that you can't even really make sense of.

It's kind of like ObamaCare, when you saw these just crazy premiums up 150 percent. And then the media would say, oh, it's doing great until you talk to someone that had ObamaCare and told you how their deductibles went up astronomically, then you really see it.

I don't even know if anybody in the media knows one person that's been laid off because of the pandemic. And what you're starting to see is class warfare in America, but in reverse. You're seeing the top people kind of shake their fist down at everybody else.

You have to stay down, you have to stay in your home. And you have to do this because I said so. But the rest of the country is saying, we got to go to work, and they're starting to resent that. And you can see it's a collision course and it's coming. And I know who's going to win.

COMPAGNO: Juan, to Jesse's point about sort of the regional locations. If you take that from a state and local standpoint, what is your position on letting the states and governors and local city officials have more control over their small business owners' requirements?

So the President obviously has dedicated a lot to the governor's including the reopening, but what about things like cure periods and whatnot with a PPP? Like if a state in -- if a state isn't open yet, shouldn't they have more time to pay back etcetera?

WILLIAMS: Oh, sure. I think that, you know, the governors have had that kind of authority all along, Emily. But I think they still have it. I don't think anybody is contesting that. The President is simply offering guidelines. And I think some of the problems here is that the states -- many of the states that reopening, I think more than half, don't meet the current phase one guidelines.

But I think everybody, I know from my heart, I wish the economy could get back to normal right now. But to just say, like, magically, you know, open up right away everybody, it just poses such great risk. Because if we get back into a situation where we see those numbers start to climb again, then it's not only more people getting sick, but you're also going to see an escalation in terms of unemployment, which, as you pointed out, is now you know, near Great Depression numbers, and we don't want to see that.

So I don't think it's a matter of anybody kind of shaking their fists and telling people what to do. I think that even the opinion polls show overwhelmingly, most Americans, Republican, Democrat, Independent, think we have to be cautious. We can't be imprudent and say, oh, let's just rush out as if everything is suddenly going to be OK.

It could look good for the moment, and then two weeks from now, because that's how long it takes for this disease to take root, we'll be back in the -- in a worse situation. We don't want that.

COMPAGNO: Dana, you've shown such compassion for those who are going hungry and might find themselves in a position where they are unable to ask for help. We have Shelley Luthor who said I just couldn't bring myself to apologize for wanting to go back to work. What are your thoughts on that?

PERINO: Well, I do admire her. You know that saying that not all heroes wear capes. And I think for people who understand, you know, the situation from her point of view, she is definitely a hero. I did think that it was brilliant for Senator Ted Cruz to organize, to fly out from Houston to go to have his hair cut there.

And I also admire him for wearing a mask and showing that, you know, there are ways that we can get back to work safely or get back to our businesses that we frequent or that we want to visit for a service. And I thought that was smart because there are -- there is a way.

As the President said, this transition back to greatness, that's going to require us to maybe do something a little bit different. And I think our public leaders, if they are willing to get out there and show the way, then other people might follow and we can do this safely and prudently and get people back to work so that they don't have to join a food line.

COMPAGNO: Greg, what are your thoughts on any of the above?

GUTFELD: I just don't know a single person who's saying, let's rush out. I don't know a single person who's saying, hey, you know, screw caution. I want to open up right away, even if people die. This is such a myth, OK. We try to resist this on this show, but we keep getting pulled back into the prison of two ideas, which I'm so sick of hearing myself say, but we keep - - people are saying -- people say open up and other people say, shut down. No, everybody has been saying the same thing.

The solution is in between those two poles. That's all we've been talking about. And yet if we admit that, then we lose that -- we lose the dramatic nature of saying, oh, but people will die, people will die. It's like, we - - no one is saying we're going to magically open. We're talking about phase three openings. We're talking about protecting the vulnerable. We're talking about making changes that that can then be reversed if and when the disease comes back.

Everybody is -- adults are weighing the benefits and the risks every time they open their mouths. There is nobody, nobody that just say, hey, it's reckless. By the way, 66 percent, let's go back to that number that Cuomo was talking about. 66 percent of the new patients were indoors and isolating, meaning they were staying in.

So we have to start thinking about what's happening there. Is that the secret sauce? Is shared ventilation, which you see in cruise ships, you see in office buildings, you see in rest homes, you see in airplanes, is shared ventilation an issue here? Is shared ventilation in parks? Not so much.

I think you're going to see more research on the correlation between low vitamin D levels and disease, natural vitamin D levels. And I remember very early on this pandemic when people would talk about the science of weather and the science -- and sunshine and people mocking that. You're going to find out that maybe it wasn't right to mock that. That being outside is going to be part of this solution.

COMPAGNO: All right, up next, no more hiding for Joe Biden. Why the 2020 Democrat is going to have to come out of his basement.


WATTERS: Sleepy Joe Biden's days of hiding out in his basement could be coming to an end. President Trump says he's got an idea to get Biden back on the campaign trail.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If the Biden campaign needed rapid testing, would you make sure that they got it?

