Greg Gutfeld on terrorism: Take out the trash

Yet again, after the latest attack in the U.K., we find out that one of the terrorists have been reported to police at least twice before. And this is crazy: He was reportedly in a documentary on Jihadism -- British Jihadism. But the attack still happened. How could that be?

We know the answer. No one wants to go after these goals and be wrong because then you are suddenly labeled a bigot. It's incentive not to act.

And let's say you did go up to them and you were right? Then, what happens? If you stop this latest attack it, who would know? A foiled plot lacks the optics of a successful one. Your prevention of the threat remains invisible and so does the threat. It's the worst catch-22 ever.

The travel ban insights debate for a similar reason. Our media doesn't sense the urgency, lightning is more dangerous, they always tell us. So they target President Trump, not terror instead.

Now, you could say Donald Trump is a crude messenger. You'd be right. But if he is wrong on the little things, what if he's right on the one big thing? That's better than being eloquent on all things but wrong on what matters. We had that for eight years.

The next step? Treat terrorist not as fighters but deadbeats. Future anti-terror tactics must be unbending. No emotion, no politics, as methodical as a garbage man on his morning rounds. He doesn't stop to ponder the empty egg carton. He doesn't refer to coffee grounds as extremist coffee grounds with different beliefs. He just chucks it.

The scum are the same. Garbage deserving no contemplation, just eradication. One need not be eloquent when taking out the trash. Just right.