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This is a partial transcript from Your World with Neil Cavuto, October 14, 2003, that was edited for clarity.

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: If obesity is an epidemic in this nation, don’t tell that to my next guest. She says it is simply evolution. Graziella Ferrante says that McDonald’s (MCD) can keep pushing its salads. She’s going to keep pushing her Web site that caters to the obese. The head of joins us now from Philadelphia.

Ma’am, thank you for joining us. It’s good to have you.


CAVUTO: So you don’t like all this politically correct stuff on thin being in?

FERRANTE: No. I think it has its place in society, but that’s not the reality.

CAVUTO: OK. So what do you make of McDonald’s and some of these others now offering leaner fare, this alarming obesity rate in this country, and these stores and restaurants trying to address it?

FERRANTE: I think it’s an excellent idea. It’s about time to offer food products to the public that helps them control their weight and their intake, yes. It’s a great idea.

CAVUTO: So why do you espouse a site that glorifies obesity essentially?

FERRANTE: Why do we have a site that glorifies obesity?


FERRANTE: Our byline is forget fat acceptance, fat reality is here, and the reality is that over 60 percent of Americans are obese or overweight today, statistics just for the United States United States, but it also pertains worldwide, and we just cater to a market that’s there. We’re no longer a minority. We’re a majority. So why not?

CAVUTO: I can understand now you’re just reading what’s really going on out there. People are getting fatter. So you’re building sofas that cater to them, just like the casket maker is building bigger caskets. I mean the fact of the matter is you’re just seeing a trend, and you’re capitalizing on it. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

FERRANTE: Well, obesity is a trend, much like the people of the 1700s and their furniture was a trend. If you go into a section called Elfreth’s Alley in Philadelphia, you’ll find housing that was built in the 1700s, and people of today find it hard to navigate through those houses. It isn’t a trend. It’s evolution, is what it is.

CAVUTO: All right. So have you ever frequented this Freedom Paradise that’s for overweight folks that’s gotten to be a very popular thing? I mean should we segment the population and products for the population based on their size?

FERRANTE: The population is there. Again, if the majority of the population is overweight, they need products and services that cater to them. They need clothing and shoes and other articles that they can live with, and the Freedom Paradise is a resort that just opened June 15 of this year, and it was built exclusively for people of size so that they can feel comfortable in a tropical surrounding. I think it’s a good idea.

CAVUTO: Do you think fat people are biased against?

FERRANTE: Yes, just like handicapped people are biased against. Anyone that seems to be not of the average population is biased against. But, again, that’s changing. The fat person is the majority now. So they should not be biased against.

CAVUTO: OK. Graziella Ferrante, thank you very much. We’ll see where this goes. Her site is, again catering to the overweight in this country, certainly quite a few of them.

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