TRUMP: Yes, 100 percent. I'd love to see him get out of the basement so he can speak. Because, you know, he's locked in a basement somewhere and he -- every time he -- every time he talks, it's like a good thing.


WATTERS: All right, well, let's go around quickly here. One, when do you think Biden is going to come out of the basement?

WILLIAMS: I don't know, Jessie. But I think the President is pretty clear there. He thinks that Biden is a gaffe machine and maybe he thinks if he can get Biden out of the basement, Biden will start riffing about bleach and stuff like that.

The one other point I'd make to you is this, that it's still a reminder that it's hard to get testing. It's not easy. easily available. So I think it's not about altruism. I think that the President sees some political advantage here.

WATTERS: OK, so, Dana, do you think the Vice President, former, of the United States doesn't have access to a test?

PERINO: I'm pretty sure if he wanted to get a test, he could get a test. Maybe you could ask the NBA. The NBA can help them out. But no, look, if you want to get a test, you can get a test. I think that has been a pretty good week for President Trump. So like the polls last week made one thing. Well, maybe Biden stayed in his basement is kind of working out OK for him.

But this week, as other news started to get in, the President traveled to Arizona, you don't have the two-hour-long briefings every night, I think you could see a trajectory that is on the upswing for President Trump. The other thing I would mention is, it's not often where Republicans are really in a much better position than Democrats on digital strategy. But this week, when Joe Biden tried to do some virtual town halls, it was just -- it's like, take all the gaffs and put them all into one. It's like the glitches were terrible.

And I -- you know, I feel for them. I don't know how else they're going to get out of there and campaign, but it was not well done.

WATTERS: Greg Gutfeld?

GUTFELD: I wonder if Biden is going to use the pandemic as a reason to say, he can't be in the same room to debate Trump. I wonder if he's going to use this as an excuse to get out of the debate. I also have another theory. I think Tara Reade, the Tara Reade story is designed by clever Democrats to get Biden out of the race. Just a theory.

Because you know what? I have still -- I have not met a single Biden supporter. I mean, an actual one. And I mean, I don't mean somebody who's going to vote for Biden. I met a lot of people who are going to vote for Biden, I have yet to meet a Biden supporter. The people that are voting for Biden say they believe Tara Reade. That's not a supporter. That's a voter.

WATTERS: That's a good -- that's a good point. It is a good point. Emily, let's say -- what do you got there?

COMPAGNO: I think -- I think the imagery of Biden being relegated to the basement, it just invokes this, you know, frail infirm creature even more than he was going into the pandemic. You know, arguably Trump has the advantage for the last few months. He's been leaving the country out of a crisis while Biden is in the basement.

He needs something that's going to change the dynamic of this race. And I don't see anything like that happening soon, especially when the only attention he's been getting lately is these credible sexual allegations.

WATTERS: It's like when he said, Mini Mike needed a box to stand on. Now, every time you think of Biden, you think about him hiding in the basement. See? It's what it does to your brain.

GUTFELD: Basement Biden.



GUTFELD: Yes. "FAN MAIL FRIDAY." We answer your questions. First one, Facebook Michael P asks, who influenced you the most during your teens? Juan? And don't say Abe Lincoln.

WILLIAMS: No. You know, Greg, you got to go with teachers. And in this case, it's an odd one because it was a math teacher. And, you know, I was in calculus and all that, but I was not a great math student. But this guy was so interesting, and by the way, a great chess player, so it really helped my brain to like focus and think about strategies and calculations. I really appreciate it.

GUTFELD: Mathematics is the language of the universe. We'll be right back. Dana, who influenced you?

PERINO: I would say my -- I would say my high school speech coach and Paula Abdul.

GUTFELD: You know, that was --


GUTFELD: She was -- you know, Paula Abdul was my speech coach. That's the strange thing. Emily, who influenced you in your teens?

COMPAGNO: OK. For sure are my two older sisters. And I think that partly is what contributes to the fact that I'm totally a child of the 80s, and I've lived 70 lives and you guys think I'm 20, but really I'm 80. It's because I've lived sort of through them and from their awesome influence, if I do say so myself.

GUTFELD: How about you, Jesse?

WATTERS: My parole officer always kept me on the straight and narrow --

GUTFELD: Good for you.

WATTERS: Probably Bill Gates. Bill Gates was a big influence on me.


GUTFELD: That's fantastic. You're going to get a lot of interesting mail after this show. Anyway, I was going to --

WATTERS: I know. I already have.

GUTFELD: I would say Mad Magazine, Mad Magazine or Joe Strummer, one of the two. I'm not sure which one? What song would you pay money to never hear it again, from Frenchie F. What song, Jesse? Right up the back, think of the song you hate.

WATTERS: I love music, Greg. I'm a musician. I'm a flutist so I can get down to pretty much anything. You know what? Any song that you play in your stupid bumpkins, your little death metal crap.

GUTFELD: The little death metal.

WATTERS: I hate that.


GUTFELD: Wow, that was pretty harsh. Emily?


