Greg Gutfeld on starting a new peace movement

The world's getting hotter and it's not global warming. It's political tension, driven by emotion.

The world is getting hotter and it's not global warming. It's political tension driven by emotion. Now we worry if civility is dead. Well, is it? The good news: Most of America isn't what's on TV. The shouting on camera is what attracts the camera in the first place, so you see more of it. However, it may not be a bad idea to lower the temperature. Why not a peace movement or at least a keep the peace movement?

To kick it off let's admit one key truth: Almost all people who disagree with each other think that they're the good guys. A smart man, Norm McDonald, once tweeted, today, actually, "The idiot sees the world as good versus evil. The cynic sees the world as evil versus evil. The truth that no one seems able to see is that the world is, and has always been, a battle of good versus good." So, everyone who annoys you, they think they're right, but so do you and that annoys them. The solution, understand first that we live our lives with different filters and these filters clash.

Still, we all want the same thing and that's good, healthy lives for us and everyone. During Hurricane Harvey, we saw deplorables and non-deplorables alike saving lives. So what if we look at this current political climate as a natural event and lent a hand? So what do you do in hard times? You help. You compromise. And when possible, you always forgive.

Isn't it a time for a peace movement begun by conservatives? After all, you're the guys in charge. Now you may not get anything in return. If someone thinks you're evil, all you can do, through your actions, is prove them wrong. If it doesn't work, at least you know that you have done right rather than simply be right.