Grapevine: Woman calls 911 to complain about mug shot

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Party Games

Framed photos of House Democrats are disappearing from the walls of the party headquarters' lobby but an art thief is not to blame.

Politico reports it's because the lawmakers have failed to pay their dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

The party has tried a variety of incentives to get members to pony up including a threat to withhold perks at the national convention in Charlotte.

As of last month, one-third of the entire caucus had not paid a dime to the DCCC. More than half were behind in dues. Only 18 were all caught up in their payments.

Republicans on the other hand, flooded their congressional committee with nearly $6.5 million last month compared to less than $ 2 million collected from Democrats.

Dark and Stormy Nights

Washington D.C. based Energy provider Pepco is taking heat for its summer storm response that left hundreds of thousands of people in the dark for several days.

The Washington Post reports a Pepco official said at a public hearing it was -- quote -- "obviously" not reasonable for people " be upset that they're out of service for a week or more."

Despite audience members yelling the official repeated the statement.

However, 15 minutes later he asked for a mulligan saying he'd read his statement incorrectly twice.

Meanwhile, Pepco is upping rates about $2 a month.

Picture Imperfect

Finally, a Georgia woman called 911 to complain about her mug shot.

Lucky for her police gave her a chance for a do-over after they arrested her for misusing the emergency number.

Her original mug shot is on the left. Round two is on the right.

We report, you decide which one is better.