COMPAGNO: That one that goes party monkey in the house tonight. I hate that song. Like I hate it.

WATTERS: I love that song.

COMPAGNO: And now it's going to be on my head.

WATTERS: Party rock into the -- yes.

COMPAGNO: I hate it.

GUTFELD: I have no idea what you two were talking about. Dana?

PERINO: Bohemian Rhapsody.

GUTFELD: That is a mortal sin. Did you see how I did my cough?

PERINO: Yes, I know.

GUTFELD: That is one of the greatest songs ever. It's -- but it does get overplayed.

PERINO: And I never have to hear it again.

WATTERS: For once, Dana is going to get more hate mail than me.

GUTFELD: Yes. Juan?

PERINO: Exactly

GUTFELD: What song?

WILLIAMS: You know, in the Christmas season, what's that -- what's that song about Santa Claus ran over grandma. I always think why are they playing this thing? It's awful. I don't even like -- I don't even think it's funny.

PERINO: Grandma got ran over by a reindeer.

WILLIAMS: Animals are great.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes. I'm going to go with I will be loved by Maroon 5, quite possibly the worst song ever created. They still use it at Gitmo. All right, "ONE MORE THING" is up next. It's true.


WILLIAMS: Friday fun. It's time now for "ONE MORE THING." Jesse?

WATTERS: There's a very special birthday tomorrow for someone on THE FIVE, and that person is Dana. It's Dana Perino his birthday tomorrow, everybody. Happy Birthday, Dana.

COMPAGNO: Happy Birthday, Dana.

WATTERS: We love you and --

COMPAGNO: That's already been a year?

WATTERS: There's she is getting on the cake game. Is that a cake or it's a fruit plate? Wow, very healthy cake, Dana. Looking good. We're very --

COMPAGNO: It's a -- no, Jesse, it's a fruit cake.

WATTERS: Yes. Is that how you look 20 years younger than everybody, you don't eat cake, you eat cake? That makes perfect sense. So Happy Birthday. Also --

PERINO: Hamda got me the fruitcake.

WATTERS: Besides, it's your birthday.

PERINO: It's pretty interesting. I have had eight birthdays with THE FIVE, so it's a pleasure. Thank you.

COMPAGNO: That's so sweet.

WILLIAMS: Happy Birthday, Dana.

WATTERS: Well, then your wishes comes true because I have a great show tomorrow. I know that's what you wish for, WATTERS' WORLD 8:00 p.m. Eastern. We have Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity will be in my world and -- come here for a second. I want to -- someone else wants to wish you a birthday. Get over here. Happy birthday. Rookie just got a haircut and loves to wish you, Happy Birthday.

COMPAGNO: Hi girls.

PERINO: Thank you.

WATTERS: All right, there you go.

WILLIAMS: All right, I'm going to get my "ONE MORE THING" now. All right, to quote one of my favorite songs, I'll Always Love My Mama, She's My Favorite Girl. And this weekend is Mother's Day, and it's going to be hard for a lot of people to pay their mom a visit with the virus out here, but THE FIVE want to show our moms some love with -- by showing everyone some pictures.

Here I am with my mom when I was four years old. And here she is with one of her grandchildren. And here's a picture of her before she died more than two years ago. Now, here's Dana the birthday girl's beautiful mom, Jan. There she goes. There's Dan and her mom. And now -- and now here comes the originator of those famous mom text, Jesse's mom, Anne. Look at that.

And here's a mom -- here's a mom who looks like someone we know. It's Emily's mom, Kathy. That's little Emily. Oh my gosh.

COMPAGNO: Yes, that's my mom. That's so cute the picture of us.

WILLIAMS: And here's Greg's mom.

WATTERS: It's Jackie.

WILLIAMS: Go, Jackie, go. Yes, that's Greg's mom. So Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there. Even if the kids can't get to, you got to know, they're thinking of you this Mother's Day weekend. Dana, you're up.

COMPAGNO: Absolutely.

PERINO: All right, I'm going to tell you about a FedEx driver.

WILLIAMS: Oh, I'm sorry. Greg, you're up.

PERINO: Go, Greg.

GUTFELD: Gutfeld show, tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. We got Johnny Joey Jones, you got Dagen McDowell, you Kat Tympf, you got Tyrus. That Saturday, May 9th, 10:00 p.m. watch it or I'll never forgive you.

PERINO: All right.

GUTFELD: What's going on?

PERINO: OK, so I'll go next. So there's this FedEx driver in Indiana, and he went the extra mile. He went to deliver packages at Liz Paternoster's house. His name is Joe Dan Price. So he gets there and this little girl comes. It's going to be -- it's her birthday and she was expecting a present. That's not what it was. It was something for her dad.

So Joe Dan Price went all the way to Dairy Queen, bought cupcakes for her, brought them back for Emma, the little girl. He said he thought of birthdays his sons had when they were Emma's age and wanted to make sure she had a great day. So, lots of great things happening there across America. We can feel real good about that.

WILLIAMS: Emily, we're going to have to ask your forbearance. That's it for us. We'll see you back here Monday.

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