Grapevine: Uncle Sam sold animals he was charged to protect

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine…

Protect and Serve?

Uncle Sam -- selling the very animals he was charged to protect -- for slaughter.

Tom Davis -- a rancher with supposed connections Interior Secretary Ken Salazar -- bought almost 2,000 horses from the federal government for $10 each.

The Inspector General says -- Davis then sold them -- for a profit -- to buyers in Mexico -- to be slaughtered -- despite agreeing not to do exactly that.

One animal advocate calls it business as usual for the Bureau of Land Management.

Quote -- "They fervently declare and defend that they have a policy or protocol. When you bring things to the public that prove they do not follow said policy protocol they simply say  -- oops, it did occur but we have done nothing wrong.'"

BLM says it has taken steps to prevent a similar incident -- and will no longer deal with Davis.

The U.S. Attorney's office declined to proceed with any civil or criminal charges.

Material Support

The U.S. military has spent about $470 million supporting Afghan Local Police Units -- with another $420 million expected to be spent through 2018.

But an Inspector General questions whether it is money well spent.

Quote -- "supplies ordered for the ALP are often diverted -- delayed -- of inferior quality -- or heavily pilfered."

Politics have also come into play.

Quote -- "Some ALP personnel have been used inappropriately as bodyguards for Afghan government officials."

The IG calls for the oversight of U.S. funds to be improved -- and a plan for the future transition -- sustainment-- or dissolution of the police units.

Up in Smoke

Finally -- Arkansas' legalized marijuana push may be undone in part -- by poor grammar.

The state's Attorney General rejected a ballot proposal to legalize marijuana -- citing numerous issues -- including sloppy drafting -- quote --

"Amending the Arkansas Constitution is a serious matter that merits greater attention to detail than evidenced by the proposal -- which contains several errors of spelling and syntax that tend to obscure its meaning. I urge you to review the proposal carefully to locate and correct such errors in the event you redesign and resubmit the proposal."